One fell from the sky, the other from the ground.

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All eyes crashed into each other.
A muffled sound
The whole mountain trembled wildly.
The edge wind Zhao Fengyang’s heart is raging wildly in all directions!
Onlookers were caught off guard and almost fell to the ground.
Lin Tianchen is a facial expression, picked up the colorful clothes around him and flew directly to the sky.
Chapter 129 Too mysterious plough gas soldiers
Chapter 129 Too mysterious plough gas soldiers
The gale dispersed.
Li Xuandao spun around like a big bird gliding smoothly to the ground.
Zhao Fengyang still kept his fist posture in the air.
The ground of his feet has been completely fractured to form a five-meter Fiona Fang pit.
"Good strong strength!"
They gasped at the air conditioning.
Only physical strength can burst into such a strong strength.
Is this still a person?
"Li Xuandao, you really didn’t let me down!"
Zhao Fengyang laughed and jumped up with his legs bent.
He jumped out of the pit with a leap of ten feet, and his muscles exuded a faint fine mans.
Li Xuandao’s pupil shrinks.
See Zhao Fengyang body engraved with several tiny spiritual lines.
These spiritual lines crisscross and faintly form a huge circle, and his body is looming.
"No wonder you can take a punch from me without dying. So you have cultivated the magical power of Panwu!"
Li Xuandao clenched his fist and his eyes soared.
It’s a kind of horizontal secret method to practice magical powers with great strength.
If you practice this secret method, you can enhance your physical strength and be poor.
Li Xuandao fell from the sky with the momentum of heaven and earth, and the power of one punch far exceeded 100,000 Jin.
Zhao Fengyang can compete with Li Xuandao with his physical strength.
It can be seen that his powerful avatar has cultivated to a deep level.
"You know this magical power?"
Zhao Fengyang slightly surprised immediately sneer at a way "yes! Twenty years ago, I should have broken through the saint’s realm, but I got the idea that Panwu Hercules had a catharsis and forced to suppress it and practiced penance again for twenty years. "
"Now I have practiced successfully and become an immortal body!"
"It’s a step away from the saint’s realm!"
Zhao Fengyang suddenly restrained his smile, his eyes were cold and his eyes were cold. "Today, I should behead you to prove my martial arts as my impact on the sage’s territory!"
Say Zhao Fengyang legs a push the whole people like a sword blaster go out to leave behing ghosting.
He shook his fist like a tiger mountain carrying fierce momentum head-on towards Li Xuandao.
Panwu Hercules Tongli is poor.
Zhao Fengyang this punch strength is more than one hundred thousand jins.
Don’t say it’s a person, even a mountain can be smashed by him.
Li Xuandao slowly raised his right hand when his fist came.
Hold it at will
Zhao Fengyang is bound to be directly held by Li Xuandao with one punch.
"Panwu’s powerful magical power was created by Panwu Emperor, which is really powerful."
"But …"
"How can you be with me?"
Li Xuandao’s right hand came out with a horrible force, which was not like being possessed by the first floor of Tong Xuan.
All eyes with Li Xuandao right hand like dough will Zhao Fengyang right fist pinch deformation.
Zhao Fengyang face crazy change right arm gave a jilt.
"Give me a blast!"
Zhao Fengyang’s right hand suddenly exploded with a knife.
Li Xuandao’s right hand slaps Zhao Fengyang directly.
Zhao Fengyang took this opportunity to withdraw the deformation, and his right hand rotated twice and fell to the ground smoothly.

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