He remembered that the two younger brothers, one named Siyang and the other named Lu Zhou, were both proud of their master’s younger brother Xiu, and he had reached a fairyland. It seems that the master is still worried that the daughter wants to forcibly bring her back to the mountain!

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However, these two people are much higher than the punishment of Qiaoyin, but they will never be that girl’s opponent in terms of scheming means.
Punishment is really like laughing twice, then he said cheerfully, "I’m going to the mountain. Go and pack some belongings first and come and find me later."
Siyang and Lu Zhou exchanged glances and said, "No need. Master Brother wants us to bring Miss back as soon as possible. We don’t intend to stay in Shanduo. Please forgive me."
Punishment is really like nodding his eyebrows. "Let it be, after all, my dad’s instructions are more important. I have a loyal brother like you in the Fire Palace, so I can’t take over the day in the future." And he patted them on the shoulder and smiled deeper.
Both of them scratched their heads embarrassedly and smiled very shyly.
After the sentence, I went to the room to change my clothes, and then I left the Fire Palace.
Previously, when I was in Changxuan, I was forced by Aoqingwei’s pressure. His clothes were already sweaty. He didn’t expect Aoqing to be the ice flow owner and the other party. The earth repair almost inspired his body magic work, which made him even more white. Even with The Hunger, he still missed the threshold of the fairy. It seems that he still needs to work harder.
Chapter 243 Return to Lianyun (2)
Punishment is really like a line of people riding to Lianyun town. It’s already two more days. The lantern in front of the punishment house has already lit up and swayed in the refreshing night wind.
He looked at some deserted streets, and when he saw that Seven was not far away, he waved to him.
Ah Qiyi trotted up to the punishment, bowing in front of the door and saying, "Punishment Ye, you are back."
Punishment is really like a slap in the back of his head and gently drink a way "what are stealthy things looking at here?" Is it also a place where you can step on the front door of the penal mansion? "
"ouch! Punishment ye you this can be wronged small "July 4th looked at this just close to punishment really like side low way" this is not a few days ago, a group of palace people came to our town to inquire about a girl fell to listen to their mouth description should be punishment girl wind eldest brother saw those people look up to no good, which makes the town people are not allowed to reveal the punishment girl fell and let small personally keep near the punishment house to protect the safety of the punishment girl "
Seven o this voice has been extremely low, but I still let Siyang and Liu Zhou listen to every word. They immediately changed their faces and just wanted to say something when they saw the punishment as if they had made an expression of eyes. They were not allowed to reveal the identity of Miss and Master Brother at will, and they could silently guard against the sudden appearance of outsiders.
Punishment is really like pulling out an ingot from the sleeve and throwing it out lightly. "You’ve done a good job on this, and thank the boss for asking him to drink for me."
Seven o scrambling to catch in your hand and weigh a component immediately grinning "punishment ye is very kind of you and punishment girl to stay in our Lianyun town that is a family, the family should help each other? Punishment ye small words must be brought to the wind eldest brother punishment ye if there is no other command to urinate continue to lookout "
Punishment is really like a sneer. "You are quick to do it. Since I come back, I naturally don’t need you to keep watch here. Go back and rest!" But those people keep an eye on me and let me know as soon as there is any movement. "
Seven eyebrows smiled. "Thank you, Seven. Don’t worry that those people are still in Lianyun Town. They will not escape my eyes!" And he said to the three people, one by one, holding the ingot and leaving.
When Ah Qiyi left Siyang, he quickly said, "Big Brother, this …"
Punishment is really like raising my hand and breaking it. He answered the words and sank into the "advanced room". Then he knocked on the door.
The concierge let three people in and looked around again, then the door was locked again.
As soon as the three people here entered the courtyard, the housekeeper should come and say "Gong is back."
Punishment is really as light as it should be. Continue to the east wing. "Miss is asleep."
The housekeeper said, "Miss went to rest after dinner, and ordered no one to disturb her, saying that she had encountered a bottleneck these days and needed to practice alone."
