The next day, the people called the county magistrate of Gongba and said, "I didn’t expect the brother of the Tang Dynasty monk to find the Song Dynasty division so soon. What do you have to say about this case?"

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Zhang Wendao: "Your honor, this case has made it very clear that the Zhang brothers and sisters were not killed by a monk of the Tang Dynasty."
Wang Shu cried, "You’re lying. My husband and sister-in-law were killed by four Tang Priests. That’s what that pig said when he was talking to Tang Priests."
Zhang Wen laughed. "Who can testify?" "My daughter can confirm," Wang Shu argued. "When the four of them got to my door, the pig whispered to Tang Priest and was heard by my daughter."
Zhang Wen nodded and whispered to the Tang Priest and said to the county magistrate, "My Lord, I don’t know if your ears are strong?"
The county magistrate said, "The official has a good ear." "Did you hear what I whispered to Tang Priest just now?" "How can I listen to what you just said so little?"
Mr. Zhang laughed. "It turns out that what Zhang said is false. The Zhang brothers and sisters are missing. The four Tang Priests also asked adults to decide."
The county magistrate nodded and said, "Zhang, what else do you have to say?"
Wang Shu said in despair, "My husband didn’t return to her sister-in-law for a punting night, but now God won’t give us a way out. What’s the point of me living? I might as well go with them." Then I’m going to hit the wall.
Beibei grabbed Wang Shu and said, "What shall I do if you leave?"
Wang Shu turned to hold Beibei and cried bitterly. The Tang Priest was so soft-hearted that she read, "The benefactor of South Amitabha Buddha was a poor monk. Since the teaching party made a mistake, the poor monk can’t help but admit that the Zhang brothers and sisters were killed by my apprentice. Please don’t wronged the good people and misjudged the case."
Zhang Wendao: "There’s one more thing I don’t need to ask a monk in Datang."
The Tang Priest said, "The benefactor of the Song Dynasty was kind and the poor monk appreciated it, but the monk didn’t talk nonsense. What’s worse, the case is that we were wrong before the benefactor of the Song Dynasty didn’t have to worry about it."
Zhang Wendao: "The monk heard that you are a man of great wisdom, and I have a little question to ask you to see if you know it."
Tang Priest said, "Song benefactor, please tell me that I am a poor monk."
Zhang Wendao: "Some people in the market sell four crows. One crow can speak human language and sell twelve taels of silver. One crow can not only speak human language but also learn animal barks and sell twenty taels of silver. The third crow can not only speak human language and learn animal barks, but also sing in various languages. The fourth crow is almost out of hair, but the seller has to sell sixty taels of silver. This crow can’t speak human language or learn animal speech like other ordinary crows. What is this?"
Tang Priest’s eyebrows are tight after listening, but he can’t figure it out.
The first chapter is the first robbery of learning from the scriptures
It is said that the demon king took the Tang Priest and the Taibai Venus and went straight to the Double Fork Ridge for a moment until the mountain entered a cave. A group of small demons quickly went to visit the king and the demon king and said, "I have taken a Tang monk and a fairy today. You have a mouth."
A little demon asked, "Your Majesty, what is the difference between a monk in the Tang Dynasty and a monk in the Mountain? Only this immortal is rare. Is it because your majesty said that we can share this immortal?"
The demon king laughed. "You are tired of not knowing the goods. It’s not good to eat the fairy meat, but it’s good for the monk Tang to eat the meat."
The little demon asked, "What’s the good of this monk’s meat? Still hope that the king will give you some advice? "
The demon king laughed. "This Tang Priest is the reincarnation of Jin Chan X, a disciple of the Buddhist Tathagata. He is a great good man in his tenth life, and he has a previous life. If he melts into this flesh, he can live forever. If he takes a bite of his meat, he can increase his mana. Although this fairy meat is delicious, he can’t live forever and can’t increase his mana."
Hearing this, the little devils laughed. "You can live forever with a bite of this Tang monk’s meat. Since you eat meat and don’t leave any soup for your children, you might as well live forever with your king."
The demon king laughed. "Let’s quickly build a pot and add fire to wash the Tang monk and prepare for steaming."
A little demon said, "Since your majesty’s immortal steamed it with you, it’s better to give it to the children for a taste."
The demon king said, "Good boys washed the immortal together and prepared to steam."
