"Keep your word" is simply his big killer!

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It would be an invincible way to get him out …
Fortunately, he doesn’t usually move this kind of law killer now …
But now …
It seems that he was really stimulated by the performance of the Roman club and the Italian media some time ago, otherwise he would not have moved such a big weapon.
So the Spanish media suddenly gloated.
"Italy, you are dead!"
Chapter 10 Is it better for the team if I leave?
Winning coaching Lazio is the most eye-catching news in European football during this period.
Because he won the championship after being dormant for half a year, the champion coach has not actually stepped out of the mainstream football circle.
Now, when he returns and unexpectedly chooses Lazio, it naturally makes many people guess his motivation.
Guess, everyone thinks that this is because of the constant victory to make Rome regret the angry choice.
Everyone thinks that winning constantly is not a very wise choice.
Rational people will think that it is inappropriate to say that the choice of winning is doomed to failure now, or to verify everything when it is handed over.
Black Changsheng is forced to wait, which means Changsheng has taken a rotten move.
Spanish reporters said that Italy, you are dead …
The situation presented by the media during this period is such a mess.
If you win, you will lose your job.
Although the team has been dissolved and most of the signings have ended, Changsheng still has work to do.
That is cleaning.
He doesn’t want to wait until the players come back from vacation to clean up, so the training plan will be difficult to arrange, because his training plan is specific to everyone, and all players who are sure to leave the team must decide now.
This kind of offending people often wins without giving it to their assistants or letting Lotito do it, but calling them one by one to tell them that it is no longer in the club’s plan
It’s difficult, but Changsheng decided to play the villain himself, because his image in the media and the public is not so good anyway, so it’s better to make full use of this image to finish cleaning the team.
In fact, many players don’t need to always win. They all want to do it for their own reasons. In Lazio, they get too little money. After Lotito, they cut the total salary of players from 70 million euros to 30 million euros. Many players are already considering leaving.
Very few players stay because they have real feelings for Lazio.
It is these people who are the main targets of victory.
Although they have real feelings for Lazio, their staying in the team will become a team problem.
Like Paolo di Canio.
In June of 2004, Di Canio had renewed his contract with Charlton for one year, but two months later, Di Canio suddenly decided to cancel his contract with Charlton and move freely, and returned to Lazio, which was trapped by financial problems.
He did this to help him get out of the team, and his actions at that time also touched many people.
After all, at that time, everyone was thinking about escaping from Lazio, but Di Canio chose to return to Lazio at this time.
This loyalty inspires the sun and the moon
Changsheng also thinks that Di Canio is really a man, which is why he is willing to have a good talk with Di Canio.
Not in words, but in interviews.
When two people made an appointment quickly through Lotito.
In fact, this interview is always embarrassing.
Because just after he joined Lazio, Di Canio also expressed his support for himself. He called on the fans to support Changsheng because "this is a person who can bring us victory!"
The other side has such a high opinion of himself that he has to persuade him to stay away from the team. No matter how thick-skinned he is, he feels that it is really difficult to say this.
However, he must say that because this is a matter of professional ethics, he knows that it will be beneficial for him to transform the team if Di Canio leaves the team because of his weakness, and many problems may arise.
The team is in charge. He must let Di Canio leave the team, even if Di Canio is the flag of the team.
Di Canio’s position and influence in Lazio will bring trouble to many reforms, and Di Canio is not a good-tempered person. He is impulsive and is a devil in many cases …
Changsheng wants to have a stable and controllable dressing room environment instead of having Totti in Rome and Di Canio in Lazio, which is a problem for both of them.
Lotito didn’t tell Di Canio what he was going to talk about. Di Canio was going to talk to him about the team plan for the season. Is he confident and hopeful to get his support as the Lazio captain?
Be glad to come for an appointment
As a result, when two people met, the first sentence made Di Canio’s face smile frozen.
The question of how to actually talk is always better than thinking for a long time. He has thought about whether to befriend Di Canio Lala first and then tell him everything.
He also thought about it. Otherwise, he implicitly hinted that there was no place for Di Canio in the team.
But after thinking about it, I always win, and finally I thought of Di Canio’s personality characteristics.
I’m afraid such a straight person is the most acceptable, that is, straight to the rectum?
What you always win is simply straightforward and straightforward.
He asked Di Canio, "Paolo, can you accept the arrangement of playing as a substitute in the reborn Lazio?"
Di Canio’s smile froze. He looked at Changsheng with uncertain eyes and didn’t believe what he had just heard.
Seeing that Di Canio’s face always wins is even more embarrassing.
"Do you think I am old, coach? Although I am almost 37 years old, I think I can still maintain a high level … "
Chang Sheng shook his head. "No, I don’t think you are old. You can stay in shape for a while, but not in Lazio." Since everything has been said, just say it. Chang Sheng went on to say, "The problem now is that you can’t play too many chances in my tactical system …"
The actual words should be "there is definitely no place for you in my tactical body". Always try to make yourself tactful and not stimulate Di Canio.
"Are you tactical?" Di Canio asked, "In Valencia and Rome?"
Changsheng shook his head "not improvement"
"improvement?" Chang Sheng saw that Di Canio suddenly became interested in his tactics and suddenly thought that Di Canio seemed to be a head coach after retiring?
So he explained his tactics to Di Canio in detail. He was not afraid that this tactic would be leaked out, because there was nothing new in his tactics, and he was confident that even if this tactic was known by others, he would not be able to deal with him … If this tactic became an enemy!
Di Canio was lost in thought after listening to the winning words.
If Chang Sheng has nothing to hide and cheat him, he really has no place in this tactic described by Chang Sheng.

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