Is this man his father?

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Ying Zhu Yan sighed, "Even a sculpture is a thousand domineering spirits, but you still don’t believe it?"
Su Ying stared at the sculpture in front of her for a long time and then sighed "I believe it".
"Well, I’ll take you to meet someone else. When you get there, everything will be white."
High-handed should Zhu Yan pull Sue should be out of here and walked to other places.
The belle of laurel feather white robe slowly opened her eyes, and then there was a ripple in front of her, and she saw a man and a woman coming out side by side.
It is Su Ying and Ying Zhuyan.
She got up with a wave of her hand and they came directly to her.
Sue should look puzzled and look at Zhu Yan. Some don’t want to bring him here.
"You are Ying Er, right?"
The Taoist robe woman looked at Su Ying with a gentle and beautiful voice, saying, "It’s not the kui that it’s a Taoist theory of blood cultivation or a double qualification. My name is Ying Yue, but you can call me Aunt Yue."
Ying yue?
Su Ying didn’t think much about handing over and saying, "The younger generation Su Ying has seen the older generation."
Ying Yue nodded and smiled, "What predecessors don’t say, you have to call me an aunt?"
Su Ying was a little embarrassed. First, he had a sister and an aunt, which really caught him off guard.
"Zhu Yan went to the virtual world just to find out about your father, but I met you. As soon as she came back, I knew you were probably the way. We have been looking for you all these years, and you met me for the second time."
When the moon waved a stone platform, three people sat in laurels and talked with each other in a colorful way.
"I once saw a dragon python in Donghua treasure house. He said that he was his father. Before he died, he told me that his father had gone abroad. I don’t know if he was alive or dead. Is my father alive or dead?"
Sue should ask this question, which has been bothering him for a long time. At the moment, someone finally answered it, so he couldn’t wait to ask.
Ying Yue shook her head slightly and said, "Tao left that year and said that he was going to do a big thing. He never came back after that, but before he left, he put a breath into the statue. If he died, the statue would be shattered. You should have seen the statue for 30 thousand years, but your father should be alive. We just don’t know his news."
Sue should nod slightly, but I don’t know if she will reply.
My father said that he had no paternal feelings, but it happened that his blood was flowing in his body. Just now, Zhu Yan had shown himself that kind of blood is noble and unique.
What is the origin of Su Dao?
According to swallow dragon python, he should have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, even millions of years, but what can live for so long?
Su Yingshi has some imagination.
"Actually, you don’t have to think much about knowing that you and Zhu Yan are your own brothers and sisters. It’s a wish of mine for many years to see you today. You are now a magic saint. If you are unhappy, come to Luna Palace."
Su Ying shook her head slightly and smiled. "Thank you for your kindness. I’m very well."
"That’s good."
Ying Yue mused slightly, "You are the right person to come, and the whole Luna Palace should be yours. Since your heart belongs, I won’t be forced."
As soon as she spoke, Su Ying’s eyebrows suddenly slid into his knowledge, and a Taoist shadow sat down.
"This is my forbidden magic power. You can summon it if you are in danger, but you must be careful if you don’t live or die for three times."
Sue should be overjoyed and hurriedly thank humbly "thank you for your aunt"
"Alas, you are the first person to see you, but you often hear your news. Your father is very elegant. Aunt Yue will not interfere with your growth. I hope you remember that you are Su Daoer, and no one can bully you in this world."
At this point, she waved her hand and said, "Let’s go and do what you want, just come and see me."
Sue should nod and get up and say with smile, "Aunt Yue, let me ask you one last thing."
"Tell me about it."
"I have a friend named Li Ruoxu who likes a senior sister named Laner in the palace very much. Do you think you can fix them up?" Su Ying laughed and took Li Re’s thread.
"smelly little"
Aunt Yue criticised, "I’ve learned a lot if I don’t learn these ghosts, but this is the first time you’ve asked me about it."
"Thank you, Aunt Yue"
With the three people talking, Su Ying has an inexplicable kindness for Ying Yue and Ying Zhu Yan.
Chapter 519 Deep sea snow magic (2 more)
Next day, Su Ying and Li Ruoxu will stay in the Moon Palace for a few days.
Li Rexu, this bitch got the palace master’s approval, and Laner got bored with it every day.
While Su Ying listened to Ying Yue’s lecture with Ying Zhu Yan and said.
She deserves to be the moon god, the palace master, and the strongest person Su Ying has ever seen. Her whole body smells empty, but she can see through the silence of the universe on Sunday.
This kind of feeling Sue should be the magic emperor busy induction once.
Ying Yue’s sermon is no longer a good or evil demon, nor is it a specific way. What she preaches is the way of everything in the world.
This Tao is yin and yang, fire and water, the silence of life and death, and the clutch of everything.
Su Ying was ecstatic. Although his strength did not rise, his self-cultivation and understanding of magical powers were greatly enhanced.
Even the first few places that are incomprehensible can clearly see themselves at the moment.
His Yuan God is more concise, his fetus has grown by leaps and bounds, and the magical powers cultivated by the seven incarnations have reached a very high level.
Three days later, Su Ying got up and bid farewell to all the people and came to Tianji Mountain to see Zhu Yan off in person.
"Sister, I’m going to take a trip to the North Sea Land. If I come to see you and Aunt Yue again soon, don’t send it here." Su Ying laughed.
Should Zhu Yan touched his head and said, "When my sister first met you, you were still a novice monk, and now you have become a god. The big monk is no worse than me. My brother should continue to work hard to see you on the top of the mountain."
Su Ying nodded and smiled, then waved at her with Li Rexu and turned away.
The celestial pole is not far from the North Sea, and it takes another day or two to reach Li Ruoxu. Come on, Laner has followed Su Ying all the way.
It’s still a feeling of living in a dream.
"Eldest brother, I’ll tell you that if you can practice the unity of the nine yang in the ancient Shenmen, it’s a divine Juexue, but it’s a waste. Do you think we can do it if we don’t find a double major in Luna Palace?"
Li Rexu is grateful to Su Ying at the moment. "But I think the biggest luck of my life is to double study with Laner’s senior sister. That is to meet Su Xiong. I didn’t expect you to be not only a magic saint, but also a goddess brother in Luna Palace. You said that if this news went out, it would be a sensation."
"So you want to go out?" Sue should Gherardini way
"That didn’t I Li Re virtual now is a front with you, you let me play where I will play! How can I betray you? "
He said with a smile, "If we go to Beihai, we will go with me to the ancient island of God. When we arrive, I promise to treat you well. There are still women. Don’t think about it. Hey, hey, we have many brothers in the ancient island of God, but we don’t have any women. Otherwise, we won’t come to Luna Palace for double cultivation. Hey, boss, you wait for me."
The ancient Shenmen Sect was founded by an ancient god, and it was once prominent in the Middle Ages. However, due to the particularity of this Sect, there are fewer and fewer brothers in the past dynasties.
In Li Rexu’s generation, there are only four or five hundred people left in the whole Nuoda Ancient Shenmen.
Fall from a big religion to a first-class clan
However, even so, the strength of the ancient Shenmen is still strong, which is the most powerful in Beihai area except Luna Palace.
Ancient Shenmen Juexue means that you can have nine times other people’s mana and cultivation by practicing heaven and heaven.
However, this sect has lived overseas for a long time, and he has little contact with the devil and demon. Therefore, it is the first time that Su Ying has traveled the Jianghu for so many years to meet the sect brother created by God.

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