The Tang Priest and Taibai Venus were arrested, and the Heaven and Lingshan knew about it for a long time. However, the demon king’s influence is all over the sky. Now the westward journey and the Tiantai Lingshan are not allowed to intervene at will, and the arrest of Taibai Venus just gives the Heaven an excuse. The Jade Emperor sent Li Jing to lead the heavenly soldiers and generals to rescue Taibai Venus.
Then Li Jing led his troops to the Double Fork Ridge Ling and shouted, "Pi, that Uber will hand over Taibai Venus and Tang Priest as soon as possible, and you will still be spared, otherwise you will be beheaded in Sendai."
The demon king took a group of small demons to look at the sky at the ridge and said, "Excavate, don’t bully me either. I want you to be better than me. I should return them, otherwise you will wait for me to steam them."
Li Jing said, "The four heavenly kings go to get this demon quickly." The four heavenly kings listened to the decree and sent the clouds to kill the demon king.
When the demon king saw the arrival of the four heavenly kings, he took out an object, but it was a blessing. It was a blessing. The demon king threw it away and immediately turned it into a clear light and rushed to the four heavenly kings. Molihong hurriedly tried to collect the clear light, but the root of the clear light was too fast to collect it.
Clear light and avoid mixing Yuan umbrella, a long rope is wound like the magic ceremony of the four kings, and the green sword is cut towards this long rope, but it is seen that this long rope is softer than the root cutting, and four people still can’t come out. It reflects that the long rope shrinks rapidly for a moment, and then the four kings are tied up, and the four kings are arrested with their own small demons, and then the four gods are tied up by Fu Yin.
The demon king caught the four heavenly kings and laughed, "Li Jing, did you send these four talented people to heaven?"
Excavate said angrily, "Why are the four spirits and immortals here?"
The Four Spirit Immortals immediately went forward and said, "I’m here," and Li Jing said, "The Four Spirit Immortals will hurry to collect this demon."
At the command of Li Jing, the Four Spirit Immortals sent the cloud-headed demon king to see the Four Spirit Immortals and sighed, "Four brothers and younger brothers set up a disaster here today, but it is difficult for four younger brothers to make amends here."
Long Lingxian said, "Brother, we are just going through the motions this time. Brother, we should do whatever we want."
The demon king surrendered and said, "We have sinned." The demon king said, "Throw away the wishful thinking in your hand, turn it into a clear air and stand in the middle, then turn it into a Yin-Yang Tai Chi pattern, and then turn it into a four-way clear light and rush to the four immortals. The four immortals hold a bead in their hand and blow a breath at the bead at the same time. The four beads immediately turn into four clear lights and go to the middle, and the four spirits are inseparable. It seems that the four spirits are not as flexible as the four clear lights and are always passive.
Excavate is so white that this four-spirit fairy is not the devil’s opponent secretly holding an exquisite pagoda to prepare for an attack. When the four spirits and the four pure spirits are on intimate terms, everyone is attracted by this struggle. Other Excavate suddenly throws the pagoda in his hand at the devil to hit the exquisite pagoda, and it takes a long time to turn the pagoda into a 133-story pagoda and quickly hit it at the devil.
Before the pagoda hit the demon king, I saw a flash of clear light in the demon king’s hand, and then the pagoda disappeared in the middle. Li Jing exclaimed, "Give me back my magic weapon."
Excavate a scream woke up all the people to see that the four spirits in the middle school suddenly moaned, and then they were scattered by four clear lights to restore the four orbs going round and round and flew back to the hands of the four spirit immortals. After the four clear lights scattered the four spirits, they rushed directly to the four spirit immortals and tied the four spirit immortals with four blue long ropes.
The demon king laughed. "Excavate, you secretly attacked me, but now you lost your baby, but you deserve it. It’s also a memory gain for you. Don’t sneak up behind me again."
Excavate saw that the four immortals were arrested and immediately sent a 24-hour star king to remove the demon. This 24-hour star king is also a deity. Naturally, Penglai people need to pay more attention to the devil after seeing him. It is necessary to pretend to go through the scene, that is, 24 people will not be trapped in the array after landing.
When the 24-day large array comes out, the 24 solar terms can be said to contain three talents and five qi for the 24-square geography. When the large array comes out, the mountain immediately becomes foggy, and the heavens can’t see what’s going on inside through the magic mirror, and naturally they can’t see clearly. Because of the appearance of this large array, people can’t see the change of the situation, so they can’t just go out and wait.
Twenty-four people of the array magic dynasty bowed their hands and said, "Your brothers and younger brothers have sinned, but now it is wrong for me to set up a robbery to involve you."
