In the past, the state of Jin secretly poked and poked to show disdain for the Southern Song Dynasty, and never threatened the Southern Song Dynasty so violently.

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In the past, although there was no Li in the Southern Song Dynasty, there was still less face.
But this time there are no noodles in it.
Yan hong Liang Wei is too much
Except for a few ministers who kept silent, most of them expressed their anger and dissatisfaction and scolded the gold master Yan Hongliang
They strongly urged Zhao Gou to refute the country and send it back intact to show Dasong’s attitude towards Xu Jin.
How dare you threaten DaSong when you are in danger?
Is it true that DaSong raised 400,000 soldiers for nothing?
There are Qidan rebels in the north and Han rebels in the south. It will be interesting to see if you are brilliant. I dare not push Dasong to the opposite again!
At this great opportunity, the radical northern expedition forces took this opportunity to loudly demand that the court send troops to the northern expedition to recapture Kaifeng and give Xu Jin some color to see.
At this time, several students, ordinary officials and junior officials strongly advocated to the court that the court should take a tough stance on Xu Jin Guo.
The official land tour deleted by the imperial edict is the most radical
It is a great shame for him to shout loudly that the Song Dynasty was a vassal of the State of Jin. Nowadays, the State of Jin is constantly worried about foreign invasion, and heroes from the Central Plains flock to rebel against the State of Jin. It is time for the Song Dynasty to explore the Central Plains in the north and regain its old capital and national dignity. Is it more appropriate not to explore the North at this time?
Lu You’s literary talent has spread widely among people who read articles and among low-level officials, and has gained great influence.
Inspired by Lu You’s articles, a large group of literati launched a powerful public opinion offensive against Jin Guo, which made them too timid to obey Yan Hongliang’s forces and dared not look up.
It can be confirmed that no matter how dictatorial the government is, it will be influenced by public opinion, even if the influence is minimal.
At ordinary times, DaSong monarch and his ministers come to discuss politics and don’t tell outsiders, but this kind of international dispute can’t be concealed, so DaSong monarch and his ministers can’t decide it alone.
Under great pressure from the imperial court and the people, Tang Si-tui and others were too slow to express their attitude. Zhao Gou wavered from side to side and didn’t know what to do.
The Northern Expedition is definitely not possible for Zhao Gou to directly rule out this option. If Xu Jin doesn’t hit him, he will be grateful. How can he take the initiative to find fault?
But if you can’t make a little response and conform to the trend of being tough in the wild, he is afraid that the emperor will become a target.
one cannot afford to incur public wrath
In the face of public anger, Zhao Gou is also a little guilty
So he once again called the etiquette to make a final agreement on this matter.
The difficulty of the problem is that not sending troops will give Yan Hongliang an excuse to invade the south. If the Guangfu army can carry this wave of attack, then the Southern Song Dynasty is of course the safest to send troops. It doesn’t matter whether it is.
However, if the Guangfu army is a pool of mud and is pushed down by Yan Yanliang, then the Southern Song Dynasty will be very dangerous because Yan Yanliang and his "million-strong army" can threaten the Jianghuai defense line in the Southern Song Dynasty
The key to the problem is whether the Guangfu army is hard enough.
I heard that the Guangfu Army defeated the nomads repeatedly, and the bosses gave a good evaluation of the Guangfu Army. As a result, two leaders were changed in a row, and this evaluation turned sharply.
The elites in the Southern Song Dynasty all thought that there was a big problem in the Guangfu Army, even if the root could not carry the attack of the Jin State, it was likely to be taken away by a wave and then the horse was drunk in the Huaihe River …
But Chen Kangbo doesn’t care.
"No matter whether the Guangfu Army is Ukrainian Union, this country is extremely polite! My dasong’s submission to Xu Jin Guo for more than ten years has damaged the country’s dignity. Why should I be insulted and despised by Xu Jin Guo at this point? If you are humiliated, please treat me for death! "
Chen Kangbo paid a deep tribute to Zhao Gou and expressed his unyielding attitude to further pressure Zhao Gou.
Zhao Gou was very resistant, so he looked at Tang Si and expected Tang Si to say something.
But the current situation, Tang Si-tui, is really afraid to say those usual remarks.
At ordinary times, it’s just that. Now, to say that again is to hit the gun of the hawk and die for yourself.
He’s really afraid that he will be arranged by Chen Kangbo after going out from here, and his name will stink from now on. Then everyone outside can drown him with a spit.
He can’t judge the people completely, which still means something to him.
So Tang Si retreated and made a statement again and again.
"It’s too much and too humiliating for me, Lord Jin. If we really send troops to help, I’m afraid it will cause great controversy. It’s absolutely impossible for me to send troops."
Tang Si-tui opposed Zhao Gou, so he died completely and sent troops to help him in exchange for an idea of security.
But he still needs a sense of security, and he needs a strong sense of security, otherwise he will be in great pain.
"If you don’t send troops and get caught by the gold master, the Guangfu Army will collapse again. Isn’t it a national danger for Dasong to drink horses and Huaihe River?"
Chen Kangbo immediately retorted.
"Even if the Central Plains is peaceful, he can’t gather millions of military forces, not to mention the fact that there are Qidan rebels in Liaodong and Han Chinese rebels in Shandong and Hebei, and the gold roots can’t mobilize the country’s troops. There are 300,000 people who are dead.
In the war, the loss and division of troops to suppress thieves, appease the town, restore order, etc. will eventually come to invade Dasong. The troops can exceed 100,000, even if it is other things, he has at most 100,000 military forces, but Dasong has 400,000 troops!
400,000 soldiers are raised by the imperial court. What is it that the imperial court spends money to raise soldiers? Isn’t this the time? Now, the main force of the imperial army is still in the northern expedition, but you are not afraid of worse defense? What are your fears? "
Zhao Gou said it was easy for you to talk, but it was me who was chased to the sea, not you. How can you understand my pain and psychological shadow?
So Zhao Gou’s radical remarks about Chen Kangbo went in one ear and out the other, and he asked other officials. Finally, everyone summarized a compromise plan
Don’t promise, don’t refuse, don’t say anything, just drag with you
But one thing is certain, that is, you must never send troops to help the 8 Jin Army, which will be violently rebounded by the people because of the turmoil.
However, once the Guangfu army is destroyed, the Southern Song Dynasty will face the threat of Xu Guo, and at that time, the Southern Song Dynasty must have the strength to protect itself.
So Zhao Gou made the Privy Council take charge of armament reorganization, inspection and preparation for war.
Make officials and garrison troops in Jianghuai area psychologically prepared to prepare for war in case of Jin Guonan.
Civil servants and military commanders should be prepared to be questioned if they lose their territory.
After more than ten years of peace, the Southern Song Dynasty finally paid attention to military issues again.
At the same time, Zhao Gou asked the Privy Council to keep paying attention to the situation in the north, so as to accurately judge whether Xu Jin could drink horses, Huaihe River and Southern Song Dynasty, and whether it was necessary to have a long-lost battle.
But this is all superficial. According to Zhao Gou, it is necessary to make some speculation

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