Wenxiaoqin Wenxiaoqi informed him that all surnames were Yi Cousin, so he stopped talking.

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Speak to kung fu has gone nearly 50 miles away, the flame honour person has never been able to chase.
There is a growing trend of four-legged aftershocks as sand and stones fly around, ash and fog roll wildly and gale blows fiercely and the climate turns cold.
And in the mountainous area, several rolling stones fly from the mountain peak, whistling and dodging. It is also a serious injury to the environment, extremely dangerous weather and extremely stormy weather.
At the same time, we should also guard against the fire honour person and others chasing after the easy mood. It is conceivable that some regrets come together.
Isn’t it the same to stop and wait for news from Tianlong House? Complain about that
Wen Xiaoqin, Wen Xiaoqi, and Liu Shen are struggling to move forward. There is no aura in the outside world that can be consumed by the true qi of the body. It is not as easy as that. When it is not long, the forehead has already seen sweat.
Liu Shen admired Yi and envied himself for being in a famous family, having a wide range of friends and a deep background.
The original land posture will be faster than easy, but the gap is not a little bit after starting. It makes people regret that they didn’t worship the sword and practice sects, or how can they be so slow?
As time went by, four people met several passers-by along the way, all of whom were brothers from different factions to protect the affected people in Tibet from hard escape, so that they fell rocks and cast spells to restore the physical strength consumed by the people in a large area. I don’t know if they explained something magical afterwards.
The more you go in, the more foggy it is, and the more violent the wind is. Several towns and villages have been destroyed by the turmoil in this world. The houses have been blown away and the ground cracked, causing heavy casualties.
Even if yi is so hard-hearted, he can’t bear to save him, but I don’t know if the flame honour person is chasing after him or not, or he won’t stop.
There are no fewer people in the crushed houses and boulders, and there are people who are exhausted and lying on the ground with pain and screaming for help. The blood is blown dry by the wind and seeps into the soil to form a dark brown color.
Liu Shen witnessed such a tragic scene, and his handsome face was sad and abnormal, and his eyes gradually became red and condensed with a layer of mist, tears, tight skirts and clenched fists, and his nails were deeply immersed in flesh and blood without knowing it.
He wanted to stop trying his best to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, but there were obstacles before he could save them, and then there was a slight delay in chasing after them. No one was sure whether the flame-worshipper could come after them to weigh the pros and cons.
But Liu Shen’s emotional agitation at this time can no longer suppress his previous thoughts. "Yi and his two cousins are all linked, but they are responsible for contacting the factions inside and outside. Nine times out of ten, the news has come out, but Yunhe guy and others are ignorant! One thousand that the devil has another plan to really play tricks on Yunhe guy, and they will surely be pound-foolish, even if the leader is a real person with a cave, but there have been a lot of evil deeds sneaking in before, which is not much weaker than that … One thousand Yunhe guy, something happened to them … "
The more Liu Shen thought about it, the more uneasy he was. He wanted to call Yi Sanren. He sailed into the west, but after thinking about it, he finally didn’t say anything and assumed that they wouldn’t risk going deep into the baggage and take the journey. "Brother, I really don’t worry about it. If I can’t read it, I’ll inform him that I’m upset. Let’s leave it at this point."
When he said that, he had already galloped to the west, hurriedly turned around, punched the three men and disappeared. The back of the fog disappeared, which made people look very tragic and meant that it would never return.
Yi and two women both felt startled to stop, but they didn’t say anything about nodding and fuels to him.
"It’s very dangerous for him to go here, but it’s at least less dangerous than the threat of flame with us." Yi’s eyes are pure and red and he looks around indifferently.
Wen Xiaoqi is somewhat contemptuous while wearing dark and supple hair blown away by the wind. "His speed is a big weakness. He can’t run away when he meets a strong enemy. It seems that this is the weakness of the Fuofu Sect."
Easy to observe a few eyes and said to the two women, "Leave him alone. Let’s go straight to the southwest and cross the Himalayas, then enter India and go home. This will not only open the distance between the flame worshippers, but also be a little far from the source. Let’s go!"
