"Bro, brother, after writing the letter, I wanted to think that you might not understand it, and then I’ll write a vernacular for you. I’m leaving with my fifth uncle to find a ghost doctor in Dongmu to cure you. You have a good heart, and you won’t always walk backwards after loyalty. From now on, you will go around the Jianghu more and learn your own business. Then you will no longer be afraid of ghosts of the five elements and cults. My brother sent you some money. After you travel around the world, you should be able to earn money by yourself. Maybe you can meet me again in the next few days.

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After reading this, I can’t help laughing and crying. What the hell? It’s so idle, and sometimes it’s not so waves. I’m afraid I don’t understand it. It’s too small to look at people.
At least I’m a brother.
I folded the paper up and put it in the drawer in the room, and then sat there quietly for a while.
Actually, I’m surprised that I’ve seen Brother Yi twice before and after. Fourteen years ago, I stole a glimpse of him and met him again fourteen years later. All the time together is only three days, but why do I think we are long-lost brothers?
He is the big brother like a god in my mind!
Perhaps this is the charm of Chen Yuanfang.
I’ve been sitting in this courtyard for a day. It seems that I forgot all the books in Yishan Gonglu, but it seems that all the books are in my mind.
Sleep again tonight, get up and pack your bags and travel!
From now on, there will be a new star in the Jianghu, Amak Chan Chen Guichen!
I can’t help but feel excited at the thought of this. I still have some food at home, and I’m not picky about food. I just got some food, ate and drank enough, and when I was ready to go to bed, I felt my clothes were dirty. I just took them off and washed them again. Anyway, it’s hot and the temperature is quite high. After washing, I must have dried them up.
It was dark around me, and it was hot, so I took off my clothes. When I finished washing and drying, I saw a smooth and flat big bluestone in the courtyard, secretly pleased. It would be cool if I slept on this side at night!
So when I went to sleep, I lay down the big bluestone.
The moon and stars all over the sky made me feel happy and fell asleep unconsciously.
I don’t know how long it took, but I slowly had a dream that I accidentally fell into the ice hole and froze to death in winter. It was fucking cold!
Fortunately, I can swim and struggled to climb to the shore. Suddenly, an evil man threw a bucket of cold water at me!
"PSST …"
I gasped and suddenly woke up.
The cold feeling is so real, and the water seems to have really spilled on yourself.
No, there is water!
What’s wrong with me?
And the water keeps dripping on me?
Mom, it’s raining!
I looked up and saw that there were no stars and the moon, and a shower of rain was falling, and I was already wet. This day is really changeable.
I jumped up and ran, first taking my clothes back to the house, and then I went into the house to wipe myself with a towel.
It’s really cold, and it’s cold.
Besides, I couldn’t sleep well in the middle of the night. By the next day, I didn’t even have an appetite to eat. I went to get dressed and my clothes were still a little wet. I didn’t pay much attention to it. I put on my backpack and went out with money.
It’s not that I don’t think a cold is a problem, but I never thought it would ruin my life and almost cost me my life!
Chapter 35 Accidental cold diving victim
I hesitated for a moment when I left the intersection of Chenjiacun South, North, East and West.
To the north, it is back to Chenjiacun, and to the south, it belongs to Chenjiacun village. A small village will pass our Wujiacun after a few miles to the west.
I don’t want to pass in front of my own village, and I don’t want to pass through Chenjiacun again, for fear of causing sadness, so I turned around and strode east.
I was caught in the rain last night and got cold until now. My nose has been stuffed with two nostrils. For a while, my left side is airtight, and my right side is airtight. My grandmother is really uncomfortable.
I have been exercising for many years, and I haven’t caught a cold. This sudden cold is really unbearable.
My head and limbs are a little heavy, but I don’t take it very seriously because I am young and strong
For me, it takes three days to take medicine, whether to take medicine or not, or to get through it in three days, and I’ll be fine
In order to make my body sweat, I walked and ran for a while, so I was so tired and hungry until noon that I decided to find a restaurant to eat and rest.
I looked around. There are two streets not far from the highway. A tall signpost says "Xingshengpu".
I’ve heard that this place is a place where guests come and go from east to west, especially big trucks and long-distance buses stop halfway. There are many restaurants, especially the famous store "Fawanjia" here to make mutton soup with fragrant sesame fennel cakes is a must!
I’m drooling at the thought of this. Anyway, I have a lot of money in my pocket. It’s a treat to treat my sick body this time.
I rushed to the store and shouted a big bowl of mutton soup, two fennel cakes, a cold dish and half a catty of cooked beef, and a bottle of wine … If you have a cold appetite, eat a little first.
After a meal gone, I was satisfied. I gave my boss a thumbs-up and even said a few words, "True to the name …" I paid the bill and went out.
A kilo of white wine is nothing to me at ordinary times, but this time I took a few steps out of the store and was blown by the wind, and suddenly I was a little weak and my brain was a little swollen.
"grandma!" I secretly scolded in my heart because I wanted to drink some wine and sweat, which was a little good for treating cold. I didn’t expect that it seemed that my condition was worse.
No, we have to find a place to lie down
I looked around and saw that there was a hill and two rows of poplars not far from the south. A river in full of green meandered around the hill, and the water reflected the sunlight and rippled, which was very gratifying.

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