Now Yuan Heng has proved his strength in Hong and immediately put Yuan Heng at the same level to correct his mentality naturally.

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"My life quality, I was born with my feet and decided that I must stand on the high ground. This is from the depths of my blood, and the most influential thing is that I can’t resist it now."
Dong Ke gun to lift Hong decisively, "I won the war, and then I left the world of the universe as a lost road. Let me add a background to the world of the universe …"
"In that case, then …"
The two sides of this war are destined to have a winner from now on!
The top Taoist ancestors carried the top Tianbao to perform great detachment skills. At this time, it was terrible to the extreme, and one shot was enough to hit an ordinary Taoist!
"Great Destiny Blessing!"
Bless yourself and suppress your opponent. In an instant, Hong’s strength directly rose by 10% while Yuan Heng was directly suppressed by 20%!
Export into a constitutional destiny can also be done.
"Great law, set!"
Yuan Heng shows the increase of Genesis. The initial law of HarmonyOS Law decided to counter the great fate and offset the suppression.
"Zhoushan Dingding Town Tiandi!"
The poor and chaotic mana keeps pouring into the treasure of Zhoushanding, and it’s far away to suppress it!
After all, Yuan Heng won’t be arrogant enough to compete with the top Tianbao Dongke gun.
It seems that Zhoushan coping with HarmonyOS and chaos bead suppressing HarmonyOS and Zhoushan suppressing heaven and earth complement each other, which makes Zhoushan Ding’s treasure as powerful as Dongke Gun to the extreme! to be continued
Chapter two hundred and fifteen The final end of life and death
"Destiny is always unpredictable, and nothing can be imposed on me."
"The truth is in my hands, which is determined by fate, and I am not in the position of Zhou Shanding."
Hole cosette gun stroke Zhoushan tripod was a strange sense of power strange traction to make a party.
Mysterious and unpredictable fate, the hand is as weak as breathing.
After moving the Zhoushan tripod, the one-eyed eyes suddenly burst into bright ripples, just like the doomsday tide sweeping everything, which could not stop a mysterious power from suddenly falling on Yuan Heng.
Hong one-eyed occupies a large number of sources, and its power is unpredictable.
Then hong shot through the virtual …
Terrible sharpness makes Yuan Heng’s pupil shrink by one.
Terror 10 million chaos fiend body at this moment was held down by a hover, unable to move at all. Although it takes a breath to make Yuan Heng break free, at this time …
Yuan perseveres in thinking of a foot, and the miniature flood is in an instant, and the heaven and earth are in the dust. A ball with the size of one meter Fiona Fang seems to be in front of Yuan Heng.
I don’t know how long a handle of gold iron is longer than a sharp pike, but it was stopped by this small ball, but that’s all.
A small ball seems to be able to accept the whole world, and the pike is as terrible as huge, but it can’t penetrate this small ball at all!
"It’s true that the source creature is so talented. If I didn’t have three treasures to protect myself, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be his opponent!"
Yuan Heng felt the terrible one-eyed terrorist threat.
When this one-eyed man attacked, he couldn’t escape without warning, and his ability to speak was so terrible. You know, he is now a small chaos. Although he can’t be compared with the perfect, vast and perfect chaotic HarmonyOS at the source of the universe, he is almost exhausted in terms of strength alone, but he can only break out when the one-eyed man actually needs to breathe.
A breath don’t say yuan heng this level, even those who have just entered the realm of true god can slay opponents at the same level hundreds of times!
"Go to hell!"
Hong was staring at his opponent, but if he couldn’t hit him, he would take back Dong Ke’s gun. An endless stream of mana poured into the gun, and a series of complicated textures emerged from the void.
Although he only has a set of powerful magical powers such as "The Art of Great Destiny", it is slightly insufficient, but after all, it is enough to be able to practice to the extreme.
"The great destiny is the second extinction!"
Hongyi growled
This is that Hong has just touched the threshold, and the power is not perfect, but even so, although the power is weakened, it can be equally great.
At one time, when fate blocked the extinction of all things, a bright black gun pointed at Yuan Heng’s eyebrows instantly, which was horribly fast, but sometimes it worked.
"Time wheel!"
The opponent’s attack is horribly fast, and the one-eyed person is too weird to constantly influence himself. Yuan Heng can’t avoid the avatar to delay for a while.
Penetrating the chaotic pike and stabbing Yuan Heng in the chest.
"Hong Huang Yin!"
First Tianbao Honghuang Inca Yuanheng himself spent years creating and perfecting the supernatural power of Honghuang Seal, which is a strange fit, and a powerful force belonging to Honghuang slammed into the other side.
At that time, both of them actually lost each other.
Hong was almost smashed into the cracks when he was printed in the wild and the chaotic body of Yuan Heng was almost penetrated.
The power of Dong Ke’s gun and the second realm of "The Art of Great Destiny" can be doubted.
However, Tianbao Honghuang Yinyuanheng, the most powerful magical power in India at present, is almost 100% fit, and Wei Neng is not inferior to Yu Hong’s offensive.
"It’s worthy of being the most amazing person in the history of the glorious Lord’s peak world, and powerful magical powers emerge one after another."
With one punch, Hong smashed the crack when it was about to form. Looking at Yuan Heng’s heart secretly, he really felt what Yuan Heng had said. This is definitely not talent that can make up for this accumulation when needed.
"My top source creature was born strong, and the body was almost hit hard by a seal. It’s terrible that the perfect combination of the avatar and Tianbao is so powerful!"

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