Hang Yu has no ability to refine this potion.

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But it is not a problem for Xiaobai.
She has intermediate medicine refining skills and is proficient in various formulas.
Hangyu site materials
He was very surprised to find a ganoderma lucidum
"Hey? There is actually a moon elf cheese! "
This thing, Wild Boar Man’s Peak Whistle, was changed from Lao Zhao’s hand Pan Long to a green material of rare grade.
Its biggest point is to cultivate the spirit beast, because it contains powerful psionics, which can promote the evolution and growth of the spirit beast … There is nothing to say that a husky is cheap!
Two dog’s mouth watered early.
After getting the boss’s permission
He immediately ate the moon elf cheese in high spirits
In a short time, every hair shimmered and filled with great energy, and his eyes became brighter and more spiritual.
"Ow, boss Wang feels full of strength. It seems that the breakthrough is not far away."
Hang Yu checked an attribute.
[Wang Ergou] (mutant spirit beast) Level 3 Silver Elite Vitality Spirit 14 Life Recovery +1 Evolution 69/ Reiki 5/ Skill Enhancement Absorption, Advanced Evolution, Shenquan Soul, Wolf King Shock, Wild Awakening
Not bad!
With such talent as advanced evolution.
Therefore, dogs will be much easier to train.
11 evolution points away from becoming a gold elite.
Distance upgrade also sent two hundred reiki.
Upgrade can upgrade attributes to strengthen skill effect.
Evolution can acquire advanced skills or new skills.
On upgrading to level 4 dog or evolving into a gold elite dog, two dog’s strength will be greatly improved. Hang Yu feels that he should speed up the dog’s growth so that he can play a bigger role in the future.
"I have gained enough today."
"We’ll clear a batch of giant ants and go back."
Hang Xiaobai has been recovering the potion with her own mental recovery ability, which is not bad. It took Hang Yu twenty or thirty minutes to collect herbs. Her spirit has recovered more than half, so she cleaned up more than 200 giant ants and let Hang Yu harvest more than 100 points of aura before and after.
It’s getting late. Let’s call it a day.
Xiaobai is tired, too. We can’t let her overdraw.
Today, I can easily lie down and earn money. Thanks to Xiaobai’s efforts, I must reward her well.
Hang Yu called Pang before asking him to prepare more than 20 high-quality foods. When two people and a dog came to the restaurant box for half a minute, they didn’t wait for the food to be sent directly to the treasure chest.
Xiaobai is just hungry at the moment.
When I saw so much food, my beautiful eyes suddenly lit up.
But she didn’t start, blinked her eyes and asked, "Can I eat?"
Little white sister is too formal.
"Of course, it’s all for you. Today is really hard for you."
Hang Xiaobai’s face lit up suddenly. She can’t grab food with chopsticks and chew it. Although eating is a bit exaggerated, it still feels cute.
There is a feeling of watch cartoon characters eat.
Xiaobai sincerely thinks that Hangyu is too good to himself.
It’s not dangerous to arrange it at all, and so many delicious foods have been prepared!
Hangyu, taking a sip of Lingcha is like taking care of a child and saying, "Don’t worry, eat slowly. No one will rob you of this restaurant. It’s me. You can have as much as you want."
This place called "restaurant" is so strange.
If you want to come and sit down, someone will bring food.
Xiaobai didn’t expect that even this restaurant was the Lord of Hangzhou.
Hang Xiaobai once again felt that the Great Lord Hang was miraculous.
Hang Yu fell into thinking.
What is a girl’s favorite thing to do?
He suddenly moved in his heart, "I’ll take you shopping after eating."
Hang Xiaobai was holding a big hoof and gnawing at it. He asked vaguely, "Shopping? What is that! "
"Well, it’s just going outside to have a look and buy something by the way." Hang Yu thought about it and added, "This can make Xiaobai experience a human lifestyle and feel the atmosphere of life in this place, so that you can integrate into us better and faster."
"Into the human?"
Small white wanted to think, she nodded.
Feel a very happy mood in my heart.
It’s not over because of the food, but also because she feels something she hasn’t felt before, perhaps it’s respect or equality … She feels that it’s more interesting to have a high quality of life after leaving the spiritual world, although her strength has dropped.

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