After listening to grandma’s answer, I really want to ask grandma which floor that fellow in the white clouds can go to.

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Although I had this question in my heart, I still endured not asking and silently walked behind my grandmother towards the second floor.
Go to the most bifurcated intersection on the second floor. Which path did Grandma choose this time?
When I stepped on the path to the mouth of the cave, my feet suddenly collapsed again and my body fell rapidly.
This time, I was calm and relaxed, and my body fell rapidly from my body.
As soon as my feet fell to the ground and saw what I saw in front of me, I just took two steps back.
Grandma and I can see the outermost situation of the third floor at a glance in this position. The ghost level of the third floor of the Ghost Cave turned out to be the ghost level.
"Grandma, you are my grandmother, and I am your granddaughter. We don’t play like this." My face was completely wrinkled, and my grandmother pointed out that she was determined to crash instantly.
Grandma glanced at me and said that I would still go through the third floor of the Ghost Cave, and I could come back as soon as I finished it.
After grandma finished speaking, she held the black net in her hand and leaned against the cave wall around her to make a gesture of please at me.
When grandma and I arrived, the ghosts looked at me and grandma and then continued to move before.
Take another look at grandma with sad eyes. I lift my feet and go to grandma to throw my attention at the ghosts in front of me.
The appearance of these ghosts is from 20 to 50 years old, and men are all naked. Every five of them play a game like throwing sandbags. They throw black stones with the same shape as those hanging on my chest.
The black stone was thrown from a strange angle on one side, and it was a pleasure for the ghost to pick up the black stone and throw it to two ghosts on the other side.
I don’t know that such activities can make ghosts play so happily. I wonder if I should walk through this ghost group.
Note that after a long time, I finally found something.
I found that every ten minutes, the ghosts on both sides would switch places.
When the ghosts on both sides exchange positions, the ghost in the middle is the center of the position of the ghosts on both sides of the pestle.
When the ghosts on both sides walk to the middle ghost, the ghosts on both sides will stop for five seconds.
At this time, every five ghosts and spirits, and the other five ghosts and spirits are bisected to form a path, that is, to enlarge the stray step path.
With this discovery, I wonder in my heart whether I can successfully get through the ghost gathering place in front of me by referring to the method of gathering ghosts on the second floor.
Look at the ghosts in front of me for a while, and I can’t see what else I can do. It can be achieved through the gathering of ghosts.
"Grandma, I’m lost." I turned my head and looked at Grandma’s response, and I found out if my decision was correct.
My grandma just hangs her eyes and plays with the black net root in her hand, so she won’t pick me up.
See if grandma refuses to show me that I will take another step forward and wait for the time when the ghosts and spirits switch places again.
In my heart, once again, the time has come for ghosts to exchange places. When every five ghosts just come together, I suddenly rush into the ghost gathering place with my feet.
Rushing into the gathering place of ghosts and spirits, I silently told myself to be faster and warned myself that it was not feasible.
I increased my speed to the fastest, and I had to go through the ghost town in just five seconds.
As soon as I rushed through the gathering place of ghosts and spirits, I saw that those ghosts who had stood still just moved again.
Patting my chest, I looked through the ghosts and looked at my grandmother. I caught my grandmother’s eyes and didn’t come to cover my nervousness and anxiety.
Give grandma a big laugh. I lift my feet and walk firmly in the direction of the third floor
I didn’t encounter a ghost on the way to the third floor, and my mood became more and more nervous as I got closer to the innermost position of the third floor.
The first two floors of the Ghost Cave are all innermost, and there is a big bss that can explode treasures. The level of ghosts outside is catching up with the level of ghosts outside. Now the level of ghosts outside the third floor is already a ghost, so the big bss in the innermost part of the third floor will be equally dangerous.
When I was always near the innermost part of the third floor, I could already see the fork road at the innermost part of the third floor. I saw a ghost of a little girl with a pigtail sitting beside the fork road at the innermost part of the third floor.
With the first two eyes, I turned into a war. I didn’t look at the little girl’s ghost.
The little girl’s ghost, pink face, jade face, peach blossom, watery big eyes and ignorant eyes looked at me, wearing a small cotton-padded jacket and cotton trousers with red floral flowers and no shoes. There was a bell at the ankle, and the little feet were covered with mud.
I was surprised to see the ghost of the little girl in front of me.
Unlike when I met the innermost ghost on the first floor, I didn’t know the level at first because the ghost was not haunted. The ghost body of the little girl in front of me was haunted like a normal ghost. I concluded that the ghost of the little girl in front of me was an ordinary ghost.
After seeing me, the little girl ghost sat on the ground and waved to me, calling my sister sweetly.
I didn’t move my fingers in the same place, but my fingers were clamped. When I saw the ghost of the little girl, I quickly moved the long needle from the object ring.
I stood still, and the little girl’s ghost immediately burst into tears and curled her mouth as if she were going to cry.
The little girl’s ghost wronged her and said that she didn’t even know how she got here, that she had been here for a long time, and that no one had played with her, and that the people outside were terrible, so she dared not go out of this place.
I frowned and saw the little girl’s ghost. This reaction made me wonder if I should move.
Although I believe that the ghost of the little girl is an ordinary ghost, I have to guard against it when it appears in the innermost position of the third floor.
Maybe this little girl’s ghost has powerful weapons, or there are treasures that can instantly change the level of ghost power.
After the little girl’s ghost finished speaking, she gave me a pitiful look and began to sob.
Seeing this, I have been concerned about something in my heart. I threw thirteen needles at the ghost door directly at the little girl’s ghost and attached a sign.
Thirteen stitches of the ghost gate instantly nailed the little girl’s ghost in place and put it on the little girl’s ghost forehead. The little girl’s ghost immediately silenced.
I took out the soul-eating whip from the ring and carried it in my hand, and walked towards the innermost fork in the third floor where the little girl’s ghost was located.
Chapter four hundred and twelve Ghost Cave Good Ghost

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