Suddenly, a long sword shook and tried to break free from countless treasures.

Published on 27/06/2024

See it gently sing a try to close to the forget Sichuan.
Forget about the river in Sichuan, the water flies up and gently wraps it, trying to take it into the river.
Even with the help of Forgotten River, this sword is still controlled by shape power and flies in the direction of reincarnation temple.
The sword suddenly gave an unwilling moan.
At this time, another sword flew out from among many treasures.
This is a long sword like autumn water.
As soon as it flew out, it struck the body of the long sword.
A cold and cheerless woman rang.
The sword handle was suddenly blown away and forgotten by the river.
It’s free!
The sword floated on the river and sent out a look forward to the sky.
In the sky, the sword like colchicine with a sigh
A lonely woman sounded from the sword of autumn water, "I am six swords representing six gods. I must return to the seal first. This is the rule of six competing for supremacy."
"-you wait for the male"
"When the time comes, you should return to his hands again. Together, he will overcome all the enemies and then … wake me up."
"The public will definitely come."
"He will definitely come!"
The sword of autumn waters flew into many treasures and threw it in the direction of the reincarnation hall together.
Forget about the long sword left in the river.
It silently counted a few breaths and suddenly burst into a firm sword sound.
The river is full of water.
As soon as the sword goes deep into the river, it can no longer be seen.
All the pictures disappear
The sound of a huge corpse slowly sounded.
"There are things I can’t tell you."
"But I hid some secrets in your sword."
"… go and find the sword in Forgotten River. I will temporarily guarantee that the grave will not be disturbed when you fight for some …"
"This is our only chance to Gu Qingshan."
"It’s all yours!"
Discourse fall
Everything disappeared as if nothing had happened.
Gu Qingshan felt that the hook speed suddenly accelerated.
For a moment, the scene changed around.
He felt that he had hit the cold brick hard.
Two cheers rang out from one side.
"Rod is back!"
"It’s great to finally save him!"
Gu Qingshan got up from the ground and looked around.
But see the small post received the fishing rod glass and the blue glass lamp. Two people looked at him with excitement.
"How could you … suddenly save me?" Gu Qingshan asked
"The grave has given us a lot of merits, and we have been promoted to the throne and strengthened a lot of strength. Together, we launched a magical skill to get you back." Xiao Lang said.

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