For four hundred and seventy-six memorial tablets represent four hundred and seventy-six elder brothers who fell in the great disaster of deity and died in Taiping Road. Even the Great Body Education lost so many people’s hands, it was also weakened.

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After all the incense worship, Zhang Jiao looked dignified and looked at Yu Duxiu. "This is the ranking of my senior brothers in Taiping Road. These are the backbone of Taiping Road. I died because of spies in the teaching. They died unsatisfied."
Jade Duxiu is in a dignified mood. Although it has been speculated that Taiping Road suffered heavy losses before, I didn’t expect it to suffer heavy losses to this extent.
"The Xue family must die, and they want me to be peaceful, loyal and martyr, to disperse the soul, and never to be reborn in this world." Speaking of this, all the Xue family veins should be completely erased. "I have sent my brother to kill the common Xue family veins, and those Xue family practitioners have fled to Qingzhou. They and I will not kill mortals, but they are wrong. Those who dare to apostate are not just killing the nine families, but all the veins should be erased in this world."
Speaking of this, the palm teaching sound is a bit messy and rough. "Every day, I can hear several brothers and elders crying in their ears and want me to avenge them. They must have something, and none of Xue’s family can stay."
"You have spent thousands of years in a thunderstorm, and your magical powers are even more extraordinary. There are all kinds of magic weapons to protect your feet. One of the top powers in these days has sent you to Qingzhou, and you must not let your dead elders and brothers down." Zhang Jiao looked at Yu Duxiu with dribbling eyes.
Chapter 367 After the Xue family’s blood.
The former Jade Duxiu always punished Jiuzu, which is the most cruel punishment in the world. Now I have finally seen the style of a high yogi, not just killing Jiuzu, but erasing all the blood-related departments, even a little blood, to dispel the soul. This blood will naturally have no future trouble.
Jade Duxiu’s mid-point murder brewing is really a personal vendetta against Xue family, but to safeguard the interests of Taiping Road, a big group.
Jade Duxiu is the only one in Taiping Road. After arriving in Bingzhou, Jade Duxiu is more knowledgeable. She values herself more for organizations and groups. When she has no unique strength, Taiping Road is her biggest backing. Although Taiping Road has all kinds of unpleasantness, she still has her own tolerance.
Yu Duxiu looked at Zhang Jiao. "If you meet Xue Jia Xiu Shi, you will be stunned and comforted. There is one thing that you should ask Zhang Jiao to answer."
Zhang Jiao nodded, "But he said that if it is within the capacity of the seat, it will not be reasonable."
Jade Duxiu gave a gift to Zhang Jiao, "So that Zhang Jiao can learn that my brother has taken the clear water and the Taoist priest has no way to control the sea beast. Now going to Qingzhou is the lair of Taiyuandao, and please teach me how to let my brother control the sea beast and have more means of escape."
Zhang Jiao nodded his finger and stretched out a piece of nephrite floating in front of him, only to see nephrite floating in front of Yu Duxiu. "This is my wonderful method of controlling monster beast in Taiping Road. You can control the beast after learning it. There is no perfect avatar in this world. At this young age, you can still rely on the avatar to forcibly suppress it. If you wait for the beast to grow up in the future, even if you don’t control it, you will encounter itself."
Jade Duxiu smiled, "I have my own plan to teach my brother at ease."
After that, put away the animal bending technique and teach it to the palm of your hand. "Brother, I’m going to Qingzhou to track down the trace of the Xue family. Is it that the Xue family appeared in Qingzhou?"
Zhang Jiao shook his head. "It’s hard to say that it doesn’t rule out the danger of the ancestor."
Jade Duxiu nodded to reveal the color. These old guys are not easy to live for millions of years, and they are the most difficult and tight.
Jade Duxiu took a look at Zhang Jiao, feeling that the mighty grandparent in the air turned into golden light for a moment and disappeared into the sky by breathing.
The palm teaches the pupil to shrink, "It’s so fast to escape, even if it’s a seat."
Zhang Jiao paced slightly in the same place. "This little magical power has become more and more profound, and its rise in the future is unstoppable. I still need to lay a good job because of the attention of my godfather."
"Oh, no, I forgot to tell him that he must come back after forty years." Zhang Jiao slammed his hand and stamped his foot, saying that a charm flew out in one hand and followed the jade alone.
Jade shows off the golden light. This longitudinal golden light is worthy of being the highest magical power of Taoist flying in the past. If a golden light passes by, it rolls up the storm and exceeds the speed of sound for many times.
Taiping Road is adjacent to Taidao Taidao and Taiyuan Road, which belongs to Qingzhou and is due east.
Taiping Road belongs to Bingzhou. Taidao in the north is located in Qingzhou in the northeast. Yu Zhengdong is the lair of Taiyuan Road.
Jade Duxiu wants to fly to Qingzhou in two ways. The first way is to cross Taidao territory and enter Qingzhou directly. The second way is to rush into the middle territory and then turn to Qingzhou.
There is no doubt that Jade Duxiu chose to go through the Taidao territory. If you go around the middle territory, I don’t know how many wrong ways to take.
"Ha, ha, ha, I didn’t expect you to dare to send the door." Jade Duxiu just entered the field of Taidao, but soon she heard a ferocious smile. For a moment, she saw the wolf crying and the ghost howling, but she saw several black skeletons rushing towards Jade Duxiu.
The skull roared with fascination, and several waves of gravity in the skull caused the blood of Jade to tremble slightly.
That is to say, Yu Duxiu, a master of family boxing, has reached an incredible level of blood control. If another person is afraid of a face-to-face encounter, all blood will be swallowed up instantly.
