"I also got a shot in my dream!" Tugen said

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I am not white! "Wang Yizu said," You helped us escape and let me send the information out, but then you turned against us and imprisoned us. Are you a Boer * Shivi * party party member? Are you our comrade or not? Is your party a Marxist party? " Wang Yizu asked in a series.
"Our party is of course a Marxist party!" Zhang Yiping said, "But is the Bolshevik Party a Marxist party? I don’t think so. We’re not comrades … "
Wang Yizu said, "I don’t know what you said?"
"Don’t say that you still have to study hard on the Marxist theory …" Zhang Yiping laughed. "Every political party in this world is a Marxist political party, but only the Boer-Shivi-Keke party is not; The world is a theory of human beings, and there are parties or personages with the spirit of Marxism and internationalism, but without them, Boer Schwijk will eliminate counter-revolutionaries, struggle and kill each other … "
"Our China Clean Party is the best Marxist-Leninist party. It realizes the grand goal of a Marxist-Leninist society with great harmony, but it does not have those shortcomings. It is truly democratic, free, legal and clean … Our theory and practice are one hundred years ahead of yours …"
"Shut up, shut up … Hu said!" Wang Yizu was surprisingly angry and almost roared. "China Clean Party is just a bourgeois party. How can it be regarded as a Marxist party by the proletariat, landlords and rich peasants and capitalists? What nonsense! Hang it all … "
Shi Weilan and complete reprimanded, "You just have to shut up! Wang Yizu, what qualifications do you have to yell at our boss? When we started a political party in France, you were still digging for coal? "
"The Red Army of the French Socialist Party is our boss’s guidance. The theory and practice of the establishment theory are not worse than that of your Soviet Union. Where is it? Our China political party will certainly be more advanced than the French political party."
"Besides, whoever has the biggest fist in this world is in charge. It is suspected that the fist of our team is the biggest in this world. Our boss is whatever he says. His old man’s house says that China Clean Government Party is a Marxist political party, which is a Marxist political party. His old man’s house says that if you don’t, you won’t … if you don’t come from the opposite side of us!"
"Don’t ignore the robber logic!" Wang Yizu smile and said
"Shi Yulan doesn’t understand, don’t pretend to understand!" Zhang Yiping frowned and said, "It doesn’t matter whether the fist is big or not. If the Marxist political party doesn’t have these, it is necessary to make an in-depth study of the Marxist ideology before it can come to a conclusion that it is not won by fists."
"But it’s like casting pearls before swine to tell you ancient people that these things are at least 150 years ahead in one hundred …"
"Shame …" Wang Yizu swore.
Zhang Yiping turned the gun with a crack and a bullet. Wang Yizu shut up when he saw the horse.
Shi Weilan said to Zhang Yiping in a small way, "This is the death of Soviet Russia. People who forget that they are from China simply shoot him!"
Zhang Yiping turned the gun and said, "Give him another chance!"
Out in the Woods, Zhang Yiping saw that his horse had not unloaded its saddle all night, and it was very pitiful. "Baosheng? Didn’t this guy say he was my groom? Can’t stand running in a few days? " Zhang Yiping cried.
"I’ll stop here!" Baosheng ran out of the bushes, pulling his trousers headband and saying, "Sir, the horse has a little temper. Because Sir, you don’t pay attention to it, I’m going to find a little mare to match it with a reward so that it won’t make trouble …"
"You want to find a Russian wife. I warn you to be careful of getting sexually transmitted diseases." Zhang Yiping frowned and waved. "Horses are not people who can’t be spoiled … horses! ….. "He sighed heavily and frowned. The horse seemed to be heavy and heavy, which made him heavy himself.
The troops walked along the steep ridge. The grass on the hillside had sprouted and had been chewed by goats. The top of the head was a cold, blue-gray sky, and blue valleys loomed in the distance. Heavy pebbles often rolled away at the foot of the foot.
In the distance, a virgin forest is shrouded in a faint mist. Winter has not yet come to an end. Although it is occasionally green, the ruling world is still a piece of yellow and gray-bearded red deer. It jumps across the stream like a silk gauze. The soldier in front of it shoots, the red deer falls headlong and rides a Mercedes-Benz, while the horse rider bends down and drags up the red deer’s body and runs back. The horseshoe steps over the stream, and the white water drops splash crystal clear.
A cool waterfall flows backward from a cliff tens of meters high in front, and the dew on the branches of the trees next to it is crystal clear and shining like ice.
The wild animals in the nearby forest have been roaring from morning till night, making people flustered and enthusiastic, as if there was an eternal giant breathing in the bleak morning mist of the original forest.
Zhang Yiping and Wang Yizu rode slowly side by side, and Zhang Yiping pointed to this huge forest. "Wang Yizu, you see how beautiful and rich this land is. It used to be the land of our motherland. Didn’t you ever think of letting them return to the embrace of the motherland one day?"
"I don’t know what you said?" Wang Yizu said, "Didn’t you say that we should build an international spirit of a harmonious society of mankind to treat and solve territorial disputes?"
"Did I say that?" Zhang Yiping asked.
"But you said so, and I thought you were very reasonable, so I took you as my comrade …" Wang Yizu said.
