Du Guyi nodded with satisfaction. "Make General Wang go back to camp immediately and wait for Jiang Lincheng to attack before you care."

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Make the officer leave quickly
Everyone looked into the distance and his face was full of solemnity.
Wei Chilong handed over and said, "The commander-in-chief’s reputation as a serial array of twelve local branches and five elements has not been tested before the military array was broadcast far away."
"If you storm, you have to have a countermeasure. I’m afraid you have to wait for Zhang Fu to come back."
Du Guyi nodded slightly. "Shuai is having this intention to make the army set up a camp to guard against the enemy’s sneak attack and reorganize its armaments and be ready to fight at any time!"
A gluttonous army immediately set up a camp to bury the pot and cook rice.
In the gluttonous army, except Kun, Long Jun, Kan and Long Jun, the remaining seven armies should be complete, and a total of three million troops, including brave warriors and warriors, should surround the large array on the river with iron drums.
A few hours later, the patrol boat returned full.
Wang Xuan Zhang Fu and others came to Zhongjun’s big account, and all of them naturally congratulated and praised them.
At the same time, everyone looked at the large array on the river and said, "I have a plan to break this array …"
Chapter four hundred and ninety-three Broken array has a magic method to fairy out one after another.
Everyone is excited to hear that there is a broken law.
There are many husbands in Shanhai Courtyard, but the prestige is enough to suppress the whole mountain gate. Only Wangfu and Zhangfu are the only ones.
Wang Fu studied etiquette and thought that heaven had been sanctified.
However, when Zhang Fu was born, he was born with a vision of yin and yang, and then he founded the theory of yin and yang to explain the operation of everything
If you don’t like quiet all the year round, you can’t achieve Wang Fu, and it is already the first master of Dayan.
Looking at everyone’s eyes, Zhang Fuye didn’t sell his beard and said, "The Twelve Earthly Branches and Five Elements Serial Array" left by the soldier saint has also been studied in the old place of the Great Wall of Ice and Snow. "
"This ugly array of earth, earth, yin, hai, wood, wood, bases and fire, Chen You alloy, has been applied for water, and the five elements of the earth have not been transported in the afternoon. The river near the city is the ugly array, and the five elements of the military fortress are changeable and powerful …"
After listening to Zhang Fu, everyone suddenly realized.
No wonder Cao Yuan’s strength is one-third of theirs, but he dares to stick to one place to stop the army from moving south.
Any way to break the array is either strong or clever.
If we want to break through the big Yan, but the Jin army occupies a big position, we can form a situation where the Yan army will lose more than half even if it breaks through the city.
If you want to break it skillfully, you will find a way to create a door.
This time, the birth gate is hidden in the twelve branches of the earth, and the change of yin and yang and five elements is determined by the coach Cao Yuan at will.
Duguyi frowned slightly. "I’m afraid it’s not easy for Zhang Fu to break this law."
Zhang Fu nodded, "If you want to break the array, the twelve branches will collide with each other, and six armies, namely, Wu Chong, Yin Shen Chong, Mao You Chong, Chen Xu Chong, Si Hai Chong and Chou Wei Chong, will be inserted into the array at the same time."
"This is still the most important thing. It is necessary to patrol the Tianbao ship and attack from the river near the city, such as the heavenly needle crucifying the twelve branches. It is also necessary for a master to slay Cao Yuan while the large array is not working well."
"This master is only the leader of Guangyuan who can win!"
They listened and looked to one side.
A high-tech veteran of Guangyuan Sect knew that it was urgent and dared not hide his head and sighed, "The leader went to the Longshou Mountain in Tiandu where Shinto incense information Fada was holed up in the imperial mausoleum, saying that Brother Tie didn’t believe in this mountain."
"However, it is said that Brother Tie, the leader of the school, is trapped by Shanda Array because his life is worried."
Everyone looked at each other after listening.
The Longshou Mountain in Tiandu is the birthplace of Long Mai in Middle-earth and the important place of Shinto Imperial Tombs. All previous dynasties consumed the whole country’s strength, and the natural array of Longshou Mountain was the most mysterious place.
If you want to enter and save people, I’m afraid there will be no more people and horses.
Wang Xuan’s heart sank and he said, "The guard will leave it to me."

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