There are more than 100 pieces of jade with bright luster, and most of them are dull 3.

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The bad old man pointed to the jade slips on the wall and said, "These are the images left by all the refiners since the founding of the dimly discernible peak. More than 100 jade slips were successfully refined, and all the images left were images of refining failure, but they were all from refiners. You two choose ten pieces to watch."
These jade slips seem to be a lot, but you should know that the misty Zongjianzong has left more than a thousand jade slips for thousands of years, and most of them are failed images.
Feng Haoyu directly chose ten jade slips with bright luster without much thought.
These are all images of the success of refining the spirit device.
Su Mo thoughtfully chose five bright jade slips and five dim jade slips.
Su Mo seems to have some merits in refining success, but watching the images of refiner’s failure will also be very rewarding, and similar mistakes can be avoided.
Seeing this, the bad old man nodded secretly.
It is difficult for a refiner to replicate the success of others, but he can avoid similar failures. This is a great wisdom.
Su Mo took ten jade slips and sat cross-legged to inject aura into the jade slips. The jade slips in the jade slips flashed with Guanghua, and a clear image came into view.
Su Mo immersed in refining art, understanding and understanding deepened, and many puzzles in his heart were solved.
In a blink of an eye, day and night passed.
Feng Haoyu got up and returned ten pieces of jade slips. Looking at them, he still realized that Su Mo had left the refining temple.
It wasn’t long before Su Mo got up and returned the jade slips.
"How to gain a lot?" Bad old man asked with a smile.
Su Mo nodded and thought a little before asking, "The first four steps of the refiner do have some experience, but gathering spirits is still not effective."
"It’s difficult to gather the spirit. The original spirit material is relatively stable, but the structure of the formed flying sword has changed greatly after fusion and refining. If you want to reintegrate the spirit into the flying sword, it will become difficult. If the flying sword is burned in a latosolic red state, it will burst immediately."
The bad old man sighed lightly, "Alas, not only you, even the senior refiner, dare not say that 100% success in gathering spirits is more due to the cultivation of a kind of spiritual induction through years of refining."
Hear this Sue ink heart movement.
Su Mo has cultivated a spiritual sense through the secret book of the Twelve Lich Kings in the Wild and the experience of life and death.
But can this kind of spiritual awareness gather the spiritual surface?
Su Mo’s mind is active and she is wondering more about this direction.
"You go first. If you have any doubts, you can come to me here at any time." Then the bad old man pointed to the wall and gave Su Mo a wink.
Sue ink heart turned white bad old man.
The bad old man suggested that Su Mo could take the opportunity to watch these jade slips on the wall if he came here to find him.
"Thank you, Master." Su Mo bowed down in a warm heart.
Just out of the refining temple Su Mo saw a man at the door.
Feng haoyu
It seems that he has been waiting for a long time
Su Mo frowned slightly and was about to offer a flying sword to return to the abode of fairies and immortals. Hao Yu slowly turned around and slightly raised his head and stretched out his hand to stop Su Mo.
"What’s up?" Su Mo looked at this person’s nostrils and looked bored in his heart.
Feng Haoyu said simply, "At the end of this year, I will create an ethereal history. The sword refers to the first peak of the three peaks, and the younger brother of China and the Soviet Union should know how to do it."
"I really don’t know." Su Mo shook his head with an expression.
"Are you challenging me?" Feng Haoyu narrowed his eyes and condensed gas. The seven-layer aura slowly released around his body with a cold wind blowing.
Sue ink sneer at a royal sword teng suddenly disappeared from the refining device temple wind haoyu line of sight.
Back to the abode of fairies and immortals, Su Mo sat on the bed and slowly digested the ten jade slips.
It wasn’t long before there was a sudden knock at the door.

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