"Maybe I did," Zhang Yiping said with a frown and a wry smile. "At that time, I also said that we would form a Boer-Shwe-Keke Party organization with the soldiers, peasants and workers and all the proletarians rising to overthrow the bourgeois government and Zhang Yiping’s dictatorship …"
"You believe everything?"
"At that time, I treated you as my comrade. Until now, I still treat you as my comrade …" Wang Yizu looked at Zhang Yiping eagerly.
Zhang Yiping haha laughed. "I am the only person in the world who can’t oppose Zhang Yiping because I am Zhang Yiping. What about the dictator you call me? How can I oppose myself?"
Wang Yizu couldn’t believe his ears. Zhang Yiping? This man in front of him is Zhang Yiping, who commanded hundreds of thousands of troops and actually fought in the front line himself. This is incredible.
Shi Weilan laughed. "Yes, you are the commander-in-chief of China Defence Forces, Zhang Yiping! “
Wang Yizu is a thief. He can’t speak. However, Zhang Yiping said that it is time for a showdown. Zhang Yiping asked, "Comrade Wang Yizu, if we win the team and recapture this homeland, which side will conflict with the Soviet Red Army?"
Wang Yizu’s face turned pale and stopped riding like a white master’s mind.
Wang Yizu sat on the back of the horse and stole it. He didn’t speak, but looked into the distant Woods.
Zhang Yiping also stopped to look in the direction of Wang Yizu’s eyes, and a snow-white cloud drifted over the mountains.
It was not until the clouds cleared that Wang Yizu murmured, "I am a Boolean * Shiwei * party member …"
Zhang Yiping, a cruel Wang Yizuma, whipped his ass, and the horse camel Wang Yizu quickly jumped out! Run to the end of the road!
"You can be him!" Zhang Yiping twist a head to Shi Weilan said.
Shi Weilan’s gun in his hand roared past with a bang, and Wang Yizu fell off his horse. He fell to the ground and sat on the horse and stopped. He turned around and screamed around the body to be continued.
Chapter 576 excuses
Sergei secretly called several backbone members of the former Amur Red Army guerrillas to discuss. Unexpectedly, a group of Red Army soldiers with arms and armbands broke in with guns to take the lead. The eyes were as sharp as a sword and could see through people’s hearts.
It is Sergei who is worried about Vladivostok’s former enemy military Committee that is second only to Yefimoka.
Similarly, frolov, a member of the former enemy military commission and a former political commissar of the Amur Red Army guerrillas, should also be afraid of Yefimoka’s three points. Although Yefimoka’s influence in the army is not as good as frolov’s, Yefimoka has another fatal identity, that is, he is a member of the Far East Bureau Committee of the Russian Soviet Anti-Soviet Committee, which is a fascinating "cheka"
Seeing these aggressive Cheka guards, they didn’t even have the courage to intercept them. They broke into Sergei’s residence.
Ye Fei Moka tightened everyone’s heart with a sharp wind. Ye Fei Moka scanned the room with sharp eyes. The officers silently remembered their names and then said to Sergei with a fine expression, "Comrade Sergei, you are suspected of murdering the former enemy military Committee. Comrade Sibilia Kefu, now I want to arrest you."
"You, you talk nonsense about what evidence you have!" Sergei forcibly resist heart panic asked.
"Although we don’t need evidence to catch people in Cheka, this time we have enough evidence to poison and murder Sibilia Kefu. One of the three people is called Wang Yizu from China. He is your old staff and the division marshal of China detachment of Amur Red Army guerrillas. You don’t know him, do you? Comrade Sergei "
"He’s from China. Maybe he was instructed by the Chinese team?" Sergei said
"Shut up! It is not allowed to leave our Soviet army for friendship with the Chinese team! " Ye Fei Moka thundered, "This conspiracy was exposed by the * * team in our friendly army, and the horse informed me and Wang Yizu already recognized that you ordered it …"
"No, absolutely not!" Sergei slip of the tongue denied a thrill, and the wound in his chest burst again, and blood came out.
"Comrade Yefimoka, Comrade Sergei is absolutely something!" Frolov said that the officers next to him have also taken off Sergei.
"How? You are still not party member, do you want to rebel! " Ye Fei Moka said sternly, "Arrest!" A few Cheka with armbands stepped forward. Sergei stood up and endured the pain and said, "I’ll go by myself!" "
"That would be great," Ye Fei Moka said coldly, and then took a look around the new way. "What are you doing here? Illegal parties must be rebellious? Believe it or not, I arrested your department and shot it as a counter-revolutionary? "
Everyone secretly clenched their fists, and their eyes almost burst into flames. Sergei said, "Don’t be hard on them. They don’t know anything. They came to see my injury."
"I’ll let you off the hook for the time being today, but I’ll remember to go back to each of you and write a check-up and hand it over to me, or don’t blame me for turning my face!" Ye Fei mocha bad to ruthlessly threatened and said
Ye Fei Moka took Sergei away, and all the officers watched Sergei hobble away, and then gathered his eyes to frolov.
"No one who was taken by Comrade frolov by Cheka can come back alive. We can’t stare at Sergei being persecuted and killed like this!"
"yes! Comrade Sergei was wronged. "

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