But it seems that their first consideration is not that they will be affected by the period system, but Su Yonglin.

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They didn’t argue with Su Yonglin about the period system where it affected them, but they argued with Su Yonglin about it.
Su Yonglin means that the chairman of the Executive Committee can be appointed twice a year at most, and then he has to resign and cannot continue to be the chairman of the Executive Committee. This position is completely gone.
If this proposal is passed by the people’s congress, it means that Su Yonglin will step down as the supreme leader of the Great Democratic Republic in ten years, and the country will face the situation of losing Su Yonglin’s leadership.
The shock and hard acceptance of this matter overwhelmed the concerns of the members of the Executive Committee about themselves.
Because Su Yonglin’s prestige is too high.
Chapter 1672 Jue I will bully this time.
Kong Maojie was very surprised by this and was the first to express his disagreement with Su Yonglin’s resolution.
"Although I have had such a premonition, I still find it hard to accept your proposal. I know that I think this is wrong, but … I don’t know who can replace you in this important position."
Kong Maojie’s words are also ideas shared by these people.
The period system is certainly meaningful, and all dynasties will implement the system of floating officials to avoid local confrontation with the central government and cause national division
Although the country that did the best in the Song Dynasty was poor and weak, the imperial court could never appear to oppose the central separatist forces
But wouldn’t the central government be in danger of splitting the country if it did the same thing?
And more importantly, who but Su Yonglin can replace him to master the power he has?
Who can replace him as a needle in everyone’s heart?
Because the opposition was too loud and it could be seen that they all had something to say, Su Yonglin talked to each of them alone after the meeting.
With the opportunity to be alone, they speak more frankly.
Chueh-hui Nakata spoke more frankly and stuck to his promise to Su Yonglin.
"You want to promote the imperial court system. I know what you think, but you must seriously consider whether this matter is feasible, not to mention whether the Executive Committee can reach an agreement and our personal thoughts.
I said that if you can solve a problem, I will not hesitate to support you as before, and I will do my best to help you persuade him not to agree with your idea and help you achieve this goal. "
Su Yonglin nodded his head.
"You said"
Tian Jue took a deep breath.
"If you want to make sure that the person who takes over your position after you retire can make me angry? Do you want to help implement it if you ensure that what that person says and does can make me not object? Or is that me? "
Su Yonglin stared at Tian Jue for a while, and when he saw that his face had never wavered, he knew that it was really his heart, and he said it in front of himself.
To be honest, that person is not Tian Jue, and he should have expected that it was not him.
Because he has no military merit.
Even with the development of science and technology and prosperity, it is indispensable for most people to truly gain prestige from the supreme ruler in modern society.
And an indispensable and important component of prestige is military service, which is one of the logic that law changes and shakes the operation of human society.
A leader without military achievements is not unable to reach the top of the supreme ruler, but without military achievements, he can’t be a complete ruler. He is a cripple and can’t really press opponents to realize his own ideas.
The political struggle around him will run through all the time, and all kinds of bad means will emerge one after another. Everyone may learn from him, but everyone may betray him. He will get the law and be truly loyal to his own political forces.
There are many people who oppose Su Yonglin’s policy, and many people risk their lives to confront him, but he can push his own policy to the end and even change the country from an imperial system to a republic system.
This is a great event involving all aspects, a lot of interest disputes, and ordinary people will die if they can’t get involved.
But Su Yonglin just succeeded.
I’m afraid everyone can see how much credit belongs to Su Yonglin’s strong military exploits.
Without the military achievements, it is impossible to look directly at the military achievements. Without the success of Su Yonglin’s reform, it is very likely that he will go astray.
For example, Zhao Guangyi, the god of war for donkeys and carts, was unable to carry out reforms according to the established pace of Zhao Kuangyin because of the death of the army after two defeats, and could not successfully eliminate the ills of the Five Dynasties and Ten Countries.
In the end, he gained his throne and strength, and he was able to promote literature and restrain martial arts, taking Song to a strange road and causing a series of strange chain reactions with far-reaching legacy.
The successor must have military merit or the prestigious and powerful people in the army, so as to deter a group of arrogant soldiers and experts.
At the same time, because he holds the great limit of governing the country and ultimately vetoes this person, he must also have certain political ability, and he must not lose too many points politically and put the political control bureau on the road to a military dictator.
Great achievements must be made at every level of civil and military training. There are only a handful of such figures. Su Yonglin is the first branch of Tianzi and there are not many such figures.
Tian Jue is obviously not one of them, because he doesn’t have military ability, and he knows in his heart that the essence of this problem is to oppose Su Yonglin’s decision.

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