Death and other three orphan top-class sea ships have left the fleet.

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As soon as Zang Kang’s mast hands Lan Guochun and Sun Hao far away, "Every good thing must come to an end, so let’s say goodbye."
As soon as the family fleet comes from another direction, it is time to separate.
One-eyed Hirozo laughed. "I’ll fight you and me for 300 rounds in the future."
As soon as Zangkang laughed, his eyes flashed a little dim. If Zang Wolf is still here, he may have jumped out to fight, right?
Hey, is it wrong to waste the ancient sea area?
Is it wrong?
Monks are used to practicing where will you go.
In a treasure farewell, three lonely top-class ships went further and further, and three black spots disappeared into the vast sea.
Far away, Sun Haoqing’s voice entered Wan Yi Zangkang’s ear. "I don’t know when I will meet Brother Wan Yi again here. Remember Sun Haoyan’s words. Remember that Sun Haoli is light but heavy. I hope to see Brother Wan Yi again someday. Brother Wan Yi has boarded Yuanying Avenue …"
As soon as Zangkang nodded to Sun Hao at a distance, he said, "Thank you for your kindness. As soon as you are grateful, you can know Aquilaria, but it is the greatest blessing in this life that Aquilaria has gone …"
While speaking, the Death surged into the fog and completely disappeared into the sea.
Sun Hao trembles and finally shakes his head and sighs and watches the Death disappear.
After half a ring, Sun Hao, the mast, turned to the direction of Lan Guochun and said with a smile, "Blue reality doesn’t know that the Three Gods will be agarwood for a while but is ready to return to Qingyun Harbor."
Lan Guochun looked at Zhong Lijuan and said, "But we have to go to Daye Island to buy some ships."
The Three Gods fleet suffered heavy losses, and many godsworn sailors escaped to the Three Gods by luck, but they needed to add some ships.
Sun Hao looked at the slightly crowded Three Gods and nodded his understanding. Then he asked in his heart, "I wonder if there is any way for innocent people in China to get in and out of Daye Island, preferably as a handyman."
Lan Guochun slightly one leng and then smiled and said "this is simple"
Wrist vibration took out a piece of Xiao Mu card and threw it to Sun Hao at a distance. "Aquilaria took this Xiao Mu card and went to Daye Island to join Daye Chengzhong Handyman."
Sun Hao, the strength of Qingyun Gate, naturally has a way to enter Daye Island.
But Sun Hao needs the lowest-level handyman certificate, presumably because he has a special unknown purpose.
Lan Guochun didn’t ask much, gave a side’re and exchanged a few words with Sun Hao, then said goodbye.
The agarwood Reality Fengyun returned to Qingyun Harbor.
The Three Gods are going to Daye Island.
The large and small ships that were originally seized by the Three Gods and attached to Fengyun also quickly made a choice, and some of them followed the Three Gods to Daye Island to see the world.
However, more large and small ships chose to follow Fengyun back to Qingyun Port.
The fleet said goodbye to the sea
This time, the monks fought side by side and received deep friendship. Don’t feel anything at this time.
I’m used to the life and death monks talking and laughing with vicissitudes of life, heroic with sadness, choking and singing, the ship turns into a sail shadow and disappears into the sea
One-eyed Hao watched Sun Hao Fengyun fade away in the one-eyed three, with a faint melancholy in his heart.
Sun Hao, Sun Chenxiang is the most admired monk in his one-eyed life. There is no place where I don’t know the year and month to see him again.
Maybe I will hear Godsworn Tian sing agarwood’s name in Nanyang Mainland in the future.
When Fengyun was about to disappear
One-eyed Hao three ears to Sun Hao clear sound "Hao three brothers meet is predestined friends, hahaha grapes have to eat me while it’s hot …"
"Are the dried grapes hot?" One-eyed Haosan rushed to Sun Haoyuan and swore, "Mother Sun Chenxiang, are you bullying the old man and not reading?"
Lan Guochun and Zhong Lijuan looked strangely at the one-eyed Kozo.
Only to find that the little one had taken out a bunch of purple wild grapes and looked up and a grape fell into his mouth.
The Three Gods set sail slowly, and the blue country sailed in the opposite direction to Fengyun and sailed into the vast sea.
The bald eagle with one eye on its back twisted the grapes.
One at a time, one at a time.
Close your eyes every time you eat a grape. It seems that you enjoy it very much. It is worth remembering the ancient famine.
When the grapes are about to run out
One-eyed Hirozo picked up an unremarkable grape and threw it into his mouth at will.
The grapes melt in your mouth, and all the skins and seeds of the grapes in front of you fall into your stomach as quickly as nectar.
One-eyed Hirozo immediately felt that the huge and pure energy in the abdomen was erupting to the bones of his limbs.
One-eyed Hirozo violently shook his body! !
Mouth to lambaste a "dog sun Chen Xiang always remember you …"
After scolding his knees, he sat down in a dish, and the bald eagle’s back digested the majestic medicine.
The Gods looked at each other, and the boss went crazy again.
The other two bald eagles looked at each other with Lan Guochun and Zhong Lijuan, but they felt that the one-eyed Hao San was wrong.

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