The more Li Youyou thinks about it, the more ashamed he is. He can’t help but hang his head and hum with anger. Brother Fan is good or bad. If you do this again, people won’t want you.

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Mo Yifan was puzzled when he first heard this, but he couldn’t help asking what you said and what happened to me.
Where is Li Youyou not bashful to pick the words and listen to Mo Yifan’s words? He is also unhappy. Suddenly, he felt a panic in his heart. He said that I am uncomfortable. Do you want to send me to the hotel? It is also a wave for me to stay in a VIP card of Victoria Hotel without spending money.
Mo Yifan frowned and sighed naively and said, I also want to leave here at once, but it’s a pity that it’s too late now, and no one can leave this building easily again.
Ah, Brother Van, what the hell happened?
Li Youyou finally realized that things didn’t seem to be the same as her own solution, and Mo Yifan had been following her hand all the time, but there was nothing else. His face was even more serious, which didn’t look like a couple should do that.
Mo Yifan said with a wry smile that it may be hard for you to believe what happened in Jinlong Jewelry City on the ninth floor of Jinlong Building today, right?
Know wow, Li Youyou inexplicably said that Jinlong Building was poorly managed recently, and Naicai set up such a large jewelry city and merged Hong Kong. More than 100 jewelry companies have set up booths here, which is the largest jewelry scattered place in Hong Kong. However, the rent for the counter of Jinlong Department Store is negligible. They want to attract some popularity from Jinlong Department Store. Now it seems that the effect is not bad, but what do you mean by this?
Mo Yifan was surprised that Li Youyou knew more about this Jinlong department store than himself, but he didn’t take it to heart. It’s a sigh. Didn’t you hear that the outside is in a mess now? That is, the jewelry city has become too big and attracted a powerful robbery gang. Now the building has been accused by robbers, and we are not going.
What? This is this is true.
Li Youyou smell speech immediately surprised face a twist a head and rushed to the door.
What are you going to do? Mo Yifan was shocked and hurriedly grabbed her hands and said with a cold face, I know your family is good. If one of those robbers recognizes you, he will immediately take you as a key hostage. Now, can you go to a dead end or stay here now and wait and see how things change?
No, I-I have to see a white one
Li Youyou approached the door immediately and clearly heard a burst of wailing from the outside, and a faint drink and scolding. Occasionally, two shots came. Suddenly, Bai Mo Yifan said that it was true, and his face became very ugly. He turned to look at Mo Yifan and said, Brother Fan, thank you for not losing me at this time, but I can’t help but go to me. My second brother is the president of this golden dragon department store. He must be in danger now. I will forget it if I am not here. But now that I am here, I can’t know that my second brother is being held hostage by robbers and hiding here to avoid disaster.
Mo Yifan never imagined that a girl who grew up in a rich family would admire this kind of bold spirit in her life and death, and then she shook her head and said no, I still can’t let you go. Even if you go, what can you do? With your strength, you can destroy the robbers and save you. Second brother sent the robbers an extra police hostage who could threaten your parents in vain.
Li Youyouzhimo Yifan said, but she still shook her head firmly and said, I’m sorry, Brother Fan. I know my thoughts are not wise enough, but that man is my second brother, my blood and my family. I’m sorry to stay here alone at this time. She said, reaching out and grabbing the door lock again.
wait a second
Mo Yifan knew that Li Youyou could not be persuaded and said with a sigh that you would leave me.
Chapter two hundred and one Time bomb
Li Youyou heard a shock and slowly turned his head and looked at Mo Yifan in surprise. He asked you what did you say?
Mo Yifan said simply, I said you should let me go. You should know how much I deal with the bad guys. Second, you can’t get up except to die. But if I go, at least I hope to be lucky. Maybe I can save your second brother or destroy the robbers’ plans.
Li youyou shook his head and said, but you don’t know my second brother, and you don’t have me to risk him, but you don’t have to do this, which is really unfair to you
Although I don’t know your second brother, I know you.
Mo Yifan’s calm and serious expression convinced Li Youyou that Mo Yifan’s decision was definitely not impulsive.
I promised you I would protect you today. I won’t allow you to die in front of me today.
Mo Yifan didn’t promise that Li Youyou would be safe, but he did promise that he wouldn’t die in front of Li Youyou. This promise is different from the most real and effective guarantee. Li Youyou’s eyes are filled with tears before he knows it.
At this time, Li Youyou suddenly remembered that Datong often discussed the highest level of love. Some people said that the highest level of love is to give to your lover and have yourself. Everyone said that the highest level of love is to give up when you know that another person will give your lover greater happiness. But in the end, in a word, loving the highest level is actually to love you more than yourself.
Love doesn’t weigh. Most of the time, we measure how much and how deep a person loves, but most people believe that when your lover gives you his life, then this love will be earth-shaking.
Li Youyou was born in a wealthy family. Although she also longed for a perfect love, seeing those men’s faces at ordinary times would have made her lose her romantic fantasies when she was young. She never dared to expect that the world would be willing to sacrifice her own men. But now Mo Yifan’s plain words have made her throw into a honey jar, and every cell in her body seems to be filled with great happiness. She knows that there is no regret about today’s ending.
However, Li Youyou never thought that everyone was still having other pure feelings besides the love between men and women, and Mo Yifan was certainly not willing to risk his life for her because he loved Li Youyou, but because he had promised Li Youyou that she would make such a decision today.
Mo Yifan didn’t notice Li Youyou’s tearful appearance. Even if he saw it at this time, he didn’t have time to go. He turned and picked up the little Jenny in the carton and gently put it in Li Youyou’s arms. He said solemnly that her name was Jenny. Her mother had just been killed by several robbers. I hope you can take care of her for me. Please find a place to hide it for me. Maybe the robbers will find it here in a short time. You’d better hide it. I don’t think they will allow them to take hostages in this building, but I will try my best to sabotage their plans.
Li Youyou silently took little Jenny’s beautiful eyes but stared at Mo Yifan without blinking. He secretly vowed that Mo Yifan would never live alone if he died for himself.
Of course, before she dies, she will try her best to help Mo Yifan fulfill his wish. First of all, it is best for this poor little Jenny to find her father, otherwise, she will stay in her own home. Such a lovely little girl believes that people at home will be very much. In addition, she also knows that Mo Yifan is a sister suffering from inherited heart disease, but she doesn’t know how serious Ning Fei’s illness is, so she is determined to help Mo Yifan cure her sister, and then she will decide how much she will spend.
Somebody’s coming. Hide.
When Li Youyou’s heart swelled, he saw Mo Yifan suddenly grabbed her slender waist, helped her half, and took her to a pile of goods and hid her.
The iron gate of the warehouse crashed with a crash, and then I heard a man panting and saying, Why is the door locked? I remember I didn’t lock it just now.
Then there was a burst of key clatter, and the secret lock of the warehouse was called from the outside. Two figures quickly flashed in and then locked the door again from the inside.
Oh, my God, I’m so scared.
As soon as the man locked the door, it seemed as if he had broken up. He sat down softly and muttered, "Damn bad luck! How come all of a sudden the security guards have become robbers? This is terrible."
Brother Qiang, what are we going to do now? Will the robbers find here? A woman’s voice followed. Mo Yifan felt that the sound seemed a little familiar, but after thinking about it for a long time, he didn’t remember it. In fact, he didn’t know many people when he came to Hong Kong, and there were even fewer women, but the woman’s breathing was difficult to distort now, so it was difficult to recognize.
How do I know?

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