Nie Hao almost scared the daylights out of him when a sound sounded in his ear.

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I don’t know when Lin Xuanji has come to him and held out his hand. iron ruler, he is holding Dan medicine wrist gently!
Nie Hao screamed, his wrist was instantly red and swollen, and his palm trembled, and Dan medicine fell out of his palm.
"How dare you hit me?"
Nie Hao’s eyes are red and her teeth are gnashing. I can’t wait to tear Lin Xuanji up!
Actually, Lin Xuanji has left his hand.
If you really try your best, Nie Hao’s hand has been wasted!
In other words, iron ruler didn’t point Nie Hao’s wrist but smashed his head …
This matter can be white if you think about it calmly, but Nie Hao has not considered so much. His mind is thinking about killing Lin Xuanji to find face.
"I told you not to mess with me, and you didn’t listen."
Lin Xuanji pie pie muttered, "Are you one-track-minded? You mean it when I say I’m a minor player? What an idiot! Are you stupid by Emperor Yin on weekdays? "
Nie Hao was so angry that he was shaking all over.
Hand dust shaking three thousand dust silk broken and half suddenly scattered like a waterfall, as if condensed into a prison towards Lin Xuanji shrouded in the past.
Lin Xuanji’s eyes flashed mockingly, and his body flickered into the distance first.
Lin Xuanji said, "Hey, don’t blame me for not waking you up. I’ll beat you if you provoke me!"
"Ha ha ha ha!"
There were bursts of laughter from the distant crowd.
Nie Hao’s face turned blue and white, and his lungs almost exploded with anger. He couldn’t help swearing, "I beat your mother!"
Speak NieHao rushed again.
the other side
Leng Ming and Xiao Pang are finally right!
This is an inevitable battle between two people!
The winner is the real person of the tomb clan!
"Teacher younger brother, you throw in the towel."
Leng Ming shook his head and said, "You have been in Zongmen for 20 years, and you and I have played against each other for 20 times. When will you beat me?"
"I beat you this time is enough!" Xiao pang Shen Dao
Leng Ming’s eyes are getting colder and colder. "Brother, if you hand over the yellow map now, I may be able to spare your life. If you are stubborn, don’t blame me for being cruel!"
"You are stubborn, not me."
Xiao pang offered a flying sword from the bag and said, "Don’t talk about war!"
Cold ghost drink a also offer fly sword chubby fight to one place.
There are thousands of monks left, but before they can wait for Monkey, Linghu, Huang Jinshi and Qingqing, they have already entered the crowd and set off a blood shed!
If the other party has a large number of people, if they wait for one person to offer a flying sword and stab the monkey and others, they will be injured.
Now they are divided into four roads and rushed into the crowd, killing the crowd and making a mess.
These monks can fight each other.
The fox stood still and cast the charm of the fox clan. Tan Kou gently opened his mouth and spit out a series of delicate fragrance. Soon dozens of monks lost their minds and fought together.
A harsh collision of Jin Ge sounded, and the monks near the golden crack stone felt their ears tingling and their faces showed pain.
Is Su Mo Xu Cheng hard shake a record.
Blood quenching knife and blue thunder knife collide and hit each other.
Blood mans Lei Guang two completely different forces constantly interweave and devour each other!
Stalemate for a while.
Xu Cheng was shocked, his face changed dramatically, and his body fell out.
There are also many methods of body-building in Taixu Leiji, which is known for its thunder art and thunder method.
Although it can’t compare with the top refined body clan like Liuli Palace and Overlord Hall, its melee strength is not underestimated.
It was Xu Cheng who didn’t expect that he could not even carry Su Mo’s knife!
Even if Su Mo has no motivation, Xu Cheng can’t stop it!
The blue thunder knife attached to the thunder force poured into the Sumo body like a mud cow entering the sea without causing a ripple.
However, the blood force from the blood quenching knife poured into Xu Chengren, which instantly caused his qi and blood chaos and almost died against the heart pulse!
Chapter seven hundred and three Fixed root seal
Xu Cheng’s body is backward, his eyes are flashing and his face is ugly.
Yes, it’s hard to calm down when he spells his arms.
And Sue ink like circumstances carrying blood quenching knife rushed to again!
"I can’t fight hard with him again!"
On second thought, Xu Cheng made a decisive decision, carrying a blue-thunder sword with one hand and constantly changing fingering with the other, and finally condensed a spirit and broke out!
"The wind and thunder are broken!"
Xu cheng drinks a lot.
The wind roared toward Sumo, and before it got close, it was already flying sand and stones!
The wind is also mixed with crackling blue thunder, which is very frightening!

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