"Old cow, have you found that this village is quite similar to yours?" I stubbed out my cigarette and got up.

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"Hey, don’t say it’s really like the Sun family iron door is blue." King Kong cannon looked around. "Damn, even the crow’s nest is as old as this. What’s going on?"
"I doubt that they can read your thoughts and create these visions according to your thoughts." I looked dignified and teased him by mistake.
"Old in me or me, you don’t …" King Kong Bao looked at me and took a few steps back.
"I’m you, I’m you. You always point a knife at me. Don’t worry. Look at the situation. They can read your mind but can’t control it." I said with a sneer and left.
"Where are you going now?" The king kong cannon looked frightened and drew out his twilight blood to follow.
"The whole village has no popularity at all. There is only one white popularity behind the village." When I was talking earlier, I happened to find a white aura behind the village.
And the king kong cannon turned left and right and finally came to that popular position.
King Kong cannon gaped at the house in front of him. "How can I be my home?"
Chapter 71 Three-tailed Fox
The house in front of me and King Kong Cannon is exactly the same as the house of King Kong Cannon. The difference is that the fat pig in the pigsty has become a piglet yard with more walls, which should have changed since I left.
I pushed the door and entered the room carefully and found that there was a light in the room. My mother was sitting on the kang mending something. I was glad to see the two of us. "Why do you always come back late when the three cows are younger than you?"
Oh, my God. Looking at the kind-hearted old man in front of me, I really don’t have the courage to slash away too many strange things in this world at once. In case I lose my sight and chop the mother of King Kong Gun to death, I can’t fight hard with me. Let’s see first. Anyway, she can’t run away.
"Sanniu, why are you staring at me like this?" The old lady moved to the kang and grabbed the King Kong gunner and pulled the pit.
"Who the hell are you?" King Kong Bao is sane enough to know that his mother should not be here.
"Why are you confused when you are less than three cows?" The old lady turned to look at me in the door with a look of Luce.
"Aunt, your white hair is a lot less?" I didn’t meet her, but I asked her again. My mother’s hair is almost white, but this one has more black hair than white hair.
"It’s a good thing you gave medicine. It’s really strong to eat it." The old lady was sincere and even the tone was exactly the same. The female Polygonum multiflorum in the back of Dongshan Tomb was indeed dug up by me and brought to her by the King Kong cannon.
"Mom, why are you here?" King kong cannon saw the right number and grabbed the old lady’s hand and asked
Before the old lady came to talk, I grabbed a few steps in front of the King Kong cannon. "Aunt, I have something to ask you."
"Good boy, what do you want to ask?" Not only is it true, but the dialect has not changed.
I quickly pulled out a pen and paper and wrote a few words and stuffed them into the gunner "You can read it when I show you."
"Auntie, once King Kong ran out to fight with Sun Zhi, what did I tell you later?" I didn’t have much time to get in touch with the old lady alone, and I wanted to think about it. When I ran to find a hard one, I said a few words of comfort to her later, and these were just the King Kong cannons I didn’t know.
"Oh, it’s been years. How can I remember?" Said the old lady, digging out a bag of peanuts from the kang and handing it to us.
"Where are Mom, Dad and My Big Brother?" King Kong Bao’s second brother already has a daughter-in-law.
"Go to town to buy fertilizer …" The old lady was stopped by my wave. "Aunt, it’s only been a few days. Think about it again. I remember you stuffed a stick for me when I went out?" I tried to deliberately mislead her. If it was really King Kong, even if Mom didn’t remember the words at that time, she couldn’t stick a stick for me to beat others.
"Oh, I remember that there is such a thing. I am afraid that you will suffer." The old thing finally gave away the clues.
"Are you older than you took the stick that day?" In hindsight, King Kong Gun looked puzzled.
"Old cow, look what I wrote." I smiled and held the turtle gun on the lower back.
"I give you something!" After reading the note in his hand, the king kong cannon shouted and split it with a sword.
My note said, "I’ll accompany him out for fun to keep him from making trouble."
At the same time, I took out the turtle gun and wanted to fire it with a hook of my finger.

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