There is no level of vision means for both sides.

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Take the second floor of the library
After observing again for a while, with previous experience, he quickly figured out this layer of protection.
Once again, as before, he constantly leaned out of his spiritual tentacles and spread to those who were protected by layers of books.
Compared with the knowledge collected on the first floor and the second floor, it is much more serious.
After all, this floor has already faced professionals, and there are not so many messy things.
However, it can also be said that it is relatively serious. Many strange things are still hidden in every corner, just like being carefully placed in personal belongings.
Let Olga see it constantly.
[Can a dead thing be pregnant? 】 【 Does magic have a gender? 】 【 Is it fast to walk on your left foot? Or walking fast on your right foot? What world is divided into day and night? 】……
Just looking at the names can make people understand that these guys are all very thoughtful and have seriously pulled out a lot of theories.
Olga is also happy to accept this, although a large part of it is really nonsense, but occasionally there are a few opinions
After all, the basic source of many great discoveries, to put it bluntly, is derived from some unrecognized views.
Si Guangyi Olga’s perspective on problems has also changed a little, and some strange inspirations have emerged.
Chapter 133 Confessions
Although the number of the second level is much less than that of the first level.
However, due to the strong protective force, it took Olga no less time to move them than the first floor.
It took Olga a whole month to solve all the problems.
Third layer
Although most of the vocational basic skills books here are not precious things, every price can still make ordinary people flinch.
A large number of middle and low-level professionals are holding and watching in the corner.
This is where you can rent and watch at a low price. Otherwise, many unemployed people can’t even find a place to learn basic skills.
After all, not everyone can find a good teacher.
But even so, most of these guys are standard illiterate because of their poor background and lack of basic education.
Even if I gave them a book, they still looked straight and frowned. It can be said that while learning to read words, they looked at their skills. First, most of the words were unknown, so they could work with the pictures and ponder for themselves.
This also makes a large number of low-level professionals inexplicably walk out of their own way.
After all, half of them copy the original and the other half make up their own brains.
What is the basis of success? Depending on luck, it may be better and more suitable for you, or it may be pure garbage, which is awkward for you.
Grass! What does this word mean!’
A casual look at Olga reveals that this expression is appearing on most people’s faces.
One by one is like a louse monkey, scratching his head in the east and west.
Well-founded power fluctuation
The world should be a five or six-level professional, but it seems that those people are still constipated.
It’s like being cut several times.
Even Olga thinks that if he gets stabbed twice, he can understand his hand. They are probably very willing to get stabbed twice.
After all, most professionals have good vitality. If it weren’t for some fatal place, one or two knives wouldn’t kill people.
Facing Olga’s arrival, people nearby are also a little confused. After all, his temperament looks like a high-level professional, and it doesn’t look like he needs such knowledge.
However, no one came to ask what they saw when they ate too much, and they put their attention into their hands again to continue their competition.
The only change is to move a little bit to keep yourself away from Olga. After all, the classes of both sides are far apart at first glance.
It’s hard for them to feel awkward together.
Olga turned a blind eye to this and picked up a book and read it.
【 Jia Park Jung Su Flow-Basic Fencing 】
After watching it for a while
Even though Olga devoted most of his attention to the surface protection measures, he kept the knowledge of surface memorization by doing his best in mathematics.
Although he doesn’t like to make the sword very basic, he has never made the weapon belong to the standard hand school.
I like to smash other people’s skulls with my fists.
But this basic weapon makes the technique too simple for him.
At a glance, it can be integrated, and if you think casually, you can bring forth new ideas in a short time.
Whether it’s fencing or his weapon skills
Excluding the incidental factors such as parry, defense, physical fitness and exercise of will, what their creators seek is to better wave their weapons in line with their own physical conditions, and a sword can be chosen from those angles no matter whether it is waving or unless it involves extraordinary strength.
Take humans for example, their bones determine the angle, and their wrists and elbows wield swords. The fencing they create has been limited to a certain range.
No matter how strange and subtle the change is, there will be extraordinary power to break this limit and enter another level.
Olga knows a lot of boxing or fighting skills, but he has never known them.
Because he seems to want to find the most suitable angle so that his fist can hit the target as quickly as possible.
Which is that most root school of violence.
Fast, accurate, hard and then it’s gone.
Fancy attacking him, pretending to force and hanging the weak.
He would never consider using those things in the face of an enemy strong enough.
Either play hardball, or play hardball after the black hand, or run away as early as possible.
And these three choices are in line with the taste of Olga.
Two months later.
Close your hands and put them back.
Olga quietly looked at a girl not far from her side.
The other party looks good, the strength should be a four-level professional, and the family environment should not be bad.
For two days, he felt that the other side had been secretly observing him.
But she didn’t carry any malicious knowledge, and Olga didn’t pay attention to her.
He won’t have the leisure time until he has accomplished all his goals at the moment.

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