Punishment is really like sneering at the white in the heart, and arresting people to discharge fire poison for her. "These two are my younger brothers. You should arrange a room rest for them. You should not neglect the hospitality these days."
The housekeeper answered and said to Siyang Luzhou Road, "Please come with me", and he led them to the East Room.
The punishment is really like living in the east wing. Since it is a male guest, it is natural to arrange the east wing guest room again.
Siyang and Liu Zhou are both one leng facing the punishment. It’s as urgent as saying, "Big Brother, we have come to the mountain but …"
Punishment really like corners of the mouth slightly raised gherardini "Qiao Yin has rested, you always don’t want to take her away in the middle of the night! And you just heard that she is now in a bottleneck. Do you think my father will spare you if she is possessed? "
The two men looked at each other and thought about Master’s temper. Today, the other disciples who were thrown into the blood pool couldn’t help shivering and quickly bowed, "Everything is arranged by the big brother."
The whole inferno imperial secretary knows that punishment Qiaoyin is the palace master’s palm bead. If it makes punishment Qiaoyin unhappy, the scene will be very tragic. Think about the other disciples who disappeared inexplicably because they offended this big lady. They think it’s better not to disturb punishment Qiaoyin. Anyway, Master asked them to bring back Miss Qiaoyin, but didn’t say when. Now it’s good for them to follow Miss’s wishes. Otherwise, even if they finish Master’s instructions and go back, it will be enough for them to drink a pot of water.
So thinking of two people followed the housekeeper to the guest room to rest.
Punishment is really like squinting at them, and the smile from the corners of their mouths is getting cold.
When the housekeeper came to me, he nodded indifferently and didn’t ask if something happened in Lianyun Town during this time, and went straight back to his room.
Punishment Qiao Yin there he didn’t have to look at the past to know what happened.
That girl’s skill is not immortal, but it is more than enough to deal with ordinary cultivators. What’s worse, the only cultivator in Lianyun Town has already become that girl’s skirt minister, who is having sex in her room sometime now!
As expected, the west wing did not turn off the lights here, but the courtyard gate had been locked. There was a room with lights on in the big west wing, which made people blush and groan.
A middle-aged man was lying flat on the bed with blurred eyes. His long dark hair was scattered in the pillow, his clothes were open and his chest was bare, and his tight skin showed a layer of light gold in the dim light.
A double-ten-year-old woman is sitting on his body in a semi-solution. The ups and downs have stirred up the light purple rain flower brocade blouse, which has faded at the waist. The blouse embroidered with light golden auspicious clouds has slipped down, and her rounded shoulders are bare in the air. The corset is hidden in the dark purple tube top, and the purple cloud pattern hundred flowers skirt is still worn in the body, which will combine the two of them and cover up the body.
See her Tan Kou micro Zhang Wei narrow eyes full of charming provocative color, a pair of soft little hands can’t stop stroking the man’s bare chest, and from time to time he leans over to take a bite on his chest, which should be elegant and chic. At this moment, a peacock’s tail is hanging loosely in his ear, and it is not landing, and it is obliquely inserted in the bun as she moves violently, as if it is about to fall for a moment.
Chapter 244 Return to Lianyun (3)
If the punishment is really like this moment, you will find that the man in the punishment room at this moment is Lianyun Town’s uncompromising wind.
Six years ago, when the punishment really came to Lianyun Town, he was attracted to the wind, but this man gave up the idea after investigating his life background. It is absolutely impossible for a man to climb on someone else to be attracted. Even for a while, when the time is ripe in your hand, he will naturally bite back, which shows that he doesn’t need to feed an immature wolf cub.
He really needs manpower, but he only needs to be loyal to the controllable person or have something in hand, and he must be 100% capable.
Therefore, he didn’t finish anything when Qiao Yin said that she could read "red beans" to Feng, but she let Qiao Yin do whatever she wanted. Anyway, it’s not enough that anyone else can be controlled by Qiao Yin, and this younger sister is still in his control.
Punishment Qiao Yin is approaching at this time, so he is not satisfied with his desire to urge people to move together.