Looking at the dozens of skeletons in the black fog and black fog that has enveloped Fiona Fang, I am constantly struggling to choose someone and bite at the Jade Show. In my unhurried eyes, there was a flash of cold light. "Don’t you dare to shoot me?"
If it is not refined into a thunder pool, Jade Duxiu may simply master the five thunder methods to annihilate these skeletons, but at this time, Jade Duxiu is most afraid of being refined into a thunder pool, which is the evil thing of heaven and earth.
"Xiao Yuan Tian Wang has an order that if you can be captured and sent to Tian Wang, there is one thing that Tian Wang can do. If you can tell Tian Wang about your trace, he can give you a great magical power. If you can capture your seat, you will make a fortune." Qian Zao’s voice chattered from all directions and I don’t know where Qian Zao really hid.
As the saying goes, it’s no secret that a good man has a magic weapon when he dies, and it’s not a secret that there are more than one nine doors in the whole practice world. If you can capture the jade solo alive, it’s not a big gain, even if you pay some irreparable price, but it’s definitely worth it if you can harvest one or several magic weapons.
If this magic weapon is in the hands of an old guy, everyone is afraid to rob it, but Yu Duxiu’s practice has not been seen by everyone for decades. Tens of thousands of monks of these ages will look at Yu Duxiu this childish look.
At this time, Jade Duxiu became the fattest sheep in the world holding Jinyin Street.
Jade Duxiu’s palm stretched out for a moment, but he saw an ancient tripod suspended in his hand. The magic in his hand was fuelling and pouring into the thunder pool. The thunder seemed to sweep away like an ocean towards the oncoming skeleton river.
Before Yu Duxiu, he was not afraid of this money and soap. At this time, he has a thousand-year-old mana and celestial phenomena, and the great god is connected to the body. Although it is big, it can’t go anywhere.
As if it were snow in the spring, the black fog seemed to be washed away by thunder waves when it met the scorching sun and snow in an instant, and the thunder raging and venting kept spreading along the fog towards the money soap.
"Ah," I saw a figure rising from the black fog at a strange moment. Look closely at the figure, who is it or not?
At this time, the money soap seems to have burned its ass and quickly flew away from the thunder pursuit behind it and was suspended in front of Yu Duxiu not far away.
Looking at the dull skull in his hand, there was a flash of grief and indignation in his eyes. "My instrument, how dare you hurt my instrument spirituality?"
As he spoke, his eyes were locked in the palm of Jade Duxiu’s palm, and there was a hint of greed in his eyes. "It’s really a magic weapon for Taoist Duobao."
"Dare?" Jade Duxiu waved the thunder pool into his hand, and a divine light flashed across his left hand. The tip of the knife in his hand was obliquely pointed at the ground, and his eyes were cold and he looked at the money soap. "Since you dare to start work on me, you should know that your hands are not merciful when you fight. This is because you asked for a seat and were ordered to go to Qingzhou to hunt down Taiping Road and defect from Xue Family. How dare you stop me?"
"This is my Taidao site. Are you arrogant and being original and dare not stop you?" Money soap stalks Bo Dao.
I felt a little bad when I heard that Jade Duxiu said that it was going after the Xue family’s money soap. The Xue family’s defection was a big event in Kyushu that shocked the entire spiritual world. If it were a monk, there would be no ignorance.
"Is it because you colluded with the Xue family that you deliberately killed me here?" Jade Duxiu’s eyes are even colder, and the three-pointed double-edged knife is flashing with cold light, which seems to be able to freeze the world.
"What are you talking about? I’m too ignorant to do that despicable thing." Qian Zao was shocked and quickly retorted.
Chapter 36 For the dead, there are many treasures and wonderful shows.
With money, soap is bold and never dares to let Jade Duxiu collude with the Xue family to buckle his head. That’s going to kill people, cause two great religions to fight and cause great turmoil. How many money soaps dare to bear it?
"Xiao you don’t want to loose orpiment, the Xue family colluded because you have a personal vendetta." Qian Zao angered Yu Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu eyes flashing "oh personal? Why don’t you remember when you had a personal grudge? "
"Hum, when you incarnated Lei Shou to be original, you played being original to find the field." Qian Zao’s eyes flashed with several skeletons.
Jade Duxiu laughed coldly. "Who can blame if you are greedy?"
At this time, the two men were deadlocked and looked at Qian Soap coldly. "Why don’t you let the road seat pursue Xue Jia Xiu under the purpose of teaching the Taiping Road? Do you want to stop it?"
"I … you don’t want to take the Taiping palm to teach me to be original. It’s a Taoist monk who is not afraid of the Taiping palm to teach discipline." Qian Zao was angry.
The words didn’t finish, but the pupil suddenly contracted, and a gorgeous horse was cut through the virtual, carrying a powerful horse and chopping at the money soap.
Jade Duxiu saw that the money soap had been shaken for a moment, and the three-pointed double-edged knife in his hand suddenly split out to cut the money soap in two.
"Click" the money soap breaks and falls into the clouds in two stages.
Jade Duxiu disdained to look at the eyes and despise the falling body. For a moment, it turned golden again.
It’s sad that Qian Zao, the great monk of Tang Dynasty, was pulled cold by Jade Duxiu.
It is said that Jade Duxiu flew out of Wan Li a few times before suddenly feeling that something was wrong. According to the three-pointed double-edged knife, people will inevitably absorb their opponents’ JingXie to nourish themselves. But just now, the three-pointed double-edged knife didn’t nourish itself with JingXie, and Jade Duxiu didn’t make the three-pointed double-edged knife for a while before forgetting the characteristics of the three-pointed double-edged knife

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