To tell the truth, the strong in the heavens have been somewhat deceived, and I have never heard anyone say that I have proved a law, but I can abandon it and re-understand other laws.

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It’s like a rabbit eating vegetarian food and suddenly eating meat one day. Do you think the world view will be overturned?
The enlightenment instantly blasted the five quasi-strong, then stopped moving a pair of eyes and looked at Ling Yutong. "That demon quickly returned to my master, an old man, to spare your life, or today will be your death."
"Hum monkey, if you dare to step in the previous step again, I will directly chew your master." The spiritual jade boy grabbed the seven-star sword and trapped the fairy rope, dragging Jade Duxiu to the front and asked for a mouth.
"Stop!" Realizing that Master Nai is in the hands of others, he can’t resist others even if he has a thorough job. "What do you think?"
The jade boy looked at the jade show in his hand and showed hesitation. He was thinking about it, but he saw a streamer hanging down in the triple sky and instantly appeared in the field.
"Lord?" The boy was surprised when he looked at the hanging people.
After shouting, the child replied calmly, "Isn’t it you? Although my householder looks similar, it’s not my householder."
"Bitter comes"
Too old gentleman gently sighed and stretched out his palm only to see that the seven-star sword instantly flew out and fell into his hand. The trapped fairy rope also automatically fell into the old gentleman’s waist and tied the child up, only to see that the child instantly returned to its original shape.
"Seeing the old gentleman" realized that it was embarrassing to see the old gentleman, but his face was scratched with a trace of lux. When he ate the Dan medicine, he was found.
Chapter 157 Try God’s will hay cutter
The clever jade boy was trapped by the fairy rope, but he couldn’t speak. The old gentleman said with a smile, "This sword is a treasure bred in my blast furnace. It is most convenient to subdue the demon and subdue the demon on weekdays. This trapped fairy rope is my belt, but I never thought that it was stolen by this boy, but it caused trouble to the Great Sage. Please ask the Great Sage to spare this boy a lot."
Wu Wen said wryly, "If you go, you will go. It is natural for me to give you a face."
"Thank you, Great Sage". The old gentleman dragged the child away and went to the third heaven.
"Old gentleman, walk slowly and walk slowly to let us out from the bottom of this mountain?" When the two quasi-demon gods who were suppressed in that mountain saw the old gentleman go away, they were so anxious that they wanted to escape on their own, so which generation could see the light of day?
But I didn’t see the old gentleman turn around. Only the old gentleman’s voice came slowly. "This matter was handed over to the Great Sage, who is naturally familiar with moving mountains and filling seas."
That Wu turned blue after hearing this sentence. It was a slap in the face. It was suppressed in Wuxing Mountain for 500 years. For Wu Wu, although it suppressed apes, his face was disgraceful.
"Master, let’s go." Before enlightenment, Yu Duxiu was held.
Jade Duxiu nodded to the enlightenment, "This westbound road group is dancing wildly, and there are two demons in this stone crack. If they die, they will have to come out and harm people."
"The master said that he would settle the lives of these two animals for me." Wu chuckled and swung the stick.
"Grandpa Great Sage, don’t beat me. Although he is a monster, he has not harmed the holy monk. Please be merciful and spare my life."
"Holy monk, you don’t want to kill my brother at random, but you really haven’t done anything evil." The other monster cried sadly
Although the pre-enlightenment has magical power, it may not harm the two quasi-demon gods, but now it is different. This enlightenment understands all the laws of force, but it is difficult to predict and bifurcation will occur.
"Master, I’ll tell you to suppress this evil stone crack. Let’s go on." Wu didn’t want to meddle.
"All right, that’s the way." Jade Duxiu nodded.
Soon after the four disciples left, they saw the snake demon who came here with a tauren monster. "You are a monster beast. I will break the seal in this mountain quickly."
Niu Yao shook his head. "This stone blessed the Big Dipper Force, which is the most difficult thing. Don’t say that even if I changed a quasi-strong person, it will be difficult to break unless the strong person personally makes moves."
With that, I saw the ox demon pitying at the two quasi-demon gods and driving the cloud away instantly.
