"Gankun is extremely high!"

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Ji Xiaotian was too lazy to go and join the five elements of the team, so they went to deal with the octopus monster. His spirit was put on protecting the cruise ship surface. After all, this is something that cost a lot of money. Although Ji Xiaotian does not lack this money, he can save it if he can.
A command brought a little bit of immortal strength, and the golden light shone with an idea of saving money. I got the whole cruise ship in Xiaotian and suspended it directly at a distance from the Five Elements Team.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Game over
Chapter two hundred and twenty Game over
Exaggeration is absolutely exaggerated. This trick makes it really amazing. Just getting such a big ship in the middle can shock most people.
Of course, it doesn’t include that the octopus monster appeared in front of him as if he were a "monster". Instead of being afraid, the octopus monster became very excited and accelerated the floating process as if he had found an opponent.
Like a hill, the body is really out of the water, and the terrible shape of the big octopus is revealed at this moment. Even the five elements team can’t help but take a gasp and swallow their saliva to feel that they have recovered some normal mentality.
It’s so big, it’s so big. The octopus is absolutely terrible. The number of bright red tentacles wriggling around in front of you is amazing
The octopus desperately wants to rush to Jixiaotian, but it’s impossible because there are two thousand people in the five elements team, so it won’t be rushed to Jixiaotian by such a sea monster.
"Gankun is extremely aggressive!"
Although it is good to deal with such a sea monster, it is not suitable for comparison. If there is a fire team here, it will not be able to exert its strength, while the wooden team can play a considerable role
Therefore, the wooden team people came out, and one thousand people lined up in a unique triangle attack formation. As they drank the wooden team, they made a bright green light, which contained huge pieces of wood and hit the big octopus like an avalanche.
Every huge piece of wood has a weight of one thousand pounds, and no matter how severe it is, the octopus will feel the pain. This guy is also a flesh, and there is no way to shape the pain before the fetus reaches the extraordinary level.
But also have to admire the octopus’s super defense. Generally, the octopus sea monster is smashed into a paste by so many giant trees, but the octopus is not really fatally hurt although it is smashed and squeaked.
At most, the octopus was smashed black and blue, and the appearance was very ugly. The rest was not exaggerated as expected, and there were still some losses, that is, the octopus was smashed a little bit and sank into the water.
The octopus can’t talk, otherwise it will scream. It is so painful that it feels so bad that it can’t get rid of its pain by shaking its tentacles many times. This pain can be said to have entered the bone marrow and left it unable to get rid of it.
A few tentacles stir in the sea water, and the whole sea surface becomes like boiled water. It is an exaggeration to say that the octopus is badly hit.
It happened that such a blow didn’t really hurt the octopus, and all this just made it hurt badly. After getting used to the physical pain a little, the octopus finally became angry.
Dozens of water columns rise into the sky, and the smallest water column is one meter Fiona Fang, while the largest water column has reached the terrible goal of more than four meters in Fiona Fang, pointing directly at the members of the first wooden team.
Obviously, the big octopus was attacked by the wooden team once, and it won’t give up until the wooden team fell into the water. Once the wooden team fell into the water, it would be dominated by the big octopus, dead or alive.
"We have come to Gankun Polarization!"
Wood line team all just want to move the water line team people can’t see it. They stare big eyes and look at others’ efforts one by one. There is no way to compete for a little opportunity. In fact, they have a unique place to control the water line power. It is very appropriate to give these water columns to them to deal with.
Listen to the water team all drank one of those foaming at the mouth of the water column in their blue light coverage have returned to the original state and turned into a drop of seawater to form a large mist fell.
The big octopus attack didn’t have any effect, so many water columns were wasted. This situation made the big octopus white control its own water power in front of these people.
Since the octopus is so big, it’s white. With the power of manipulating water, there’s nothing in it. Once again, it’s out of the sea to show its huge size and fight with all the people. So it’s bad luck for the octopus. Who can meet someone who can manipulate the five elements so powerfully?
It’s even more terrible. In another direction, there is a big octopus root. People can’t see the depth of strength. Don’t talk about it. It’s just a small octopus. Although it’s powerful enough to compete with a single five-element team, it’s still too poor compared with the fairy level that has survived the apocalypse.
The big octopus is very depressed, but it is the only one that can compete with the physical fighting ability and the wooden team. I have to say that there is no mistake in choosing the big octopus in combat skills
There are so many tentacles, each of which has extraordinary power. There is no weakness in the root of the wooden team alone. On the contrary, if there is no joint attack factor, these tentacles still occupy a big advantage.
"It’s really difficult to smash this big octopus for me!"
It’s not that another wooden team brother was accidentally entangled in the tentacles of the octopus, and his body was tightly bound. He was not much angry when he was entangled in the python. This brother desperately shouted for help from his companions.
Still have to rely on the power of wooden line, a piece of green light shines out of it, and there are at least three or four giant trees hitting the big octopus. This tentacle directly smashed the big octopus tentacle into a flat piece of meat to save the trapped wooden team companion.
Fortunately, it’s just a matter of moving fast for a while, but after being entangled for a while, my face will turn blue. I believe that if I delay a little longer, I’m afraid I won’t be a little scared, and there will probably be a lot of damage.
After such a lesson, not only this wooden team brother has learned a lesson, but the rest of the people have also become more careful. Everyone continues to attack the big octopus crazily, and at the same time, they are careful not to let themselves be attacked by the big octopus. In this case, although the big octopus has launched several tentacle attacks again, it has not been successful once.
It is more and more painful to bombard the giant trees in the crowd. Some big octopus can’t bear to feel that it is not these crazy opponents. The big octopus actually has the idea of retreating for the first time.

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