On the contrary, his face looks older and older, like bark about to fall off, and his white hair is floating like snow.

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Extreme life and death are embodied in the same body.
Turn that extreme violence and go against the sky.
Lu Chen went out of the knife and cut the sky in a thousand ways, moaning in his crimson eyes, I was born and died in heaven!
Lu Chen’s final battle roar reverberated in nine days and ten places, and the dark knife and mans cut through the sky, and the stars were silent, and ghosts and gods changed easily!
"God is silent!"
The Lord of the god market explodes and drinks the whole person’s vitality, and hits his powerful killing method. You can see that there is a statue of a fairy king hanging high in the palace.
Those gods look down on the heavens, and there are 33 statues representing 33 heavy days, and each heavy day is a world of one side.
At this time, thirty-three days are overwhelming, and all opponents are suppressed and all obstacles are shattered!
When playing this type, the main body of Shenxu collapsed, and he also reached the limit and consumed his last vitality. When he was young and full of blood, he created a strong killing method.
Send this young opponent away!
Die of old age should not be a strong man!
The encounter between the strong knife and the heavenly palace sent out a tremor, and the universe resounded, and the big stars shattered, and the universe was shattered in vain. Only the strong knife seemed to last forever.
Dark knife mans inverse chop and statue after statue of vision figure shattered as if to cut off thirty-three days!
The old figure goes against the current, but every time it breaks down, its body shrinks by one point.
At the end of the day, the grand heavenly palace exploded with the universe, and the gorgeous light and rain spilled into the universe, and the fierce knife made all beings crawl.
"Emperor Wu!"
Some people are sad because the thorn eyes have dispersed, and only one figure sitting in the same place is still shining, which is the statue of God Market.
"Don’t emperor wudi fall! ?”
"Always can’t go against heaven and cut off an extremely sublime statue ….."
"Alas, it’s hard for the world to see this desolate world in Wu Shen. Is it because of the robbery?"
"What even can’t see Liu Chen bones? Has it disappeared in the fierce collision? "
Star, when you see this scene, everyone cries. They may have escaped, but the respectable young men and women have fallen.
The main dish of the God Market in the edge of the universe sat there with a piercing eye, but he didn’t move.
After a long time, his naked body dispersed and became his body with him.
He realized that the last collision was irreversible, and his mind was shattered by the knife, which was hopeless.
He gave a long sigh and looked at Beidou "with the enemy."
The last big explosion shattered the imaginary Liu Chen, who was involved in it. He didn’t know that Liu Chen had gone to Fang, but the other party was not dead at the moment after the bombing.
It is not clear whether he will die of old age after Shou Yuan dries up.
I never thought that my enemy’s life would be defeated by a 200-year-old young man at the end of my life.
It was he who defeated his taboo killing method, and Lu Chen’s last extreme knife lost half a style.
Although he can’t fight to the last state, his physical strength and other States have dropped at the last moment, but losing is losing, and he is much higher than Lu Chen’s realm.
During the process of Daoism, the Lord of the God Market looked vaguely. He seemed to see a corner of the future and suddenly laughed. "Hahahaha, you are waiting for me!"
Leave this sentence to make all beings and forbidden areas understand the words, and then the generation will completely dissipate and transform the universe into a wilderness.
For a long time, there was no sound of life in the universe, and they felt that they were still in a dream.
Is the biggest dark turmoil in history over?
It was a while before someone sobbed. It was the ancient star swallowed up by the reincarnation master. Fortunately, some creatures originally planted seeds according to the old rules of darkness and turmoil.
"Father, please don’t die. Please live."
A weak girl tried to shake a body, but the bloody eyes in Hankou reached out and touched her face, then hung her head and lost interest.
"Mom, don’t sleep. Get up. Get up quickly."
A three-or four-year-old child cried and held an already cold body with tears in his arms and eyes.
"My son …"
An old man cried with his original upright young child in his arms, but his young life passed away and he could never wake up.
"It’s over. It’s finally over. The blood and tears are over!"
"We are still alive after the big robbery!"
After a long time, all parts of the universe cheered and resounded through the sky to celebrate that they survived this last time. Everyone was so excited that it was not easy to live.
Everyone gasps for breath for the rest of their lives and then yells at the sky. Only in this way can they realize that life is precious and living is better than anything else.
Because some time ago, they really felt that it was a thought for ancient deities to rob their lives on the verge of death.
People give vent to their anger and roar to express their feelings.
At the end of the day, when the cheers and excitement ended, people gradually calmed down, and the sad atmosphere filled them with tears.
"Blare …"
This time, the unrest died, but not too many people died, but a source of life was swept away.
However, several respectable people have withered the Yaochi Dacheng Holy Spirit Terran. Nine thousand years ago, Jiuyou Gai, a contemporary young Tianjiao Terran Holy Body, was honored as Emperor Lu Chen by all spirits.
Once guarding the sentient beings, the emperor reappeared the virtual Hengyu, and Wyndell Dichinson Star is now missing.
Hengyu furnace shattered the virtual mirror and flew to the edge of the universe to find the master’s body.
Half of the immortal iron stick star was blown up and flew to Tiancun to find the blood of the holy emperor.
"It’s a pity that too many unbearable wounds have been buried."
The big black dog lamented in the village, some depressed, some decadent and stumbled towards the secluded place in the village.
In this world war I, it’s best to destroy its friends, and respect eldest brother died, and respect Jiuyou Gai’s predecessors also buried the bone star
Some explorers emerged from the barren ancient star scout. "Is the dark turmoil over?"
They listened to the sadness of each star field and felt that life was really emotional and fragile.
This is much better than the original. There is a place where life was washed away, and not many people died. Jiuyou Gai is not necessarily dead at all.

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