"Brother Lung has had enough, and if you bake it, you can’t finish it."

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"Let him go and we’ll finish eating," Lu Manwen replied rudely.
In the future, Ma Yi’s small mouth keeps chewing, and from time to time, Japanese "Mmm-hmm (delicious)" appears.
Everyone ate this meal for a long time, and everyone didn’t expect Xiaolong to have such a skill. Lu Manwen rarely eats barbecue, but she also thinks Xiaolong barbecue is the best barbecue she has ever eaten.
"Xiaolong, I think it’s okay for you to inherit your family business after graduation. If you don’t do it, it’s a big loss for our nine-deep food circle."
Xiaolong’s face was proud. "That was when I started skewering at the age of six. At that time, I was famous all over the street. If my parents hadn’t studied hard in high school, I would definitely be a master now."
"If you don’t tell me, I’ll teach you kebabs in the womb."
Lu Manwen has had enough to eat, but she can’t help but want to try the new grilled oysters. She loves to eat Bellon oysters. Before she ate them, she didn’t have any processed oysters. Now watching this kind of grilled oysters with "complex technology" makes her mouth water.
Ma Yi will be even more embarrassed in the future. Xiaolong sits next to her and keeps giving her something to eat. She always nods politely and says thank you, and then takes it and eats it.
Although Ji Tianci also thinks this barbecue is delicious, he puts Fang Qishen in his mind. This man has been sitting and thinking. His arm mechanically picks up a string of barbecues and puts them in his mouth. Although his eyes are staring at the table, the focus is not obvious.
Ji Tianci has been observing him every day, and he has injected his physical and mental strength into Tiantong’s eyes to observe Fang Qi.
Because he found that Fang Qitian’s soul seems to affect the whole world, Ji Tianci doesn’t know if this is an illusion. If everyone has a destiny, everyone’s destiny changes when Fang Qitian’s soul rotates at a high speed.
Is it said that this person’s thinking depends on human beings? Is his research on entanglement of curvature engine really the future of mankind?
"Hey, God, what are you staring at a big man? President Manwen is going to be angry. Come and eat!"
Xiaolong also wants Ji Tianci to taste more of his craft and comment on it.
Ji Tianci recovered and tasted it seriously with a few skewers of barbecue.
"Brother Long, did you learn to barbecue before you were six years old?"
Little dragon eyes a confused "before the age of six? When I was a child, I didn’t remember that my craft was born. "
Fang Qi inserted a sentence at this moment: "Four aunts were foreign dragons and were born abroad."
"Brother, you always talk about my former Indonesia, but I don’t remember it at all."
"You were only one or two years old at that time. According to psychoanalytic theory, when you were a child, your memory was not completely forgotten, but was suppressed to the subconscious. It is normal for you not to remember."
"Well, my parents didn’t say I was born abroad, and my uncle menstruation didn’t say I was born abroad?"
Fang Qi doesn’t seem to want to think more. "I don’t know about adults. I don’t have time to think about it, but my parents and I did pick you up at the South Island Pier in Nanzhou on the day you returned home. You all came back by boat from Indonesia, and there were many soldiers from Jiuyou. At that time, I was seven years old and I was impressed for the first time when I left Zhongzhou. I can’t make mistakes in my memory. You hardly went out or went to kindergarten before you returned home, and I rarely saw you."
"All right, don’t talk about me whatever you say. It’s really lucky to see Ma Yi today. Hehe, who will believe me if I say it?"
"Little dragons are still eating. Your metaphor is too inappropriate," Lu Manwen spat.
At two o’clock in the morning, everyone walked out of the "Longlong Barbecue Shop"
When he left, Fang Qi also shook hands with Ji Tianci. "You gave me a lot of inspiration today. Thank you."
Xiaolong looked at his cousin in surprise. He had the impression that his cousin was a very dull person. He didn’t understand these manners. How can he remember shaking hands today?
It’s very kind of you. It’s my honor to meet you. Maybe the future of mankind is in your hands. Don’t give up your research.
