He is as famous as Sirius.

Published on 08/06/2024

Wuhong frowned at Muhai and frowned slightly.
He couldn’t help wondering because of the sounds around him.
He walked up to Muhai and held his fist slightly. "Who is this gentleman?"
Muhai smiled. "It doesn’t matter who I am, but you are a liar."
When this word came out, it shook all around.
Everyone gawked at Muhai showing no color.
"cheat? Is Lord Wu cheating? Impossible? "
"Yeah, he looks like he’s talking in moderation, not like cheating."
"Don’t worry, Sirius boss won’t just frame people. I’ll wait and see."
Boom scene gradually quiet, everyone looked at Taiwan, two people confused.
Wu Hong’s face turned blue and his mouth twitched slightly. Soon he recovered. He smiled and walked to Muhai. "Sir, please forgive Wu for not recognizing who you are."
Speaking of this, Wu Hong paused. "Although Wu is not contested, no matter who framed me at will, I will not let him be better even if I fight this desperate struggle."
Strong momentum crazy coming to push Muhai back.
However, Mu Hai has all the power to annihilate when his eyes are open like a spirit.
This momentum with the enemy momentum pounced on Wu Hongshen, making his body repeatedly retreat to reveal a face of horror.
"This … so strong?"
Wu Hong’s heart has been stormy and dare not look down upon it again.
"Who the hell are you? What’s the problem with Wu? " Wu Hong said
"I told you, it doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that you are a liar."
Speaking of which, Muhai blazing with anger was too scared to answer Wu Hong.
"Don’t you want to admit that it’s good and will soon make you give up?"
Speaking of which, Muhai’s eyes swept across the stage and looked at Fang’s people. "Don’t name him. He sells garbage as a ring just to cheat everyone."
As soon as this statement came out, it was like a storm.
"What? Garbage to lie to us? Impossible? "
"Maybe just now Lord Wu was making magic, but it wasn’t really a ring."
In the face of these accusations, Wu Hong’s face was red and his chest fluctuated violently. His fingers were mu Hai and he shouted, "Don’t be a dirty lie and deliberately slander others!"
Mu Hai looked calm and motionless. He looked at him calmly. "What? Do you want to admit that it’s good? If you dare, you can show it to everyone again. "
"Yeah, show us once quickly."
"A straight foot is not afraid of a crooked shoe. If you don’t lie, you can demonstrate it ten times again."
"Yeah, that ring won’t work again and again, will it?"
In the face of all kinds of doubts, Wu Hong gritted his teeth and shouted, "Good Wu will show you."
With that, Wu Hong once again asked people to take out the five-sided lingshi pile on the ground.
Then he put the ring on his hand to control his mind and put the stone in it.
However, he found himself trying his best to put these lingshi into it without listening to the root method.
Over time, Wu Hong’s forehead overflowed with fine sweat.
On the other side, bathing in the sea is Gherardini looking at him, and he displays it.
"Wu door Lord still leng? Hurry up! "
"Yes, why is the Lord Wu grinding Ji Ji? Hurry up "
The urging sound kept ringing and everyone’s patience was completely consumed by him.
When Wu Hong’s heart was beating violently and squinting at Muhai, he just found him looking at himself Gherardini.
It’s over. I met a master
Who is he? How come I’ve never seen it?
Hidden fog gate seems to have no such enemy.
"Master Wu, you can’t really use your ring once, can you?"
"It seems so. He is really a liar."
To gradually get up and beg Wu Hong to sweat like rain, the body trembled slightly.
Just now, 12 rings were tried by other departments, and it was found that they were put into things by root method.
I’m afraid I can beat that ring in my original hand.
There’s a lot of money in it, including …
Thought of here, Wu Hong’s body trembled and fear flooded his body.
"Trick everyone into killing him together."
"Yeah, how can such a person let him appear on the stage?"
The scene has been chaotic, and many people got up and prepared to rush to the stage.
Just then a big drink sounded.
As soon as this statement comes out, everyone is quiet.
Muhai walked to the front of the stage and waved his hand. Wei lomas walked to the stage and saluted Muhai slightly. "Does Big Brother have orders?"

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