As early as a year ago, I left Obsidian Ri Feng to join Chen Shaobai Jianyuan Group to stay in Taibai Peak. In the early years of Chen Shaobai, those friends, such as Wu Muqin and Zhou Jinyu, all had their own natural opportunities, and they were thrillingly refined to the peak of self-cultivation and wandering in Zongmen Dragon and Phoenix List. They will enter the Galaxy battlefield at any time to experience their mind and break through quenching gas.

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These things can’t be said for the time being. I communicated with friends in Chen Shaobai, and the last guest arrived late. The auction finally came to an end.
It was a beautiful woman with a dark cane whip around her waist. Her eyes were clear as moonlight and her lips were red as fat. Chen Shaobai almost didn’t recognize this person at first glance, but she didn’t dare to print with the memory person until she looked at her eyes carefully.
Haotianmen is like a word generation, and women are like light!
Three years ago, that tyrannical horse girl was as good as light!
"She is really like light? How can it be so different? "
Some looked at the "old friend" in disbelief. Chen Shaobai’s eyes were flashing with doubts, Se.
The former tyrannical Y: n malicious rage haunts me all the year round. Although she is not an out-and-out bad person, she has nothing to do with the word sage like type. Now she looks like an otherworldly, man-eating fireworks fairy. It seems that everything can make her move, cause and effect.
And before you know it, the other party has also reached the seven-fold [stock solution] of quenching gas, and you can enjoy three hundred Shou Yuan.
This is almost inconceivable to Ri.
After all, if the light has been working hard for more than a hundred years, it is also stuck in the fairy fog, and it is difficult to break through even the evil fire.
"hmm? It’s him? !”
I felt a strange sight and threw her into my body like light. I followed this idea and looked at the past with a strong and abnormal sight. At once, my heart trembled and I was fascinated.
The friar appeared in front of her eyes, dressed in a moonlight Se robe, wearing a silver moon sword around his waist, and wearing an aura of being both positive and evil. Isn’t it Chen Shaobai and a person?
Suddenly, I saw this "old friend" who let himself dream in Hao Ri’s secret land for more than ten times, and I almost couldn’t help but go to Joseph.
But …
What identity?
Senior? Daoyou?
The only bond between the two is when Ri lived and died in Long Mai’s secret land in Shangguofengzhou. At that time, the original party was willing to die. Now it seems that it is just a dream. She is sentimental.
"Will the sword protect her forever?"
Think of this wide-ranging madman quotations, such as light, and feel a burst of pantothenic acid in my heart. Se appears indifferent and nods slightly at Chen Shaobai.
I’m afraid only she knows what she thinks in her heart.
"Hey? Is it because Lingwei remembered that things had given her a ban? "
Thinking for a while, Chen Shaobai shook his head and threw these floating thoughts outside the clouds to take out one treasure at the auction.
Presided over the auction is a beautiful female monk with a refined appearance. She looks fresh and refined but charming. Listening to the crazy secretion of biological hormones makes people feel hot. Some rich monks even ask directly how many lingshi they need to buy with her.
But being able to host this auction is the core brother of Star Island, who has been specially trained. Even though there are some thoughts and scenes in his heart, he smiled and let go.
With the hostess explaining the auction of many natural materials and treasures, even if Chen Shaobai finally robbed Dan of water, he bought several valuable spiritual objects.
Warm, fragrant, warm and jade …
It’s all good for cultivation and peace of mind.
As time went by, the auction ended, and finally Se finally moved to Taiwan.
The beauty lady didn’t try her best to explain this thing as before. The wonderful way is to fly to a jasper box where most people can see the position clearly and slowly open their hands with a light blue Se fairy sword.
A deep blue Se brilliance came out of the jasper box, and all the beautiful things in heaven and earth lost Se.
Guanghua appeared in front of everyone is a longan-sized round pill, which is smooth and has no traces of artificial carving, as if it were natural.
"Zhu Hongtian level water rob Dan! It can increase the chance of the monks in the original solution to survive the dirty water robbery by 30%! The low price of 200 million Lingshi is not less than 10 million each time … Auction now! "
The uncharacteristic conciseness of the hostess made everyone a little slow, but it seemed a little deserted for a while, as if it was a chicken rib and not many people were willing to pay for it.
But a moment later, with the first call, many monks bid like chicken blood, and the price of this water-robbed Dan is also leaping forward, but in half an hour, it has gone from 200 million to more than 400 million Lingshi, which is more than twice the reserve price.
Not all of them are stuck in quenching gas. Many people bought them by their relatives and friends, while some people did it by themselves. It’s always enough to make 10,000 preparations for everyone who is afraid of the wind and water.
"Four hundred and twenty million LingShi have a higher price? If the opportunity is missed this time, there will be no more! "
The hostess encouraged her to continue talking, but several main players in the bidding were struggling and hesitant.
This price is already a little high, and it is not impossible to increase the price again, but they will definitely lose the qualification for the follow-up natural resources and local treasures.
This day’s first auction brought together a group of the most rare natural materials and treasures in the Yuan Dynasty. As this woman said, it is very difficult to miss this time and want to meet again.
This seems to be some uneconomical.
I feel that there are some bidders missing. Chen Shaobai slowly raised his hand and Xuanjin Se brand "430 million"
When this statement comes out, everyone is silent, and then one person dares to auction and bid.
It’s not a wise move for this famous crazy man to tie the knot with him before he was killed by the powerful god.
Everyone envied, envied and hated, and rightly cast their eyes on her.
This monk from Tianmen, Science, has never photographed anything since the scene, and it is obvious that anyone can see her thoughts when she comes here for seven times.
"Chen madman is outrageous, and this Heaven Gate is not a vegetarian. It is said that all the characters in the word generation are ruthless and violent, and they will never lose this time!"
I don’t know how many people are prepared to watch Chen Shaobai jokes with such thoughts.
After all the attention, we finally acted …
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Chapter three hundred and seven Du Jie
Chapter three hundred and seven Du Jie
In the eyes of the public, I slowly got up and divided the crowd and left here with many followers.
"What the hell is this!"
Such as light movement makes many monks feel a little incredible.
She has been holding her ground until now, but she is determined to win the water robbery Dan, and finally she just leaves without even asking for a bid.

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