Although they know that they have just made great contributions, they all say that the emperor’s heart is unpredictable. Who knows that Li Chongjiu’s heart will be more humble if he wants to hang his head in Yu Shinan and Ou Yangxun?

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Li Chongjiu smiled and laughed. "Yu Aiqing said that Wang Bo came to drop me without fighting, and Qi County made a great contribution. You used to be the assistant minister of Huangmen, and now I will transfer you to the assistant minister of the province."
"Pursuit" Yu Shinan was pleasantly surprised. Assistant Minister Huang Men was employed in the door province. As we all know, Li Chong-jiu took over the door province and abolished it like Yang Guang. For example, it was just sealed to Xue Deyin’s office. It also belonged to the door province. The theory of giving things to the door province was reviewed and refuted. The imperial edict was big, but now there is no assistant in the door province. Who will support them?
It is far less important for the same five officials to give things to the people in the province. You should know that Zhao Guozhong’s promotion in the province is the easiest to move into the province, and if it is further, it will be placed outside the local chief.
Zhao, this is already two county chiefs who have taken the post of Scheeren. Zhao Xin speed skater is one of them. Although the position is not high, it is the easiest to appear in front of the emperor.
However, some people think that the assistant minister is the adjutant of the province, and now Zhao has three assistant ministers. Isn’t this going to add a fourth one?
Yu Shinan couldn’t stop Ou Yangxun from weeping and whispered, "Why don’t you kneel down and thank him?"
Yu Shinan knelt down with his legs bent, but by this time someone in the temple was whispering, "This Yu Shinan is just a courtier with poor character. How can a villain like Yu Wenhua be an assistant minister in the middle when the emperor of Wu did not say anything and bowed his face?"
"Xu Xiong, don’t be angry. If you can also say that the two counties will come to you, they will also give you assistant ministers."
"Are you kidding me?"
Yu Shinan heard people whispering behind him and felt guilty when he said, "I don’t deserve this."
Li Chongjiu said, "When I say I love you, I will do it."
Said Li Chongjiu to help Yu Shinan.
"Ouyang Aiqing"
"I" Ou Yangxun hurriedly bowed his head.
Li Chongjiu said, "This time, you have made meritorious service as an official in Liang Guo, and it is also meritorious service to draw a willow to our army once. I have made meritorious service, so I will reward you as an assistant minister."
"There will be Liu Diao Liu Aiqing, and I will seal you with Cheng Zhengsi in the suggestion."
Ou Yangxun Liu Diao two people together to thank.
All this just Bai Li Chongjiu promotion this time is to compensate for the failure to knighthood when he ascended the throne. After all, such as Wang Bo, Meng Haigong, Yang Chang, Dou Jiande and others, although they sealed the county king, they did not grant a real role, and this generation without a real hand will be the end.
Although the county king went further, the prince still rose, but everyone knows that the prince will not be sealed to outsiders except Li Chongjiu. Wang Bo Meng Haigong is a little better and has few soldiers, but Yang Chang and Dou Jiande, to put it bluntly, have food and clothing for their generations and grandchildren, but don’t even think about it if you want to touch them.
And this time, Li Chongjiu added the official system to make up for the regret that they couldn’t get the title. They all really want to do a good job in the future, and they are not afraid of not giving you the title. Everyone thinks of it here and they are determined.
If this sealed official position is just the beginning of receiving it, Xue Wanshu, who surrendered to Meng Hai’s public service, was kept by Li Chongjiu in Luoyang Prefecture from Zhengsanzhong Assistant Minister from Erluoyang Prefecture Chief Xue Wanshu in Luoyang Prefecture, and then kept three people.
And Dan Xiongxin was appointed as the general of Houwei from Wu Zhi, second only to Xu Shiji and others, and Houwei was the name of the sixteen generals. Obviously, Li Chongjiu was interested in pulling out the fifth general of Dan Xiongxin, Dan Xiongxin was Li Chongjiu’s great friend. This time, he won Luoyang and made great contributions. When Shi Mi Wang Shichong was effective, he made great achievements. Therefore, Dan Xiongxin was appointed as the general of Houwei, and all the people had no objection.
In addition, Wang Jun generals such as Tuoba Ye Guo Shancai Guo Shiheng Wang Deren are also a captain.
Hou Weijun, Dan Xiongxin, directly under the 500 cavalry master, reorganized more than 2,000 people in Wang Shichong Jianghuai Army headquarters. Li Chongjiu was worried that Hou Weijun’s combat power was insufficient, and he transferred 1,000 troops from Xu Shijitun’s Wei Jun Wang Mahanyi’s Wei Jun, as well as begging for the skills of 3,000 Xi cavalry, all of which were incorporated into the enriched army.
Begging for Ah Shu is a natural thing. Hou Weijun, Hubenlang, will become the second general of the Zhao army after Wu Gu Nai, a great general.
In this way, Hou Weijun has thousands of troops, all of whom are experienced soldiers. Li Chongjiu also agreed that Dan Xiongxin would raise another 7,000 troops in a year or two to raise 15,000 troops to reach the general quota of his four major government troops.
At present, Dan Xiongxin Hou Weijun, the five major government troops of Zhao, is guarding Luoyang Wei Chi Gong Xiao Weijun, Taiyuan Xu Shijitun Weijun, Wuyang County, Xue Wanche Wuweijun, Wang Ma Hantian, and the pro-army Yi Weijun is stationed in Youjing Zhao Junfu, with nearly a million soldiers.
In addition, there are about 100,000 soldiers stationed in local counties and townships, Meng Haigong, Wang Bo, and more than 30,000 troops. Zhao Jun’s navy division Li Chongjiu has more than 200,000 troops.
