"No, it will be slower!"

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Jiang Hanyin is a little stiff, not for Chen Yanshu, but he is in a heavy mood at this time.
Chen Yan Guan Tao naturally won’t do anything offensive at this time. Although he doubts what Jianghan said in his heart, he still refrains from curiosity and shuts up at the right time.
A sudden ringing of "Glory" mobile phone broke the silence. It was Jianghan mobile phone.
Jianghan never owned a mobile phone before he entered Southern Hunan University of Technology and walked the rivers and lakes. This Hua Rong 6 was given to him by Jiang Wenxuan the night before Jianghan started school, and a number was given to him, that is, the second Jianghan asked for leave, and that one was just given to Qin Mufeng. Jianghan also called three people on this mobile phone!
"Qin Mufeng?"
Although there is no such number, I just dialed a string of numbers. Jianghan naturally recognized it at a glance.
Chen Yanshu glanced at Jianghan’s hand, and the screen of Rongyao Six was also a little surprised. After the two men glanced at each other, Jianghan’s finger phone screen was pulled and put in his ear.
"Is there anything else?" Jianghan is straight to the point.
"Are you going to Ghost Valley?" Qin Mufeng sounds dignified.
Jianghan didn’t speak
"Are you going to hell?" Qin Mu style tone as always.
Jianghan’s face became a little gloomy, but he still didn’t mean to speak.
"Although I know that you’ve been wandering around the Jianghu all these years and there are some means and things, it’s not so good to go to a ghost doctor in Guigu, and it’s not so easy to ask if you need me to send you …"
Jianghan couldn’t help it any longer. Qin Mufeng said rudely to the words, "Are you concerned about me?"
It was Qin Mufeng’s turn to be silent.
"If it’s your kindness, I want to tell you that my surname is Jiang, not Qin!" Pa Jianghan put the phone on his thigh and hung up Qin Mufeng’s words, and then he looked calm!
Aside Chen Yanshu stunned and looked at this young man, a little too much, but at the moment he was calm and small, and he was completely impressed!
Nearly twenty hours by train, when Jianghan arrived in southern Yunnan, it was already the second day. I thought earlier that it would be faster to take the high-speed rail and plane, which could be shortened by five times. But the place he was going to was too remote, and even cars and motorcycles were rare around. How could there be an airport and high-speed rail going around? It would take more time to add up.
Of course, there is another reason why Jianghan doesn’t choose to take high-speed rail and plane.
That is, people like him, who used to wander in the rivers and lakes in their early years and lick their lives with a knife, have already looked down on life and death, but at the same time they are extremely insecure.
They prefer to limit their lives to the range of their own abilities, such as high-speed rail planes. Although they look safe, they are taboo for people like Jianghan!
After a simple rest, the supermarket near Jianghanche bought a backpack of suitable size and carried a bag of mineral water, and then set off alone to a lonely place deep in the dense forest of southern Yunnan
If you ask him why he doesn’t bring dry food and water, he will tell you that nature is the best dry food storage place for Jianghu people, but the ecological environment of water has deteriorated in recent years, so Jianghan doesn’t dare to drink it unless it is very well preserved.
For example, in recent years, the wild life programs of the Chinese nation fire, such as Baye Liu Jianghan abroad, are simply weak in the eyes of Jianghu people. Even if the ground bed is covered with the old ox and the river is swaying in the Jianghu, or Jianghan is alone in this deep mountain forest at the moment, Jianghan has always adhered to the law of "rather lacking than abusing life", such as what earthworms and toads or eating raw meat, and so on. He never does it. It seems to him that a Jianghu person is a person. Since it took tens of millions of years for our ancestors to work hard to evolve from livestock to human beings, we should not go backwards and take the fork
Maybe some people will say that when you have to do it when you are facing the test of life and death, Jianghan will be farting by adhering to all this!
But it’s a pity that Jianghan has never faced the test of life and death because of such a thing!
Deep in the jungle at the end of the moon, insects chirping and birds flapping their wings. Jianghan has been walking in the lonely mountains and forests for a day. The stars have not burned out yet, and there are only half a piece of breast meat left in the bonfire. Although it tastes a little light, it is delicious several times compared with raw food.
Relying on the ancient tree Jianghan seems to have returned to childhood and wandering around the rivers and lakes with the ox. It’s been a long time since I was buried in the ground bed, but I’m not hungry.
"Ha ha! It happened not long ago, but now I feel that it happened in the same generation. This is the so-called avoiding the world! "
Jianghan looked up at the moon, not melodramatic, but thoughtful and depressed.
"Bitch, don’t step into my ghost valley after you leave!"
"Smelly loach, dead loach, get out of here. I never want to see you again in my life!"
A few years ago, the past is vivid. For Jianghan, Ghost Valley has too many unforgettable people and things. To tell the truth, this time, if Qin Qingyu, a strong girl, didn’t let him move, he wouldn’t want to set foot in the land of southern Yunnan again in his life!
Volume One Hidden Dragon Don’t Chapter 29 Move and change your image.
The lush Linhai Jianghan has been in Linhai for three days and nights, walking during the day, collecting prey at night, resting and replenishing physical strength, and so on. At this time, the mineral water in his backpack has been consumed almost.
But the good has arrived. To be precise, Jianghan is already stepping on the boundary of the ghost valley in southern Yunnan
Even though the sight of Lin Mao is also deeper, there is no difference between the towering ancient trees and the former Lin Hai, but Jianghan knows clearly that he has arrived by foot!
Jianghu people are involved in Jianghu affairs.
Some people’s places are rivers and lakes, and nowadays the city is really uncomfortable.
However, there are always a few people who are cynical and can’t get out of the world during the evolution of China for 5 thousand years.
They either cling to some old ancestors’ stereotypes or reject new things that keep pace with the times. They are self-sufficient and isolated from the world. If it is not necessary, they rarely come into contact with them by urbanites. They also refuse to recognize contemporary buildings. At the same time, they don’t bother the contemporary world to give directions.
They all have their own code of conduct, and they all have their own ethics. Some of them are very much like the wandering clouds and wild cranes in ancient times, but at the same time they are always so unreasonable.
Of course, no one can deny that it is this group of people who also master the essence of those ancestors’ cultural heritage. They play better than most urban modern people!
It is this handful of people who make up the so-called Jianghu.
For example, at this moment, the place where Jianghan’s foot is stepping on is the famous name of the Jianghu-Ghost Valley!
After several miles, Jianghan finally stopped before a boulder that had been weathered almost.
Looking at a broken bridge next to it, I glanced at a few evergreen green pines beside the bridge, and there was a distant blur in Jianghan’s eyes.

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