The black fog cast by Wu Chen has the effect of covering his eyes. He ran quickly with Yi on the wall. Before Catharine came to a pile of rocks, Lin Lei waved out a few mysterious fingers and saw the stones separated left and right. Two people jumped into the square stones and folded them.

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This rocky pile was slightly impressed when it first came, but it never occurred to me that it was another entrance to memorize the heart for later.
Wu Chen took the narrow tunnel steps that were easy to walk, and the water dripped on the stone face. The tunnel echoed in front, and it was dark. Even the timid people could not stand this environment, even if it was easy, they felt very infiltrating.
And there are many cracks in the tunnel stone wall, big and small, long and short, shaking violently from time to time, as if to collapse, and the witch looks very dignified
All the way, the number of machines and scenes changed very quickly, and all of them were cracked by Wu Chen. It was easy to start, but I still remember that my heart was later wandering around vaguely, and even I couldn’t tell the way when I came. I forgot to give up and simply followed Wu Chen’s brain before I recovered.
When you get out of the tunnel, it’s easy to be in a trance or come to the entrance once. They are very similar but very different. Gangfeng is ten times more violent.
Gangfeng at the mouth of the cave poured in directly, forming a roar and roar, and the body was cold and cold at the moment, which was relieved only after the resistance of Shenhuo was lifted.
Without much explanation, Wu Chen leaned forward and jumped forward to a dark bridge deck, which was easy to offer a green curtain, and the Sun Ring protector followed suit.
"Howls … shout …"
I didn’t know how sinister it was until I got to the bridge. The bridge deck is three meters wide and I don’t know how long it is. It seems like ice condensed into ice, and I can feel the biting chill through the green curtain.
Fang Gang’s endless air flow blows like an air arrow and rubs the surface of the Sun Ring, so it makes people feel scared. For example, the invisible bridge of the chain is ten times more powerful.
Two people dare not get up and crawl forward, their hands firmly sucking on the bridge deck and crawling forward difficultly, but it is easier than Yi, but not much better.
When it seems to have stopped, Yi Dan feels longer than I don’t know how many hours have passed before a little light comes through, and my mind suddenly vibrates and my muscles are already sour and numb, as if injecting a physical force.
"Ah finally came …"
"Thank you for your hard work."
"It’s more than hard work. It’s simply torture. By the way, eldest brother, where is our destination in Wucheng?"
"This is the left side of Wucheng. The horse will arrive soon."
"The abyss has therefore GangFeng so fierce? Never heard of it! "
"Dear brother, don’t look at the huge size of Wucheng, which is slightly different from this abyss. I don’t know that Wucheng has four access points that run through the hinterland of hundreds of miles. This is still the case that Brother Yu has detected that there is an exit at the entrance, but there are two hidden exits. It seems that there is a force to push the mind into a trance, and the good brother will know later."
"Supposedly, it should be magma layer, but this partition of the abyss can blow such a fierce and evil wind. Is it connected with the lungs?"
"It’s possible that the foolish brother thinks so, too. This place is mysterious. Only through various ancient books and materials can we find out the origin. Good brother should pay attention to it in the future."
"Eldest brother don’t say I will also pay attention to such a good foundation. If it’s cheap for these Uber entrenched, it’s a wave."
"Look ahead, the 10,000-kilogram gate weighs 100,000 kilograms, and it has never been opened since I was born in Nujia. Without dragon elephant power, you can’t lift your good brother and help me."
"Boom … creak …" A huge iron gate six meters high and four meters wide slowly rises with Yi Wuchen’s four arms.
"Roar ….." BaoHou sounded a powerful air impact and WuChen seize easy arm forward area behind ten thousand jins brake crashing down aroused a piece of floating ash.
"unbridled" Wuchen’s eyes flashed black and folded, and with a wave of his right hand, he blocked the oncoming tangle of black light and suddenly let it out.
The stars in the cave hall are shining, and the black gas is all over the hundreds of tall giants who are more than two meters in length. They stand upright and have long hair, and their faces are more ferocious than those with a faint beast.
They are huge and muscular, and all of them are tattooed with black tattoos, which are as lifelike as living things, and all of them are more ferocious than animals.
"Excuse me, Master," a giant Han hurried out of the five-body posture and knelt in front of Wu Chen.
"Excuse me, Master". More than ninety-nine giant Han people fall to their knees like beasts roar, but they are weird than people.
"Get up" WuChen look at this situation eased a wave of his hand hundreds of giant han straight up and tidy in front of him.
"man of iron, have you ever been out?" Wuchen asked the former kneeling giant Han.
"Follow the master’s instructions that my brother never stepped out of this hole," man of iron replied with a bow.
"man of iron, you wait to meet Uncle Yi", introduced by Wuchen man of iron and others.
"Visiting Uncle" man of iron and others prostrated themselves to Yi.
