Three months later, the newly-built Lazio youth training camp will finally welcome its owner!

Published on 09/06/2024

Stramaccioni officially became the director of Lazio youth training camp the next day.
Out of respect for the hospital of Stramazoni, the Lazio club did not publicize this point, but announced the news in a very small position on the official website.
It is a news that "Stramaccioni officially signed Lazio as the head of youth training"
Changsheng led Stramaccioni to the youth training camp. On the way, he explained his great ideas to Stramaccioni.
"… there are not many players in Lazio youth training camp now, because we were disbanded once before and are still slowly recovering. Those talented players went to other teams in those years, and now we have to go from Rome and Lazio to Pataca, and we are rebuilding Lazio scouting team. Our tentacles will extend to every corner of Italy, especially Europe and the world."
"they will choose those children with potential to join Lazio. It’s up to you."
Stramaccioni nodded. "I will make Lazio youth training the best in Europe!"
Changsheng smiled and held out his hand. "I believe you will meet happily, Andre."
"Happy Mr. Chang"
Two people hold hands together.
Stramaccioni joined and expanded the team of winning coaches.
Now, except for Lazio physical fitness coach Brasi and two other daily training coaches, Lazio coaching staff are always winners.
Physical fitness coach Elias Dominic, assistant coach Rudy Gonzá lez, assistant coach dimatteo, visiting coach Gao Hongbo and youth training director Stramaccioni.
The array is already very strong.
But Chang Sheng still lacks a video analyst …
On November 11th, the Italian Cup will be divided into one final.
Lazio, as the defending champion of the League, won the Italian Cup from the first quarter, so they won’t play the extra Italian Cup for 90 months.
You can put more energy into the League and the Champions League.
Lazio played Genoa at home in the first game.
In this game, the winner still chooses the mix and match method of substitute, reserve team and youth team players
The Coppa Italia is a great opportunity to train new people.
In the end, Lazio and Genoa played an 11-draw in 90 minutes. Lazio scored two goals in overtime and finally eliminated Genoa by 31 points.
The quarter-finals will wait until the 20th of January in two months, and the winning team will no longer consider the Coppa Italia.
The twelfth round of the league is the Rome Derby.
With a new coach, Rome plays Lazio at home.
Changsheng and Ranieri still have some connections.
He left in Valencia and Ranieri took over his class.
At that time, Ranieri was always compared with himself, but Ranieri avoided this comparison and really took control of the team. After he came to Valencia, he made drastic reforms to eliminate the influence of winning in the team.
As a result, the team’s performance slipped all the way, and eventually he was dismissed by impatient Sohler because of his poor performance.
I didn’t expect that now that he has turned around, he has gone to Rome where he once stayed.
Ranieri is nicknamed tinker
This nickname is because he is good at making some adjustments and repairs to the team’s existing array and then making them play a more powerful role.
Just like a tinker, he made a hole in the rotten iron pot to cover the hole, and then he could continue to work normally.
Another saying is that he is always good at being a fire-fighting coach, and he can lead the team out of the crisis when the team is in danger.
But when he has a full season, he often can’t lead the team to achieve satisfactory results.
This time Rome was right to find him in the middle of the coaching change.
Inranieri is good at doing this kind of midway fire fighting.
However, in the first game, Ranieri coached in a hurry and didn’t even know the specific situation of the team. The team lost to Bologna on the road.
Now in the second game, I play the Rome derby against Lazio.
He had some bad luck in fighting the fire this time.
Rome is at an absolute disadvantage than Rome.
Ranieri seems to know this, too. Before the game, he didn’t provoke Lazio or show any ambition.
He is very low-key
Don’t talk about the game
He didn’t even talk when the reporters forced him to talk.
If you push hard, just keep silent.
There’s really no good way for a group of reporters to keep their hands off such a low profile.
It was probably the most interesting Roman derby for them.
There is no suspense in the result of the game, and now there is no expectation for the course of the game.

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