"Well," the two women nodded their legs and rushed behind Yi. "Brother, can you guess the specific location of the source of the turmoil?" The sound is blurred by the wind.
Crimson Lotus’s sword glowed red and split, and the boulder dropped from the side was like crossing butter. It didn’t change its head easily and didn’t reply. "It should be in the middle of Kunlun Mountain and Gangdese Mountain and on the left side of Tanggula Mountain. Now the rocks at our feet are hard, cold and covered with frost and snow. It should be Nyainqen Tanggula Mountain. I remember it here! Everyone should be careful. We can’t fly the sword and fall into the abyss carelessly. No one can save it! "
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter three hundred and fifty-six Sudden changes due to iron box.
Female smell speech looked at the thick white ice on her feet, and the bottomless abyss was uneasy, and the pace was slow by three points.
I can’t hear the two women’s answers. I turned my head and looked at the fog. There were two women’s figures that were almost thrown off. I quickly returned my hands and took hold of the two women’s waist. The floating wave technique flew southwest.
Wen Xiaoqin and Wen Xiaoqi let Yi take advantage of it twice today. Although he feels abrupt, his heart is also warm.
In this harsh environment, you can’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest. If you get lost, you will be trapped here, but if you encounter an ulterior motive, you won’t be afraid of killing people and taking babies. It’s just that you haven’t surfaced.
At this time, the two women can feel the temperature of the thick hands on the waist, and the muscles buckle and the thick arms firmly encircle the back waist. Suddenly, they relax and exhale a mouthful of polluted air, and their beautiful eyes quickly glanced at Yi’s hidden face in the purple glow barrier, and her charming body couldn’t help leaning against Yi’s shoulder.
Crimson Lotus sword followed the three people’s heads by itself, and the stones, large and small, were all cut, destroyed or picked by it to protect the three people, and it sent out hot fire waves to disperse the dust and fog around.
After letting go, the magic weapon showed its spiritual power. When the wind blows, it stops. When it meets the fog, it transpires and emits a strong red and white flame, which shines through for several feet.
And I don’t control myself to follow Yi, cruising around my body like a patron saint, and the pressure in the sky is not to be outdone.
Yi never thought that Crimson Lotus’s sword had such merits, but I was very satisfied with it, but I couldn’t figure out that the royal sword could not fly here, and as soon as my body rose, I felt that there was gravity in the traction. This feeling seemed extremely uncomfortable, and there was a natural law of heaven and earth to be enforced.
As time goes by, the patience of the three people is exhausted by this rest and dark journey, and their faces are agitated.
Suddenly, a thing quickly hit Crimson Lotus Jian from the front, and it was just about to be cut off. The load stopped Crimson Lotus Jian, and her arms were loosened and two women used talons to give a soft hand to hold the object.
When the two women looked intently at it, it turned out to be a bloodied Taoist priest with a twisted face about thirty years old. There was a straight red mark in the inkpad that went straight to the forehead and beard, and the pain in his mouth made his body tremble like a spasm, and his veins stood out. His right hand was still clutching a sparkling flying sword more than two feet long.
Wen Xiaoqin suddenly took out his flying sword and was surprised and warned, "Brother, be careful that this man’s red mark of Yin Tang is a sign of being invaded by Yuan Shen and the meridians have been damaged. It seems that foreign Yuan Shen wants to win his flesh."
Yi didn’t have the experience in this field. After listening to Wen Xiaoqin’s words, I became convinced. Seeing the flying sword in this Taoist hand, Bai Guangying embellished the cold mountain. I expected that the material was not weak, and the left hand was holding a rectangular iron box of primitive simplicity with dark color and light decoration.
It’s easy to make two fingers to point at the hemp point on his wrist. The Taoist priest’s hands are unnaturally open and his eyes are closed. He grabs his throat at random and makes a roar.
"You should be careful first." Yi threw the flying sword at Wen Xiaoqin, picked up the iron box and touched it with his right hand, only to find that it was banned and could not be put into the dry Kun bag. I immediately knew that this iron box was a bit strange.
At this moment, four black lights flashed in the fog ahead, and after a pause, they rushed straight at Yi Yi and drank four cold swords.

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