Every time I see him, Sumi seems to want to eat him. That look is scary.

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So seven nights decided decisively to increase the effect of the medicine and let her beep for several hundred days.
"I am still too kind!"
Seven nights so shook his head feeling.
Is this another meaning, Elysium?
Or is this the real paradise?
Well, this so-called
The important thing is to continue painting.
Leiying office
Four generations of Lei Ying are in a bad mood, very bad.
I’ve been grumpy since I came, and I’m still in such a bad mood. The desks in the office have been smashed for more than a dozen times
Almost every day since Samyi disappeared.
It’s already half a month since Sumi disappeared.
According to the ninja speed base, we can search the whole thunder country.
But I just didn’t find Samyi’s whereabouts.
Whether it’s Yunyin Village or outside Yunyin Village.
But he thinks that Samyi should return to Yunyin Village. After all, his opponent is the painter.
The painter can hide himself so well, and naturally he can hide himself as well as before after catching someone. There is no need to escape.
But the more so, the angrier and angrier he is.
A man swaggered into Yunyin Village.
Forget it, but they still can’t find each other.
I can’t find anyone who can say that my strength is weak, but it happened that one of my own people was kidnapped.
What is this?
This is a slap in the face.
Such a thing also reminded him of the incident that Yunyin Ninja Konoha planned to kidnap Miss Rijiada many years ago.
However, at that time, people were already discovered before they left Konoha.
On the contrary, now that others have kidnapped Konoha, they are not going to leave, but you just can’t find it.
"Are you all losers?"
He often yells at himself like this these days.
One by one, they usually look like "Yunyin Village is the strongest and the most awesome". What about the result now?
One face was swollen.
"The other party has a person but also with a little girl so I can’t find it? All the houses have been searched one by one, so you still can’t find them? "
He was drooling over some dark ninjas.
But the dark ninja can keep his head down and not explain.
At this moment, explanation is the most superfluous thing
Actually, this kind of thing has been done for a long time.
Not only the dark side, but also the ninja in general.
But in addition to disturbing the people, one gain
How on earth did the painter hide in the past? Where is it hidden?
Is it possible that a traitor has hidden people?
Anything is possible
But such things can’t be said, so it’s better to investigate secretly for the time being.
Otherwise, the panic caused by one person will not make people laugh.
But when you think about it, this time they really seem to have been cheated for seven nights.
To be honest, it is not only Yunyin Village that has been pitted by seven nights, but it can be said that all the villages have been pitted by seven nights except Konoha.
The worst village in Wuyin Village has been sunk and the water country has been destroyed.
Withstood three world wars and held up a war, and the result was flattened by a snow country that had no intention of anyone before.
And the driving force behind this is seven nights.
As expected, you should be careful with the enemy of Seven Nights.
But I’m a little looking forward to the day when I push Konoha for seven nights.
Four of the five forbearing villages have been pitted. How can you run with one konoha left?
They hope each other can’t run away.
But now is not the time to say hope.

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