"Looking for death!"

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The strong man drinks his hands on the edge of the table and then suddenly tries to overthrow the wine table.
But the strong man seems to be powerful, but he is as powerful as the law.
Chapter 66 Bait
? Chapter 66 Bait
It took ten days for Xiao Lingyu to find a suitable target, which was a rhinoceros-shaped monster beast in the early days of the gods. Judging from its breath, it was the early days of the gods.
When Xiao Lingyu is less than 300 feet away from the rhinoceros monster beast, it has found Xiao Lingyu and felt that Xiao Lingyu’s strength is not strong …
Chapter 661 Good Samaritan 1
? Chapter 661 Good Samaritan 1
The last main material to find Xiao Lingyu can immediately try to impact the sixth, but in the process of impact, it is not only necessary to have materials, but also needs a lot of energy support, and it also needs a lot of energy to stabilize the state of cultivation after the impact, so he must make himself richer.
Chapter 662 Kindly save 2
? In front of so many people, Xiao Lingyu naturally can’t move the Hallows, or even if he kills them, he will be wanted by Confucius for exposing the Hallows, and he won’t expect to enter Kunming again.
Xiao Lingyu only advanced ten feet away and invited the foodies out. The speed and impact of foodies rushed out to grasp the nature.
The distance between the two sides is a little too close, even if the foodies react quickly, they can dodge the past. Xiao Lingyu Nai has to wave silver moon’s broken knife to hold the golden long knife.
The golden long Dao was framed behind, but it jumped on Xiao Lingyu with a raging flame and wrapped Xiao Lingyu all over.
Then more than a dozen gods came around the strong flame group, and the foodies also followed Xiao Lingyu’s decisive retreat.
Hundreds of people from the Flame Regiment gathered here at this time, and ten of them cooperated with their heads to besiege the sword-holding monk.
Failure is the key to success, depending on whether he can escape.
But Xiao Lingyu, after all, is not the main target of the flame group. He was caught in the trap by mistake. Before the flame group, he did not calculate that he would be here. Several of the twenty people were just three Hei Hu demon fighting down archers, and it was twelve people.
Twenty people surrounded Xiao Lingyu’s eating goods, and then later generations left and plundered the array. Twelve other powerful gods killed Xiao Lingyu.
After making up his mind, Xiao Lingyu decided to take a chance. He let the foodpower go forward regardless of the attack and defense, and he himself posed hard to meet the other party’s attack.
Stay both sides is about to contact the twelve people leaping twelve long knives or chopping or chopping or cutting … All greeted Xiao Lingyu behind the foodies.
As a result, eleven of the twelve attacks fell on Xiao Lingyu.
To the surprise of the twelve men, they made moves together and the attack also hit each other. In their opinion, the other party was mortal, but their own long knives were all broken through each other’s bodies. After a few mouthfuls of blood, the other party was easily rushed out of the distance in that battle.
"Don’t worry about him yet. Come and help!" Kong Lie shouted to the twenty people who were going to kill Xiao Lingyu.
This is what Xiao Lingyu expected. He didn’t expect that the other 20 people didn’t kill themselves later.
When it was getting dark, he returned to his makeshift cave and sealed the boulder at the exit of the cave.
This time, it was really a big loss. Not only did I not receive the fisherman’s profit, but I also sent myself into the trap of the flame group. If it was not for myself and eating goods, there were still some things. If it was not for the flame group that surrounded a sword-holding monk, even if I faced the whole flame group, I might not be able to escape.
Xiao Lingyu had just entered the bathtub and soon began to eat food, and she screamed to warn that someone was approaching here and had entered Baizhang.
He just thought about scanning it-because it is night, he can’t see the faces of people clearly.
But the other party didn’t go and came to the cave entrance very accurately. Although the hole was blocked, the other party seemed to have seen that there was a cave and took out a long sword to smash the boulder at the entrance of the cave.
Let Xiao Lingyu didn’t expect that the bearer just came in and sprayed one mouthful blood, and then the body fell heavily.
People seem to have passed out in a coma, and all the life essence force is slowly passing away.
"He can still get out alive!" Xiao Lingyu then surprised tunnel
This man is in poor health, and his vital energy keeps overflowing from those scars. If he is rescued from time to time, I am afraid he will die soon.
It’s not that Xiao Lingyu is afraid of Confucius, but he just doesn’t want to get himself into big trouble.
But this man fell on his own feet, and it seems a little guilty if he doesn’t save himself.
Xiao Lingyuheng felt that saving people may not be good for himself, but he decided to save this person.
In fact, those medicinal soups are all made of materials that can restore physical injury, which is also helpful to people’s physical injury, while fresh fruit juice can help people stabilize their life essence.
"The flame group is really fast, and now it’s here!" Xiao Lingyu dark call a bad and then to eat back ready to break through.
Bearer very directly without saying anything, Xiao Lingyu split the sword at the mouth of the cave. Fortunately, Xiao Lingyu was well prepared for silver moon’s broken knife holder to hold the other side’s sword, but the other side attacked quickly and the other side was in good condition. After the other side’s sword was held, it was a kick in Xiao Lingyu’s chest and Xiao Lingyu was directly kicked into the cave.
The foodie looked very angry, and the tail swept around the front, but the bearer was very agile and had followed him into the cave in a moment.
The bearer first frowned at his companion and then said to Xiao Lingyu with his fist, "It was just an abrupt mistake to regard the benefactor as an enemy!"
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Xiaofei writes a lot, and people are absolutely reliable.
Chapter 663 Simple
? Chapter 663 Simple
Xiao Lingyuheng felt that saving people may not be good for himself, but he decided to save this person.
After thinking about it, Xiao Lingyu put the comatose person into the medicine soup and then dripped some fresh fruit juice into the population.
Those medicinal soups are actually to restore physical injuries …
Chapter 664 Playing hard to get
? Chapter 664 Playing hard to get
"What’s wrong with simplicity? Go straight and be frank." Jihongrui unpreparedness tunnel
"It is because your thought is too simple that you have been trapped by the flame group and almost lost your life. You should remember that your simplicity may not be as simple as yours. This time, you may not be so good if you get away with it once …

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