Zhao Jingdu, after all, you are not staying in Luoyang. This time, Li Chongjiu appointed Xue Wanshu and Dan Xiongxin to guard Luoyang. In addition, Li Chongjiu also made Luo Shixin lead the army to guard Tiger Prison Tanzong and Xuanyuan Su Dingfang to guard Heyang and lock several large passages around Luoyang.
Qi County, Jiyin County to the east of Luoyang, and Wang Bo, Meng Haigong and Li Chongjiu also made Xu Shiji meet the South Third Road Army of the Guards to put pressure on Xu Yuanlang in Yanzhou.
Chapter six hundred and nineteen To the king not to the county king
Yanzhou is now gathering dragons and tigers.
June 12, the first year of innovation
Xu Shiji led a 10,000-strong garrison to Baima Ferry and landed at Yanzhou.
When Xu Shiji’s army had just landed at Baimadu, Wang Bo and Meng Haigong had already got Li Chongjiu’s order to send 10,000 troops from Jiyin County, East County to South Yanzhou.
Wang Bo, Meng Haigong have just sealed the county king, and now they are full of ambitions. When the ministers see that the masters have been well treated, they know that Li Chongjiu is a meritorious person, and they are all eager to make contributions. They have been urging Wang Meng to send troops to try to destroy Xu Yuanlang before the arrival of Xu Shijie’s main government army.
However, Wang Bo and Meng Haigong are still quite afraid of Xu Yuanlang, who is ruthless and powerful. Although both sides of Wang Meng’s eyes are allied forces, they don’t have much chance of winning against Xu Yuanlang, but they can’t help but urge Li Chongjiu to send another imperial edict when they lead the army as Yanzhou.
It is said that the training equipment of both Wang Meng and Ma Lai is very poor, even the soldiers in the township and county of Zhao Jun are quite inferior, but this time, after surrendering to Li Chongjiu, they pulled up the banner of Zhao Zi and became active.
Even they have always been afraid of prosthodontic’s attack this time, and the two armies of Wang Meng have also become active, marching rapidly and immediately cutting off the counties around Yanzhou could.
Besides, Yanzhou city
Xu Yuanlang is sitting in a tiger chair with his eyes closed in the governor’s office. People talk about a sentence that has not entered his ears. Xu Yuanlang Xu Yichou has just been to Luoyang to attend the ceremony of Li Chongjiu’s accession to the throne. His heel has just left Luoyang, and Li Chongjiu’s army has come to attack Yanzhou.
Xu Yi-chou was very angry that Li Chong-jiu was so unreasonable. His father sent himself to congratulate Li Chong-jiu, who had expressed that he had no intention of opposing Da Zhao. He asked for a partial couple, but Li Chong-jiu was so unkind that he sent troops to attack Yanzhou.
When Xu Yichou complained to Xu Yuanlang, Xu Yuanlang said, "I think it’s too simple to worry about your father. How can others sleep beside the bed? Li Chongjiu is not Shi Biao."
Xu Yichou heard Xu Yuanlang’s words and knew that Meng Haigong, Wang Bo and Xu Yuanlang had all defected to Shi Mi Hui, but after Shi Mi’s defeat, the three of them immediately defected, and Li Chongjiu didn’t mean Shi Mi, that is, he would never allow people to have such semi-independent forces.
"Let’s taste Meng Haigong and Wang Boliu’s eyes, but the eyes are all daring. It’s not Li Chongjiu who supports him, or I, Lao Du, will be the first to operate on them."
"It was Zhao who lent them courage. The two of them were originally nothing but a serial number. When the number of Zhao’s flag changed, they dared to despise Shandong’s heroes and didn’t want to think about what they were."
"Yes, if the main force of Zhao Junfu army comes, we still have nothing to say, but these two people hum not that I despise their idea of coming to Yanzhou."
Xu Yuanlang opened his eyes at this time, saying, "What’s the king’s thin Meng Haigong now? He’s gone to a good club and he’s barking at us. Just now, you said that I, Xu Yuanlang, don’t care about these two dogs, but behind him, Zhao Junfu’s elite soldiers are like fighting against Hum, Li and Jiupai, the number one general in his hand. It’s really highly of Xu Ji to come in person."
Speaking of Xu Shiji, people are all cold-faced. This person fought all the way from Youjing to the Yellow River. If Wang Mahan, a general of the Zhao army, silently heard that Weichi Gong had been fighting in Hedong and Li Tang, and Xue Wanche became famous beyond the Great Wall, only Xu Shiji was famous for calling all the way to the Central Plains.
Therefore, the person’s name, General Xu Yuanlang’s face is not natural.
"What else can the manager do? I can’t believe this. Zhao Junfu’s soldiers are really that strong. Isn’t Xu Shiji destroyed Dou Jiande Liu Heita Yu Culture? Nothing. Yanzhou is a hard walnut. If they dare to come, we can knock his teeth. "
Is it not out of Dou Jiande Liu Heita Yu culture people are shaking their heads? This is as if they were natural enemies. Everyone knows these words, but the strong self-support scene doesn’t count.
"Li Tang Liu Lan, the main eye, and others all told us that if we drop Li Tang, they can send reinforcements to help us resist Zhao." A general said.
"So we say that Yanzhou is the general of Tang Jun, Shandong Gate, Liu Lan, Li Gong Shun, Zangjun Xiang and Chun Yu Nan are naturally counting on our army to keep the Shandong Gate for them and keep Zhao from entering Shandong, but in case Zhao Jun really attacks Yanzhou, can their military forces really come to Yanzhou to clear Zhao Junfu’s soldiers for World War I?"
One humanitarian said, "What’s impossible? Zangjun is a bully in Haidong, with 50,000 or 60,000 troops and a good soldier. That Liu Lan is not resourceful, so-called Xiao Zhuge. If they help us, Shandong and Zhao will break their wrists."

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