Yet a they looked at each other.

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The Yan army is so powerful that they can’t think of Cao Yuan to break the enemy. However, the other side was already a military commander a hundred years ago, and the famous Yan was defeated in a row. It must be a successful player.
At this time, Cao Yuan suddenly looked coldly at the corner of his mouth outside the hall and revealed a sneer. "A traitor dares to show up!"
Say a flick.
A roar in everyone’s mind is like a morning bell and a dusk drum.
The night rain outside the hall is like a curtain
White smoke rises, and a paper crane suddenly appears in the sky and will be far away.
"There is an assassin!"
"It’s XuanYuanJiao evasion!"
Hall all suddenly angry.
This is an important place for military discussion. There is an army array outside the city to guard the city. I didn’t expect to be secretly approached.
What’s worse is the middleman in Xuanyuan Sect.
"I can’t run!"
Cao Yuan’s eyes were cold and his claws were stretched out. Suddenly, the strong wind gave birth to a horrible suction and instantly pulled the paper crane back.
Hoo ~!
The paper crane burst into flames, and then the smoke filled the air, showing that the light and shadow of a Kiyomi Taoist was the scene of the Xuanyuan leader.
Cao Yuanshen said, "I’ll know that you’ve defected when I send someone to Miaoyuan Mountain and Ram Family Mountain City."
There was a flash of surprise in his eyes. "Is this the fairy who sent the gods to subdue the objects?"
"What? !”
Hall all immediately consternation.
Xuanyuan hierarch Jing was calm and gave a Taoist ceremony. "It’s just a fluke. Cao benefactor tasted it again …"
Cao Yuan’s eyes turned pale with a slight concentration. "The master of the scene is an accomplished fairy, but I, Xuanyuan, the teacher of the Southern Jin Dynasty, have regained control of Shinto and let bygones be bygones?"
It’s no surprise that everyone in the hall listens.
Nowadays, in the great war, every fairy can suppress fate, and any conditions are easy to talk about.
Xuanyuan hierarch Jing eyes calm slightly shook his head.
Cao Yuan still refused to give up and continued to persuade, "Even if Dayan has a Guangyuan leader, it is rare to be relegated to others?"
Jing, the leader of Xuanyuan, finally sighed. "I am ashamed and don’t want to meet you, but there is one thing that is like a throat."
"Is it necessary for the people of Jiangzhou in Cao Shuai to bring down the Yan army because of the famine everywhere?"
Cao Yuan’s eyes became cold and "not aware of the time"
He is not indecisive like Qin Feixiong, the head coach of the disaster army.
The gluttonous army of 3 million people plus the defeated army of 100 thousand Jiangzhou, the consumption of food and grass by nearly 10 million people will be a terrible figure
Mrs. Yan’s lonely and lonely ambition of Ren Huang is well known everywhere, and there are also many vacillating people in the Southern Jin Dynasty, not to mention rebellious mobs everywhere.
He is killing three birds with one stone.
If Dayan doesn’t save the people, it will lose the sense of justice and the people’s hearts will add fuel to the flames, which will destroy the former cohesion trend.
If the Yan army rescues the people, then he will take the opportunity to launch and create chaos by sending spies hidden among the people in advance.
Of course, the most important thing is that
Yanjun needs to rescue 3 million troops and 100,000 rebels. The daily transportation of grain and grass can consume Dayan’s national strength and expose its greatest weakness.
Jiuqu Tianhe Transportation Line!

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