Take all the leaves from the male nails.

Published on 31/05/2024

Did not get the suspect’s DNA
It seems that the man was beaten to death by a tree and smoked more than once.
Trees can kill people? Say it, who will believe it!
Look at the discussion again and say that people deliberately create illusions.
Muhai looked at the destination and couldn’t help frowning and thinking deeply.
His eyes were deep and he muttered, "It happened before!"
"The little brother has arrived at the ground." The master broke through Muhai and thought deeply.
Muhai withdrew his emotions and came by car.
There are two things to do today.
The first thing is naturally to sell the mulberry bark, so it takes too much space to pile it up at home.
1 yuan a catty wholesale to sell their own 15 yuan, or 1 yuan head office
That will cost thousands of dollars.
Although I’m about to become a millionaire, I can’t wave.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
Watching a Chinese herbal medicine processing factory Muhai went in.
"Don’t accept little brother, you go."
The purchasing manager is impatient to push Muhai out. "We have a regular supplier."
"I know, I know I sold it cheaply," Muhai said.
"No matter how cheap it is, we won’t accept it," said the manager
Hearing this, Mu Hai smiled and whispered in the manager’s ear, "Manager, I sell 23 yuan a catty, can you take 4 yuan a catty?"
As soon as the manager listens to his brow, 4 yuan a catty is 4 yuan, which is almost half a month’s salary
Those old dealers complained to me every day that they only paid me 2 yuan and the quality was not good enough, so they were scolded by their bosses.
The most important thing is that they also sell 2 kilos!
"Then show me your quality," said the purchasing manager.
Muhai is ready to pack the carry-on bag, and the mulberry bark inside is excellent in color and very fresh.
"All right, just do as you say. If you want this mulberry bark, we’ll take it," said the purchasing manager.
The two men shook hands and left messages with each other.
Muhai immediately went home and called a small truck to send all the mulberry bark to the medicinal material processing factory.
Not only did I not lose money, but I also earned 1 yuan a catty.
No, it should be said that it is a big profit.
Reiki refined from mulberry bark is valuable.
It was close to 12 o’clock when it was finished in Muhai.
Fortunately, there is no class today on Sunday.
Don’t need to review the roots!
Muhaixue is a major in civil engineering, and he is not going to be a construction engineer!
He is no longer the Muhai in his previous life, but the famous immortal world, Mundus!
I went to a fast food restaurant, Muhai, ordered a fast food to fill my stomach and prepared to do another thing myself.
This matter is extremely important, but it takes a lot of time.
Muhai must prepare early!
Everything must be preempted!

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