"Tell me about it. Maybe I can do it." What can Qi Tianwei do if he compromises again and again?

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"I always want the whole Qitian Pavilion. Can you give it to me?" Li Chengzhu Shidakou Road
"Bullshit!" As soon as Qi Tianwei scolded the export, he felt wrong. Sure enough, his forehead attracted a few feet and he twisted with a wail.
Li Chengzhu squatted down and sighed. "To be honest, I don’t have any ambitions. I want to bring my family to live safely. I will cultivate immortality if I have time to chat, but I don’t want to be bullied by others. Master Qi Shaoge, you know more. Give me an idea. Someone called my door. You said I was pulling the family, okay? Or let it go? "
Qi Tianwei was depressed. How could he answer such a question? Torre provoked such an enemy. I really don’t know if Qitiange will have any disaster in the future. His strength has hit Qitiange one-on-one and all the senior staff have nothing to say.
Li Chengzhu, just a few feet away, will block Qi Tianwei’s whole body meridians unless someone is stronger than him to solve it. Otherwise, Qi Tianwei will be a cripple in the future, and then kick Qi Tianwei a few feet high like a fish bubble.
Li Da’s boss walked to the front of Qi Tianwei with blood all over his face and looked at him naked. The original congestion lifted the head of the snake and he was already exhausted. He hid his legs like a wounded bird and dared not show up.
Qi Tianwei blinked and looked at the giant in front of him with injustice. Boss Li trembled and asked, "What do you want? I’m angry and out. Should I go? "
Li Chengzhu smiled and took out his xianjian from the ring to put it in front of him and watched it without paying attention.
Qi Tianwei felt that a light flashed through his heart in the dark. This man wouldn’t be so bold, would he?
Boss Li also deliberately floated with a flick of his finger. In this silent night, Qi Tianwei was so scared that he broke into tears. "Eldest brother, please don’t kill me. I’ll go back and let Dad give Qitian Pavilion to you. I want to say that my dad will promise to give Qitian Pavilion to you when I am the owner of Qitian Pavilion. Yes, I will be the owner in a few years."
Li Chengzhu smiled squat body clap JiTianWei face way "bro I this person is very accommodating although sometimes confused but not stupid, you say I will let you go now? And I can’t wait for these years. "
"Eldest brother, what do you want?" Qi Tianwei trembled all over. Reiki can’t get together at all. Now it’s a real day.
"I didn’t think about it. Since I dare to desecrate my wife, I naturally have to be punished, right?" Boss Li smiles with a wink.
Qi Tianwei felt that this man was so horrible that even that fake smile made him feel uneasy.
"I heard that if something is cut off quickly, it won’t bleed and I don’t know if it’s true." Li Chengzhu inched the meteor sword into Qi Tianwei’s body.
"No, don’t ask, please!" Qi Tianwei finally knows what this man is going to do. If you really cut that thing off, you might as well kill him. You’ll get a cold feeling from your body. Qi Tianwei’s heart is dying.
Boss Li has a meteor sword hanging from the corner of his mouth, which is harmful to people and animals. Finally, the big hand shakes and an object flies out from Qi Tianwei, and then a blood blaster is mixed with a foul smell.
"ah!" Qi Tianwei couldn’t help but tremble, and the painful cry echoed through the Woods.
"It’s still not fast enough." Li Chengzhu said regretfully as if his technique was not neat and painful
Qi Tianwei can’t say anything now. She is tight and hugging her body, and she is rolling and crying out from her mouth.
It took a long time for Li Chengzhu to come forward and stretch out his hand to put Qi Tianwei’s hand-held ring back into his pocket, then hold his face and take out a small piece of white jade body lotion from the ring to say, "Listen, this is a white jade body lotion that can be reborn with broken limbs. If you want to regenerate a man’s glory, you will find your thing, and it is possible to regenerate a small JJ. I’m afraid it will be too late."
JiTianWei was a vibration to suppress the physical and mental trauma hurriedly got up and stretched out his hand like a treasure to Li Chengzhu hand that piece of white jade body lotion took over, low head ground looking for what he lost.
Li Chengzhu looked at him and spat bitterly across the flowing blood. This man, no matter how hard he tried, didn’t want to do it again. Of course, he left his life and him.
Qi Tianwei’s eyes have long been blurred by blood, and now his eyesight is even worse than before. He endured the pain inch by inch and groped for a long time and finally found what he lost. Qi Tianwei excitedly rushed to kneel down and looked up at Boss Li piteously.
Li Chengzhu put on a ashamed smile. "Sorry, I didn’t pay attention!" Said the moving steps from the object.
Qi Tianwei took what he once owned with his hands in tears.
Is this dry and flat thing that you used to be a man? What do you think of the bottom two packs? They have become patties. Qi Tianwei couldn’t wait to kill this man.
Li Chengzhu doesn’t want to see Qi Tianwei again. With a wave of his hand, he put him into a separate ring. Whether he can repeat the male glory depends on his nature.
Li Chengzhu shouldered the little thing and hurried to the Acacia camp. If he disappeared for a day, the old people should be alarmed if they don’t appear again.
Twist a head and look at the little thing. This fat body was hiding in her chest just now. Li Chengzhu can finally appreciate the hard work of Xiaoying. No wonder she would rather sit than go out all day. It’s tired to walk with such a big chest.
My original intention here is just to find out the enemy’s actual situation. The illusion taught by the master is not secret. Few people in the immortal world will make it easy to spend the illusion with the apocalypse and then stay in the right way for a long time. It is also very easy to hide their spirit with amethyst bracelets.
But I didn’t expect that there would be another harvest. This Qi Shaoge owner made himself think in a word. Isn’t this cargo obsessed with Xiaoying? Then start with beauty and attract him.
Anyway, master, where did you learn this illusion? Master didn’t write it down in his own jade slips. Then say it wasn’t broken by the ancestors of Magic Sword Sect. Did the master send it himself?
Sometimes I have to ask, this masking method is really great.
Back in the camp, Liu Gong, the three elders rushed over and asked, "Where have you been? Disappeared all day. "
Li Chengzhu looked at the three worried faces and laughed. "Go out and see the situation. Why? How many old people miss me? "
Su Mudan’s face turned red, and the new patriarch still has no generational concept.
Zhou Qingxuan is an acute unbearable anger. "The main thing is not to take people to Qitian Pavilion right now. They are really cruel when they do things."
"What’s the matter? What happened again? " Li Chengzhu questioned.
"It’s no big deal, but those Qitian Pavilion brothers have repeatedly humiliated me by saying that you are an embroidered pillow, but you just want to be nice to Qitian Pavilion." Cheng Liuhong replied that there was also a warm color on his face.
"Let them say it." Li Chengzhu’s old god waved his hand and Qi Dage didn’t come. How can this drama be played?
"And those Qitiange brothers have been digging up my albizzia vein gradually, and the atmosphere is not light." Cheng Liuhong said worriedly, "We can suppress the anger of our brothers, but if other sects get here, my albizzia reputation will plummet. Anyone will know that I am a bully."
"Let them dig" Li Chengzhu hey hey sneer at when the time comes to let you spit it out jointly and severally.
"But the patriarch" Zhou Qingxuan said excitedly, "My younger brother has already been humiliated. You have come here this time but you have not moved your younger brother. You have already doubted the reliability of this news."
"Let them guess."

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