"Damn it, it’s really hateful."
The two quasi-demons kept hammering the earth, but they didn’t see the mountains shaking at all
Far away, I followed the mentoring four people, and the cow essence met the westbound five-person group, and the sand monk joined the army. His eyes went round and round. "Trouble, trouble, Tang Priest didn’t take it away, but he built Lingyu. I don’t know if that fellow of Tailaojun will follow suit and Lingyu Lingyu is in danger."
At this time, the ox demon touched the horn and said, "I heard that the old gentleman was a ray of essence mixed with thirty-three heavenly sources and came out as part of my master, but I don’t know the truth."
Speaking of which, I saw Niu Jing saying, "There should be no problem, but I don’t know if I should follow the original plan."
It’s a piece of cake to swallow yourself alive if you are found out that there are too many passers-by staring at the westbound road.
"I have no choice but to save the savior." The cow thought carefully and grabbed the waist gourd with a turn of her eyes. "First, take the monkey demon and then forcibly take the Lord away."
I was thinking about it, but I saw that there was a faint rotation of a black lotus in front of the ox essence.
I was very excited when I saw Jade Duxiu Niujing.
At this time, Jade Duxiu was dressed in a black robe with his hands on his back, as if the valley were unfathomable.
"Journey to the West is out of control. You have been stared at by the strong people and sent to the third heaven to take refuge in the old gentleman. You have been dismembered and eaten alive." Talking, Jade Duxiu’s eyes looked at the empty head, and his fingers were twisted in a black conjoined black robe. A door appeared with a strong innate aura.
Looking at the landing heaven and earth reiki green cow looking at jade Duxiu awkward.
"No matter who I am, my present plan is about to be completed, and it won’t be long before I can reappear in the world. You can keep yourself alive and listen to my arrangement in the future."
If you haven’t finished, you will see that Heaven and Earth Gankun broke a palm and caught it in nine days to cover the sun, and all of them were instantly solidified.
Yu Duxiu in the black robe smiled coldly. "Although I haven’t finished refining the forty-nine Xuan Huang Qi now, it’s not as soft as before. I’ll try you first today."
Talking, I saw a delicate finger sticking out from the black robe of Jade Duxiu. The first god ray in this finger flashed, which seemed like an ordinary first god ray, but after falling into those palms, it was shocking that the heavens and the earth rolled up a burst of indecision.
"God’s will? Is this a natural punishment? "
SIRS the strong qi qi exclaimed.
"Don’t go" Jade Duxiu looked at the green cow.
Green cow smell speech jumped into the door without hesitation. Jade Duxiu smiled gently and looked at it in a black robe. Once again, the palm was as white as jade, and if the hand was delicate, it would stretch out from the sleeve.
Although this palm is exquisite and perfect, it is not terrible, but the golden objects in the palm make the strong people move a bit.
"Punishment of hay cutter"
The heavens and the earth came to exclaim that the strong wanted to take back their palms, but it was too late. Now that you have decided to try your hand, you can’t give up halfway and secretly leave a cause for success.
The golden blood splashed by all living beings, but the blood was instantly absorbed when it fell to the ground, and several plants and trees were instantly formed.
A roar shook the heavens and the earth, and the strong wanted to do it again. The black robe turned into a black lotus and disappeared in vain.
"Damn" Tai Dou’s godfather looked at the bloody skin and lost a layer of skin. In the palm of his hand, he was so angry that the fox didn’t catch it but got a suit of SAO.
In the wilderness, the Wolf God looked at his bare hands and grabbed all the hair. hay cutter shaved off his eyes and revealed a surprise. "This person can mobilize some punishment. If it is not for the dry days, he will still sit in the Lingxiao Hall. This person is deliberately waiting for us."
The East China Sea East China Sea Dragon King’s face was pensive for a while before saying, "This is not the real punishment. If hay cutter is the real punishment, hay cutter, do we have the honor to manage that the palm of our hand is just missing a layer of skin at this time? Although there is a part of the punishment, hay cutter’s power, but the real punishment, hay cutter’s power, is far from it."

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