Definitely not going.

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don’t go to
Ok, let’s make a bet, shall we? If you lose, you can go. If I lose, I won’t force you to give you a gold coin as compensation from now on, ok?
One gold coin. Okay, I’ll listen to the bet first.
Hearing Dick say that he was having dinner at Longfei’s house, Jingjing Longfei’s mother was surprised to see what Dick was going to do.
We bet on who has longer men’s things.
Ah, the dragonfly carefully considered one side and two women were already red in the face.
I’ve lost for a long time, thought the dragonfly, betting on a gold coin.
Okay, I bet it’s better than there
right here
Abi is afraid of who. Dragonfly gets up and is ready to untie his belt.
Haha, you have lost, Dick said.
What haven’t you seen yet? How can I lose?
Don’t look at my beard. What are you looking at?
In an instant, the dragonfly turned into a fossil, and there were only two words and two numbers in my mind.
Chapter I Wangchengyuan
At the thought of that painful experience, dragonfly will stand up and salute all over his pores, but according to dragonfly, if a man is willing to gamble, he will lose. Now that he has lost to the old man, it is good to go to any school.
In fact, dragonfly also knows that dad is. He is thinking that after all, knowing high-order magic is the best way, but the problem is that dragonfly’s physique is different from others. According to the custom of Bezos, when a child reaches the age of 7, he will make a contract with the elves, but less than three days after dragonfly’s elf makes a contract, the elf power will absorb light and die. This is why dragonfly can’t rely on high-order magic with elf power. Then how can he go to the magic school?
The thought of dragonfly head here has changed from one to two scales.
What’s the matter? You’re not hungry again, are you? Now you want to eat a pile of bones, too. Jingjing asked Dragonfly with a laugh.
No, I’m not a pig. How can I think of eating? A handsome and intelligent person like me is a lot of important issues to consider. Dragonfly leans over and lies down again.
Hehe, that’s good. What is our cricket brother thinking?
I wonder how I can get into that school after all. I’m not like you, who have already signed a contract with four elves at the age of 18.
It’s the Wangchengyuan Wangchengyuan, but you’re right. It seems that your body can’t make a contract with the elves.
Oh, forget it. Just try it with my primary magic now. If it doesn’t work, go home and eat the old man.
Listen to dragonfly’s words that are so frustrating. Jing Jing’s eyebrows are also crystallized. I know how high the talent of dragonfly’s magic is. Dragonfly can remember it after seeing a magic horse, but magic can not be started by mantras. The higher the level of magic, the more it needs the help of high-level elves, but Dragonfly can’t conclude a contract with elves.
Forget it, forget it, you don’t want to. It’s been 17 years without elves. I’m still fine. I’m saying that the old man also wants me to try. I don’t have to get into the exam. It’s getting late. Let’s go get something to eat first. The afternoon class is coming soon. Dragonfly doesn’t want to get bored, so he changed the subject.
Yeah, good, but you made me have no food today. What do you want your guests to eat, a set meal or noodles? It’s hard to decide.
What? What’s so expensive? By the way, it’s said that I hurt you. You went to the meeting, and it was you who made me be scolded by the fish head monster.
Hey, hey, who told you to sleep in class deserved it? I said you weren’t right, but you didn’t make a face at Jingjing.
Ah, not yet. Oh, my God, help me. Another scream ended this afternoon
A month passed quickly, and today is the day when Longfei Jingjing went to Baisuosi City, Wangdu, to apply for the magic court in Wangcheng. Last night, Longfei stayed up all night because he came to talk to old Dick.
Xiaotian, you’re going to the city. I have some money here. You take it to old Dick, take a bulging purse and walk into the dragonfly room.
Haha, it’s really nice to spend money on a trip to the city in January. He never thought of staying there for three years. Well, dad, I will definitely work hard to get into the school. Dragonfly said with a serious face, but his eyes were fixed on the purse.
Hehe, confidence is good. I have six gold coins here
Ah, I’ve made six gold coins. How can I spend them? Well, think about it. It’s not so much. I can’t go there. I don’t mean it. I want you to think about 5 roads and 8 roads. Life is almost the same
Ah, 5 Wangchengyuan finally remembered the name, didn’t it?

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