One is Zhao Hu and the other is Yu Tai.

Published on 04/06/2024

See MuHai arrival two people face a smile shouted.
Muhai looked up and saw the pig’s head.
See two people face was swollen and blue at first glance is bigger than a pig.
"Who did it?"
Muhai took out two pills of pulp-washing Dan and handed them to two people and said coldly
"It’s good to beat the boss back in a few days," Yu Tai said.
"Yeah, boss, it’s a piece of cake," Zhao Hu said.
Hear two people MuHai one leng can’t help but show approval.
Being able to say this proves that they have grown up.
Being beaten into such a miserable state by others, you don’t look for yourself, you want to solve it by yourself and stop relying on yourself.
This is the heart of the strong, so that two people can resist a piece of heaven and earth.
Muhai looked at the two men as if they looked at two war generals who had defeated ten thousand enemies in the killing field.
Muhai recovered her mood for a long time and nodded slightly. "Well, you must practice hard."
"Boss, don’t worry, we haven’t stolen laziness. We have broken through these days!" Yu Tai’s eyes shone with pride.
"Have you reached the magic Dan territory?" Muhai asked
"No" Yu Tai revealed an embarrassment and shook his head. "I have reached the magical realm now, and I can break through the magical realm in three days. By then, these grandchildren are by no means my opponents."
"Good efforts are promising" Muhai patted Yu Tai on the shoulder.
"Eldest brother …" Yu Tai scratched his head to reveal an embarrassing color.
"By the way, Tiger, what about you?" Muhai asked
"Boss, I need a day to break through to the elixir, but the elixir is running out," Zhao Hu said.
"Come and take it," Muhai said, and took out one hundred Eupolyphaga Dan and handed it to Zhao Hu. "After you two practice resources, don’t worry about it, come to me?"
"Thank you boss" two people show gratitude at the same time.
"You don’t have to be polite to call me boss, but I need your help in the future," Muhai said.
"Eldest brother, don’t worry, have a word with our local manager" Yu Tai said.
Zhao Hu aside is nodding.
"Well, what can I do for you today?" Muhai asked
"We heard that Qingqing came over and wanted to meet her," Zhao Hu said.
Muhai nodded and knocked at Yingxue Sunny Gate.
"Elder brother you …"
Ying Xueqing showed a face of carelessness. When she saw Zhao Hu and them, her face showed surprise. She ran to Zhao Hu with Zhao Hu’s hand "Emoko".
There is not much difference between the two ages, so it is easy to talk.
"No one bullied you, did they?" Yu tai, scratching the head, asked
"Uncle, I have a brother to take care of who can bully me?" In the face of Yu Taiying, the snow is fine and not so afraid. Look normal.
But she doesn’t want to be embarrassed by Yu Tai.
"Tiger Brother, let me tell you something. Brother and I have experienced many great events. Do you want to hear it?" Ying Xueqing said

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