Obviously, only when there is equal strength can we talk to him. Now Xiao Wen Yi has won this qualification temporarily.

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"I have a seven-order fire phoenix to help me make sacrifices faster." On the surface, Xiao Wen quickly joined 90,000 "Sister, hurry to support the scene."
After 90,000 people know what Xiao Wen’s mind is, she can see that the long-faced Han doesn’t like jiān, and the evil generation has been mad at him all the time. It’s just to vent their anger on that day. If she explains with Xiao Wen, maybe she can let the long-faced Han cut them some slack …
The red light appeared directly on the left side of Xiao Wen’s body, plump and sweet. Ninety thousand girls appeared there, and they first gave a gift to the long-faced Han, saying, "You must have misunderstood me."
Ninety thousand is just the realm of Xianhao, which is still a little short of the promotion of Xianwang, but it has already changed shape, which makes the long-faced Han Zheng again
"The younger generation over taxiing Dan" don’t wait for the long-faced Han to ask ninety thousand clever tunnel immediately.
Long-faced Han is really embarrassed to rush directly to frown again and ask, "misunderstanding?" I hope you can give me a passable explanation. "
Or the beauty is big, mainly because the figure and appearance like 90 thousand are easier to make people feel close to each other than other types of beauty. Seeing that long face, Han Ken talked calmly about Xiao Wen all his life and gave it to 90 thousand without saying a word
"The elder is like this …"
In fact, when 90,000 girls talked about it, the long-faced Han had already believed in Se for three points, and finally said that the long-faced Han believed seven points.
"If that’s the case, come back to the island with me. I asked my son," said the long-faced man.
Xiao Wen and ninety thousand were shocked by the word "my son" at the same time, but after all, they didn’t ask questions and nodded and said yes.
There wasn’t much wisdom in escaping from the colt that day, but it didn’t matter much to communicate with the long-faced Han. Confrontation was really the same as Xiao Wen and 90 thousand
In the end, the long-faced Han was not so angry.
"Don’t ask, you two take" rob "thief! But I won’t care about you because you are not malicious. Hum, but if you want to forge a broken seal, you should do your homework. Don’t you know that the fairy king realm can’t escape the blood roots? " Long face Han didn’t good the spirit way
"Er … thank you for waking up …" Xiao asked awkwardly. To tell the truth, it’s really not in Qi Dian.
"I still don’t know the senior’s high name," ninety thousand asked.
The long-faced Han stared at 90,000 eyes, saying, "Little girl has a lot of mind’s eye at an early age. It is not only my son, but also my nature."
Ninety thousand can’t help but have a hot face because she really has some small thoughts … She naturally guessed that Bai Hai Hao is also a day to escape the colt. Since Bai Hai Hao said that the fairy king’s realm can’t escape the colt’s blood roots, she can make Bai Hai Hao’s idea …
"Dare to ask the elder is the realm" Xiao asked hurriedly accepted the woman and asked.
"There is no problem when my blood is refined and printed, but it is impossible for me to give it to you for nothing." Bai Hai Hao bluntly tunnel.
It’s been a month and a half since this round went to the Xiaotian Dun Pony next to it. It can finally be found back …
Xiao asked in his eyes to directly say to Bai Hai hao, "Ok, if you want to vent your anger on it, I’ll let it be beaten for nothing."
"Which have so cheap! You should have refined these immortals yourself so quickly? " Bai hai Hao asked.
"Well, are you ready to help me refine the fairy? Let’s exchange it in equal value."
"ok!" Xiao asked immediately to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-four A change of blood
Xiao asked hurriedly what the white sea Hao was going to refine, and he was sure that it was beyond his ability, so he was relieved a little.
Bai Hai Hao let Xiao Wen, an immortal, never even heard that the root does not belong to this world, but Bai Hai Hao has a refining method. The most important thing is that the fairy is at best a big fairy realm. The power of the fairy depends on Bai Hai Hao’s post-sacrifice refining Xiao Wen’s root …
Speaking of which, it is necessary to make a celestial sacrifice refining realm. Normally, the celestial sacrifice is made by the refiner himself, which makes the power fit rise faster, but once a celestial sacrifice refining degree can be achieved, the influence will be completely abandoned. Because the celestial sacrifice refining is equivalent to being refined again, it is said that it is necessary to be persistent and willing to see the first three fitting realms of the celestial sacrifice, so even if someone can’t refine the celestial sacrifice, it is possible to cultivate a powerful celestial sacrifice. From this point of view, they can be regarded as Taoist priests.