The first of the twenty-four people said, "My younger brother needs to pay more attention. We have been instructed by our teachers to go through the motions. It’s just that our list is sent by heaven and we can’t leave the law to serve our teachers and ancestors."
The demon king said, "You brothers need to worry about the safety of teachers and ancestors, and you need to be patient for a while. After a robbery, you will have a free day."
"I knew about it at the beginning, but I couldn’t stay in my master’s school. Now my master has plans, so we can calculate that it’s almost time to make moves when I am very happy with my younger brother."
The demon king bowed down and said, "We have sinned." Then he reached out and made a long rope to tie the 24-member department, and the large array immediately dissipated. The immortals saw that the demon king had taken 24 people and was about to take them back to the abode of fairies and immortals.
The Jade Emperor in the Heaven said, "Your family knows that this devil’s hand is nothing, but he can defeat our Heaven for three times in a row."
Tailaojun stepped out and said, "Report to the Jade Emperor that things in the devil’s hands look like wishes and can change at will, so he can take people and things better. I think this thing must be innate. If you want to subdue this demon, you need the three lords of the nebula."
The Jade Emperor said, "Call the three kings of the nebula quickly."
For a moment, the three gentlemen of Xingyun went to the Yunxiao Hall to pay homage to the Jade Emperor. These three men not only shined brilliantly when sealing the gods, but also were the Jade Emperor. "Now there is a demon king in the world, and I have been defeated in troubled times. It is not wrong for God to punish you three times."
After the third gentleman received the order, the heaven came to the fork ridge. Excavate saw that the demon king had defeated himself three times in a row, but he could wait for the arrival of heaven reinforcements and then prepare for the crusade. So the soldiers of both sides would oppose each other, and the demon king in the fork ridge set up a banquet to celebrate his brothers’ ropes. As early as when he entered the abode of fairies and immortals, he had already realized that all of them were enjoying themselves and drinking freely.
After three rounds of wine, the dragon spirit fairy said, "Brother, it’s only just now that you set up this robbery to stop the Buddhist monk from going west. Although it’s a legacy, it’s too urgent."
The demon king said, "Brother, I have nothing to do with this matter, but my master has made it difficult to learn from the scriptures. It’s indispensable to rob the west end. I can’t be too casual. I have to come here to stop the disciples and let this first robbery shock them."
Long Lingxian said, "It’s a long time ago that my master arranged this matter. It’s a long time ago that you defeated Heaven three times in a row today to crusade against the God. The Buddhist monk hasn’t protected the law yet, but this robbery won’t be delayed for long. Maybe Heaven has already sent reinforcements to this time. I don’t know who it is."
At 20 o’clock, one of the stars said, "Brother is too worried. Anyway, it’s also the same door. At that time, it’s a pass. I’m supposed to wait for all the other disciples to have a big meeting in this fork ridge and get together well."
The second chapter drag you in January
Fengling Xiandao said, "Although what my younger brother said is true, the western Buddhist will not promise to let us make a scene. Otherwise, how can the Buddhist have the confidence to continue to go west to learn Buddhist scriptures? It is hard to say that this Buddhist will come here."
Longling Xiandao said, "Yes, the Western Buddhism has been calculating the Buddhist scriptures for many years. Now it’s just now that we’re giving the Buddhist scriptures a horse’s power. I’m afraid that the Buddhist disciples will not agree to it. If they are defeated again, they’re afraid that the Buddhist disciples will definitely take part in it."
The demon king laughed, "Brother, this is not better. The teacher said that I should wait for a long time to delay the steps of the Buddhist. I am here to stop the Buddhist from completing the confession in ten days and a half months. If I provoke the Buddhist, I will go out to play. They are the Buddhist, and many of our classmates can’t say that this matter can continue."
Long Lingxian said, "Teacher younger brother, you are a Buddhist who didn’t enter the school at the end of the learning period. Although we have our classmates, it’s a pity that they are not Penglai people long ago. If they come here, they will probably not help the teacher younger brother, but they will be hard to blame him."
The demon king didn’t understand, "My brother didn’t repair enough to stay in Penglai in those days, and I didn’t get into the disaster. I don’t want my brother to say anything about it."
They sighed in succession and raised their glasses to drink a mouthful of Menjiu, but the Lord was puzzled and continued to ask, "What is this, brothers?" Is it true that there was still a secret in that big robbery? We are all fellow disciples, and we can’t tell the truth? "
Long Lingxian sighed, "Brother, it’s not that I can’t say it, but that I dare not say it."

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