Fang Qi rarely smiled. "No, your previous words have given me a lot of inspiration. My future research direction may change."
"God bless, I hope I didn’t mislead you," Ji Tianci replied cautiously.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, the road to science is full of failures. More than 100 failed experiments are a success. You have pointed out a new road, and I will verify whether it is science or metaphysics."
"You should also take good care of your health. I find that you are in a sub-health state at a young age. The longer you live scientifically, the farther you can go."
"Yes elder brother! God is a god doctor. He said that if you are not healthy, you must eat on time. Don’t always ask me to ask you to eat. "
Fang Qi looked at Ji Tianci with a smile. "Thank you, I will pay attention later."
Everyone waved goodbye. Although Fang Qi was in the same school as everyone else, it was really hard to see students in the house lab as he was unknown.
There are several well-known scientists in human history who promote human progress, but there are more people who can’t name experts and scholars. They have been buried in the laboratory with them all their lives, but it is these failures that make future generations take fewer detours and finally reach the end of success.
[This is a gathering to change the fate of mankind. Ji Tianci doesn’t know if it is this table where five people are all interested in the future of mankind. This future will not be the coming end, but the rebirth after the end …]
The fifth volume God Wars Chapter one hundred and ninety-one The gradual change of the wind and cloud
On the way back to the hotel, Ji Tianci kept thinking about Fang Qi saying that the curvature engine "sent the array" in his mind.
These two things, one can bring superluminal flight, and the other is directional teleportation. If it can be really studied, then human beings can start the road of exploring the universe, and the earth will no longer be the only home for human beings. Even if the earth is destroyed, human beings will certainly find another new home in the universe.
"Manwen, if Hou Kai needs any help, we can help him as much as possible."
"Fang Qi? You mean that little dragon cousin just now? Isn’t this just a stay? "
"It seems to ordinary people that they are dull in academic research, but in fact they are great. They are exploring the scientific mind and human development. People are pursuing a small family and a high-quality life. Businessmen pay attention to the interests of their own group. Politicians are interested in the development of the country. Scientists see that they are human beings, but they can’t get the resources they deserve in the market economy. We should invest in these scientists more than charity. They are the future of mankind."
Lu Manwen looked at Ji Tianci strangely. "Then I told my dad that I would donate something to the institute as soon as I got rich, but I just bought an artifact, and his side is estimated to have hurt some vitality."
Ji Tianci was embarrassed and replied, "It’s not urgent now after this. I don’t think this is easy."
On the first day of school, Ji Tianci heard that Xiaolong had mentioned his cousin. At that time, he didn’t care much. Now it seems that Xiaolong’s cousin is by no means a simple person. Observing him every day, he found that his body is connected with human destiny.
Although this is a little "illusion" produced by Tiantong Eye, Ji Tianci knows that Tiantong Eye is a foreseeable future eye, and it must have its reasons for producing "illusion".
Is it a coincidence to see Fang Qi again because of Xiaolong?
After Ji Tianci returned to the hotel, Lu Manwen also returned home, and Mayi Shengping will stay in Wuyang for two days. They have decided to join Zhuyu at dawn. If possible, please ask Zhuyu to come to Wuyang to test the future of Mayi or the party will go to Pakistan to meet Zhuyu.
Ruihua Hotel Presidential Suite
"Grandpa, are you still awake?" Mayi will see Grandpa enjoying the night view of Wuyang in front of the French window in the future.
"Grandpa is waiting for you to come back."
"ah? Why didn’t grandpa call me? Otherwise, I would have come back early. By the way, Grandpa Jiuyou barbecue is really delicious. I’ll take you to eat together another day. "
"Ha ha good! Grandpa is waiting for you to have something to say to you. It’s not a big deal, just want to talk to you about family affairs. You are not young, and you should know something about your family. "
Ma Yi looked at Grandpa curiously in the future. "What family matters?"
Mai Shengping sighed, "In the future, if you weren’t strong, I wouldn’t have to tell you about these grandfathers. I also want you to be a happy star forever, but you are too strong now. You have rekindled hope for the whole Mai family."

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