Their general ecology is that the foam always moves on the surface, and eventually the foam will release a lot of nutrients that they can absorb.

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When the final foam is going to attack, they will hide in a special place to avoid danger
Actually, it is similar to those dense fog creatures that Qianlin met. Those dense fog creatures can exchange with their cities, and the dense fog creatures here can also exchange.
But to be precise, the dense fog here is not an exchange. They are different from Qianlin. This dense fog can directly transfer itself into hiding without exchanging things.
And when they told Lynn about it, they all disappeared.
At the same time, the surface became unstable, and several hills rose from the original smooth surface, and then they increased rapidly, finally forming huge black objects floating towards the virtual space.
This is the virtual performance of the final foam attack. At this time, there is also the target that the final foam wants to attack
It looks like a 1000-kilometer roller about the same size as the final foam.
When the final foam attacked it, the tumbler suddenly cracked from it. When it was quickly exhibited, Lin could see that there were huge buildings in the other department.
In addition to directly building the tumbling wall, there are also many floating buildings, which feel like they have dug a tumbling wall and built them inside.
At the same time, many buildings in the exhibition also launched an attack on the final foam. Some large buildings with a height of several kilometers emitted dazzling light beams at the top, and at the same time, several flying objects also poured out around the buildings to meet the final foam black objects.
The two sides emitted a large-scale collision between the east and the west, and violent explosions lit up one after another. Lin found that the opposite attack seemed stronger, and some missile things flew through a large number of black blocks towards the surface of the final foam.
Now there is no trace of the plain on the surface of the final foam, but it is like a rough ocean, as tall as a mountain peak. The waves surge up one after another and flap away toward the virtual space.
Lin controls the centimeter biological aircraft and quickly hides on the ground. Although the passengers inside are almost desperate, they are still safe.
This aircraft has been modified by Lin, and it has enough action ability to avoid all dangers.
Now, in addition to the earth’s surface, there are also stars attacking and flying, which hit the ground with devastating consequences.
These missiles do not cause explosions. When they hit the surface, they will make a pit with a diameter of several kilometers on the surface, which seems to evaporate the materials in the hit area instantly.
However, this kind of pit will soon disappear, and the surface will continue to swell up and throw large chunks into the sky.
But after the final foam surface was hit, Lin found something more interesting, that is, some information.
To be precise, the information of the missile "evaporated" off the surface, and the control aircraft received a lot of information from the missile. This information felt like it was reversed all its life, from the moment it hit the surface to the moment it passed through the explosion and returned to its launching position-a large building in the tumbling department.
But it’s not over yet. Lin can continue to see the missile. All the information includes that it has been lying in the silo and there are many creatures to maintain it every day. Finally, it has been reversed to the process of its assembly and manufacture.
From this information, we can see that there is a kind of … tentacle creature in the tumble of life.
There are a lot of holes in their buildings, and these holes will protrude much like cellular biological tentacles, which are responsible for the operation and maintenance of weapons.
Of course, these tentacles are not necessarily residents.
And what’s more interesting is why there is this missile … lifetime information?
Later, Lin found that some attacks had hit the surface, and after each attack, the aircraft could receive the information of the attack’s life.
It seems that both missiles and those light beam attacks can completely show the situation of this weapon from the time it hits to the time it is made, and it is also a relatively long-distance perspective to watch the whole process.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Information
This article is quickly destroyed.
Although it seems to be inextricably linked, the’ final foam’ gradually takes the lead. The black block it emits looks like a part of the body. It seems that no matter how many’ final foam’ it emits, its body does not get smaller.
It almost radiates a part of the body, so that these black blocks finally drown out the part of the person who lives in tumbling.
Lin found that the block emitted by the’ final foam’ will destroy the target in different ways, the most common one is to crash and explode, while others will wrap the target or make the target disappear directly.
As for what method is destroyed, after a period of time, a large number of black particles will gather at the target position, and they will become pre-black blocks, then fly back to the surface of the final foam and recombine with the final foam.
At the same time, the terminal foam can also receive some phase information here.
This information is similar to the destroyed target, which is a black block. When it is destroyed, it is an aircraft, and then when it flies back, the block will bring back a piece of information about the aircraft.
This information is relatively complete, just like what Qian Lin saw, from the time the aircraft was destroyed to the time it was manufactured.
Because the whole tumbling person in the other language was destroyed by the final foam, these blocks also brought back the whole information of the other language.
This article is also an interesting article. It is not a personal creature. Although it looks like it, it is actually a creature similar to a bus roller.
This creature is a bit like a’ scavenger’. It will wander in vain. If it encounters some traces of cultural life, such as debris from a relic aircraft, it will touch and swallow it, then make a hole and try to restore these things to their original state.
Most of the time, it seems to live this life and will not attack other creatures. It just likes the remains.
After a long time, there will be more and more holes in other parts due to the restoration of ruins, buildings and other things, and finally the whole sphere will form a large heart area, which looks like it was built in a text because it is full of buildings
After that, it will attack other things, whether they are other languages or creatures that it thinks are suitable for opponents. It will fight with its own restorations, and further improve the recovery degree of these restorations in the process of fighting.
In some cases, the restoration is incomplete, which seems to be like ruins. Generally, it can be restored by 5% to% according to the degree of damage of the other party, but it can be restored to its original appearance after completion.
However, this creature believes that it must go through a battle to restore its perfect appearance, so it will attack other creatures. After each battle, it will think about its shortcomings in restoring these things, and then continue to strengthen them until the construction is completed
Of course, the result of doing so is actually to let it transform these recovered objects into weapons. It seems to think that doing so is a perfect recovery.
Moreover, it is only because it can recover 5% to 5% that it knows how much it has actually recovered, and it is not clear to itself.

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