However, this kind of monk who became a monk halfway through the journey does not have that kind of universal "fairy affinity" because he has not been dealing with stone and stone materials for many years. For example, the monk who picked up a ready-made fairy will still fit together faster than the ordinary monk even after receiving it in the body realm.
After asking clearly, there is still a small problem in Baihai Hao’s side, that is, the lack of refining materials is due to the fact that Baihai Hao didn’t expect to meet such a strange man as Xiao Wen. Most of his travels in various demon worlds are really rare …
Don’t look at Xiao Wen’s fierce sword and Qibao Xuanhuo Tower. It seems that it’s not difficult to sacrifice kung fu, but in the end, Bai Hai’s life, he met in Xianhao realm and sacrificed two such extraordinary fairy wares to five levels. Xiao Wen is really such a one!
In Bai Hai’s opinion, don’t look at Xiao "and" ask if the realm is not high, and he is definitely a master in terms of equipment! He still has an eye for the number of people who travel around the world.
For Bai Hai, refining is a big event, and he has already prepared for a protracted war, which makes it difficult for Xiao to ask. He is thinking of cutting the gordian knot and leaving …
But now I can also listen to Bai Hai Hao, who took them back to the mainland to find refining materials.
"White elder your clever …" Endured the halfway Xiao asked what didn’t endure to Bai Hai hao asked.
I didn’t know Xiao’s question was half said, so Bai Hai Hao broke Xiao’s question with a wry smile. "It was born this way."
"Born?" Ninety thousand has been playing with that guy right next to the day. Interface immediately.
"We are the same as Ghost Eye Python and Ghost Vulcan Crow. Ghost Eye Python inherits the insight of the cave. Ghost Vulcan Crow inherits the soul power of the cave and the earth, but the strongest force of the cave and the earth is our day to escape the colt. In addition to this force, we also have the highest speed and super hiding means. Comparatively speaking, we are much happier than Ghost Eye Python and Ghost Vulcan Crow, but the day has given us these three abilities, but at the same time it has greatly limited our spiritual wisdom unless we can reach the realm of the fairy king.
"So that’s it," Xiao asked suddenly.
"When I left this world, I told my son to live quietly in the grassland, so don’t expose the details unless it is in danger. It has been in the grassland in the northwest of this world for some years, but I didn’t expect it to be discovered by you two." Speaking of this, Bai Hai Hao is still a little annoyed.
Xiao asked awkwardly, "If we don’t know each other, you won’t meet us if we don’t find it." "This fairy will naturally be refined for a while."
"Well …"
"By the way, Mr. Bai, you said that Tian Dunju inherited the power of breaking the boundaries of the cave, the ghost and the beast. Is it true that you can go to any world?" Xiao asked.
"The theory is that the fairy king realm can go to all the fairy realms of the same order in the world, and then it will hinder the boundary from going to the past. It is difficult to go to the boundary at any time and anywhere."
"That’s enough …" Xiao asked tut tongue.
At this time, 90,000 people laughed at the side. "It’s a pity that you can’t bring people."
Xiao asked Zheng and then reacted. If you can take this Bai Hai Hao with you, you will leave him here alone …
Sure enough, Bai Hai Hao nodded and said, "That’s true, but your broken boundary seal should be better. I have never seen it with my own eyes in my life, but I heard that it was forged a long time ago. It seems that you can break the boundary with people, but it seems to be parallel."
"It can really break the boundary in parallel" Xiao Wen nodded and then asked Bai Hai’s advice. "It seems that the seal of breaking the boundary of Bai’s predecessor can’t break the boundary with you anytime and anywhere. It should be almost the same. Can you tell me what this parallel breaking is all about?"
See xiao asked so polite Bai Hai hao didn’t hide anything directly laughed "actually nothing …"
After Xiao asked, I didn’t expect Bai Hai, at some point, to come to the present situation of Tianlan demon world again. That is the day when Lan demon world was sent to the boundary many times before the alliance of gods, and the boundary was no longer stable, so it was easy to mistake the celestial ascenders …
And breaking the boundary is not as good as that. "The Mineral Fairy Chapter 434 Changing Blood" is not much. It is also necessary to find relative instability in one boundary and then forcibly bomb it to another boundary by means of breaking the boundary. Of course, if that means is strong enough, even the step of finding instability can be saved, but it is already said that the boundary god means …
And Bai Hai Hao Xiao Wen is going to forge a broken seal, which belongs to the kind that needs to find instability, otherwise Bai Hai Hao will not return so slowly.
If you are looking for instability, Xiao Wen is not afraid at all.
There’s a ghost eye in the broken seal. That’s what python eyes are for …
Without breaking the boundary, Indians, like some Asian gods, can actually feel whether they are stable by other means.

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