First-order magic, second-order treasure tactic, Taoist Ji’s cultivation is mostly treasure tactic, and some of them are enough.

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Third-order prohibition!
Fourth-order avatar
There are several access control methods in the black wind tunnel that are extremely powerful. Zizhen has never shown anyone the so-called magical power …
Afraid of wild city several top forces.
A month later.
Jiange, Situ’s family and Yaohun League have thrown olive branches one after another. Only the Law Enforcement Hall is still as indifferent as a saint, making people unattainable.
In addition, there are also some small forces showing their intention to win over.
The forces outside Songshan also tried to ask them if they would like to join.
To tell the truth, Zhou Yi is quite interested in the six-nation alliance outside the mountain. After all, the outside is complete and orderly, unlike other places.
Asked Song, if you want to learn the top outside the mountain, you need to go through many tests, and the identity of the mountain people is a big obstacle.
Then forget it!
After much discussion, the two men finally chose Stuart’s house because Stuart’s family recently moved their ideas.
"Brother Zhou, Zizhen"
Situxuan a face of enthusiasm led two people to introduce an old man.
"This is the heart source Taoist priest, but the famous array mage in the deserted city. This time, we’ll wait for our colleagues to go outside to reclaim the land."
The Taoist priest Xinyuan wears a dusty Taoist robe with long hair and a golden hairpin, and his hair looks like a child’s face and a fairy wind.
It’s a pity that the body is rotten and has reached the old age of the yogi.
At the age of nearly 300, it seems that most of my thoughts have been spent on studying the array in the early days of Daoji.
Followed by a man and a woman who have been refining gas at a young age, they are looking at Zhou Yi with a curious eye.
"I have seen the Taoist priest!"
"Your beautiful husband and wife are really envious of others."
Three people have seen each other, and the heart source leader gently waved long sleeves and took out a thing from the body.
"Zhou Daoyou came just in time for this mysterious gate array. I have been thinking about it for months, and I have some ideas just in time for Daoyou to discuss one or two."
"Long …" SiTuXuan opened his mouth and then sighed.
"Forget it!"
Today is the big day for Zhou Yi and his wife to join Stuart’s family. We should welcome them to study the array law, and we should put it behind us.
Also only a brain full of law heart source will be so not available.
But now that it’s said, it’s not easy to interrupt
"Xuanqi Gate Array?"
Zhou Yi took the jade plate excitation array from the other side, and many flashes were interwoven and merged into a complex array.
In my mind, there is such an introduction.
Qimen array is a big branch of array method, which mainly focuses on the change of Gankun versus Xungen from Kanmen, and mainly refers to lightning change.
"Good array!"
Zhou Yi’s eyes are slightly bright in the array in the visual field
"Door transformation can send out the door god thunder. If this array is arranged in the range of formation, it will be easy to kill Friar Doggi."
"Well …"
"There seems to be something wrong here, Taoist."
"Zhou Dao’s friendly eye" explained Xinyuan Taoist with a clap of his hands.
"It’s really changed here, because according to the terrain where we went, it will be a reiki convergence node with a little change."
"You see, this place can be filled with defects."
"So that’s it." Zhou Yi knew it.
When he saw the array knowing the sea screen, he fell on a star, and he could see at a glance that the array was wrong.

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