"Let’s get up." It’s easy to see that they are naked and even their crotch is not covered, as if they are shameless. A pair of eyes have no feelings at all. Although they bend over and kneel down, they also make Yi kneel in front of a hundred wild animals.
"Put all your clothes on." Yi waved and turned out a lot of clothes to put.
These clothes were specially made according to the requirements of Wu Chen when they came, and the value of many fabrics is also high. The wear-resistant and crack-resistant clothes, robes, pants and socks newly developed by Tianlong regimental headquarters have not yet been marketed.
Tidy up the waves for half an hour. These giants can’t dress except man of iron. They almost tore off their clothes in a hurry.
Easy to take the opportunity to ask out the doubts in my heart "eldest brother, these giant han is the lich? I didn’t see any difference except that I was bigger and stronger. "
Wu Chen pointed to a group of giants and asked Yi, "Have you seen their faces carefully, my dear brother?"
Yi wondered and said, "It seems that ancient humans have never evolved. The giant Han has a slightly protruding mouth with a yellow beard on both sides, and his cheekbones are also yellow. How can I see that he is like a leopard demon who has cultivated into essence?"
Wu Chen didn’t have a horse to answer. He took a look at Yi Yi and hesitated. "My good brother didn’t know that when they were babies, they were trained by my foolish brother, and when they reached a certain age, they used occult techniques to pour into the souls of ancient fierce beasts, so that man and beast could achieve the lich spirit, that is, they could not die."
With this explanation, everything is easy to say, although the witch never said it, it is not easy to ask the witch again, so baby, these witches will be stiff if they impose questions.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter four hundred and twenty-seven Fire silkworm phlogistic mulberry
These 100 Lichs are so huge that they need to look up and take notice, and their bodies are not self-conscious.
Wu Chen also told some stories about these witches’ situation. They are just killing and have some feelings. They are ignorant and loyal to the Lord and have accumulated a killing experience by fighting monsters in Wucheng many times in the past, but their experience is not high. It is by the secret method of Wu Chen that they instill memories into their brains and let them think for themselves.
Man of iron stood out from this group of witches because of his great intelligence. He was appointed by the witch minister as the leader, that is, the master elder brother, and named him man of iron.
I’m Wu Yi, Wu Er, Wu San … Wu Jiu and Wu Jiu Jiu are also easy to remember.
I don’t believe that the lich is as powerful as the witch minister said. I personally learned from man of iron with my bare hands and made a big mistake.
Man of iron’s muscles are as hard as iron, and he doesn’t defend himself at all in wartime, so he will roar with blood and murderous look.
The whole hand bone can be broken if it is not easy to relax, and even if it is avoided, it is very painful and can never be underestimated.
Man of iron’s roots can’t work when all kinds of spells are cast. He seems to be easy to sacrifice a hundred poisons. Miki Sayaka needles can’t penetrate his body, and ordinary flying swords will be broken.
After Yi Yi’s refined living sacrifice, the body is stronger than I thought. Compared with man of iron, it is as fragile as a child, and there are ninety-nine lich around. If all of them are put in the fix-true world, it is simply a matter of killing God and killing Buddha. It seems that the extinction period of the dead wood religion is not far away.
It’s easy to do all kinds of spells during the discussion period, but it’s like tickling for man of iron
Yi released the trance fire again, tried it a little, touched his skin for ten seconds, and after ten seconds, it burst into a layer of black gas to resist.
It’s easy to know that man of iron is merciful, otherwise he can beat himself up by leaning against himself quickly.
In the end, there was nothing that could be done to offer the sword of Crimson Lotus, man of iron, and draw a shallow scorch mark, which was announced by Wu Chen as easy to win. The whole process was extremely embarrassing. His face was red with pride, complacency and complacency, and his mood was a little dull.
Of course, the real wartime can’t give man of iron the most powerful chance. The mysterious curtain and the dragon pillar of fire can still stab Crimson Lotus’s sword without a stab. The only trouble that makes people feel is that man of iron doesn’t know what pain is like. Lin Lei
As soon as the witch minister was cleared up, he took the people out of the cave hall and went out along a stone staircase. I couldn’t help feeling proud. The original purpose of these witches was to train a group of killing machines. Later, man of iron produced spiritual wisdom and more training to treat them with a little affection. Now he can achieve such results and it really doesn’t waste his efforts
The temperature changed from cold to hot, and the surrounding walls and floors also changed from black to black and red. The flame gradually became rich, just like walking into a lava cave, and it seemed to return to the scene of the narrow escape at the bottom of the East China Sea island stratum.
There is a fork in the road ahead, and there are five caves with different smells.
Wu Chen stopped here and waited for others to stop naturally. He frowned and thought for a moment. He asked Yi, "Is the good brother involved in alchemy?"
"Rough fur has been bred in the past … this skin and all kinds of poisonous methods are just food." Although Yi didn’t know that Wu Chen had this question, there must be a reason to change the skin to give Wu Chen a look.

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