Wind read can keep a long time, etc. Is this moment immediately stretched out his hand tightly buckle punishment Qiao Yin Sandy waist made a malicious to SiJin hit directly to punishment Qiao Yin hit breathed heavily repeatedly exclaim a higher than until half a column of incense after punishment Qiao Yin just a convulsion will fire poison with honey bursting out and scattered in the man busy.
The man growled as he was scalded, and his throat growled with joy.
Punishment Qiaoyin cooperated with hard twisting waist to twist the man’s body for a few times to reach the peak. When the wind read it, it could be sent forward with great force. Punishment Qiaoyin suddenly pulled away from her skirt and jumped out of bed. She conveniently covered a silk scarf on the other side and let the other side spray out the essence and fell on that side silk handkerchief.
Feng Nian can wake up after a short absence and "shout" and throw the square handkerchief to the ground. He rolled over and sat up and glared at the side, slowly arranging his hair and punishing Qiao Yin with anger.
It’s always like this. This woman always pulls away at the end while he is absent. It seems that she regards him as a tool to enjoy pleasure and doesn’t want him to leave anything in disgust.
Punishment Qiao Yin Shi Shiran sat in front of the dresser and didn’t try so hard to put on the clothes and trousers. Instead, he first picked the rickety one for a long time and removed the loose bun to let the long hair hang freely over his shoulders. Only then did he pick a mahogany comb and slowly combed his hair neatly.
She saw the wind in the bronze mirror can look and then slowly turned around to tease "why a pair of insatiability! I remember that people in the town said that the wind boss never gets close to women. How can he always get enough when he comes to me? "
Punishment Qiao Yin saw the wind, but her words changed color and she couldn’t help giggling, so she continued to comb a head of moss on her side.
Feng nian can not only look ugly at the moment, but also feel bad in his heart. He has never been interested in women, but I don’t know that he has been obsessed with this woman since he met Punishment Qiaoyin six years ago, and he climbed the wall of Punishment House in the middle of the night that day. She had sex all night.
He had previously been punished by Qiao Yin, and the drug effect should dissipate after intercourse once. But after that, instead of returning to normal, he thought about the graceful body of Qiao Yin every day, hoping to press her on himself again.
He went to yiguang to see a doctor. There was no abnormal pulse, no signs of poisoning. He tried the mantra to suppress the evil fire at the bottom of his heart, but it didn’t work. He even asked Ah Qi to find several clean women for him. He found that he still couldn’t finish his interest in women as usual, but he was obsessed with punishment Qiaoyin. Finally, he couldn’t bear his physical and mental desire to go to the punishment house again. Since then, he has been out of control and can’t leave this woman anymore.
However, Feng Nian didn’t expect that this dignified girl who looks like a good family in everyday life would never refuse him to have sex, rather than having extraordinary charm in bed. Just one look can hook him up and lose his soul, and he wants to firmly imprison her in his arms and never let others taste her sweetness.
Punishment Qiao Yin combed her hair before she got up and walked towards the bath behind the screen on the west side of the house. Every time she had sex, she had to take a bath. Therefore, on the first day she moved here, she built a bath in the house. There was a water inlet and outlet in the bath, and the pool water flowed all the year round. A law array was set up at the entrance. In her eyes, it was the unfinished solidified magma that was transported from the back of the Fire Palace to feed water and heat it at any time.
Punishment Qiao Yin walked very slowly and removed her clothes as she walked. First, the light purple blouse, then the medium coat, then the tulle tube top, and finally, the long hair of a hundred flowers skirt was hidden in her hips, exposing her white limbs to the wind, but she didn’t care. After the clothes department was taken off, she turned behind the screen and slowly stepped into the pool.
The warm pool water made her groan comfortably-she soaked her whole body in the water, closed her eyes and relaxed herself, letting herself feel the pool water coming from all sides and hugging, and then she took a deep breath and gradually lay flat with her feet off the bottom of the pool and suspended in the pool water.
The wind can hear the subtle water behind the screen, and then I think of the evil fire that felt my abdomen tighten again. He frowned silently and got up and walked on the marble floor tile to the screen.

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