"Come with me to Italy" Xue Yingying stared at him and said what she was thinking these days. She whispered, "I will accompany you to do whatever you want there. Let’s ignore these troubles from now on, okay?" She paused and added, "I’ll think of some way to immigrate your parents to the past few years, so they can enjoy their retirement, okay?"

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Although she didn’t say it directly, the meaning of confession in the words was already very white, and she planned to live with Qu Yong for a generation.
The Iraqis are so affectionate that Qu Yong can’t refuse to take a deep breath until he knows that he wants this promise. From then on, he will have to leave his hometown and it will be difficult to set foot on his homeland. "I’ll think about it again."
"Good" Xue Yingying hesitated to look back at the hut and added, "I always feel that something is wrong with that name these days."
QuYong didn’t feel it and asked, "What’s the matter?"
Xue Yingying said, "I don’t think he looks right when he looks at me. I should say that he hears me speak in a wrong way, and it seems like pain and joy, so I can’t always say it."
Qu Yong listened to her as if Mingshi had a crush on her, but it was ridiculous. He carefully recalled, "Will you think too much?"
Xue Yingying said, "I know it’s ridiculous, but I’m a woman and my intuition is very accurate."
Qu Yong is also holding the heart that he would rather believe it or not. "Then let’s be more careful."
It’s night. It’s always very quiet when it comes down in this valley. Qu Yong has no trees, but he looks at the moon and stars every day.
His heart is full of worries about his future. Qu Yong has never been weak. After all, he is still young and has never seen much of the world since he was a child. In recent years, things have been going on repeatedly, but he is not a protagonist in the past. Only this time is his future. He has no idea when he will go further and further with ordinary young people.
"Now I’m carrying a lot of things. Master told my daughter that I couldn’t take care of the Yamaguchi group’s revenge, and I couldn’t control it. Now I’ve caused so many troubles. It’s a mess."
Qu Yong practiced martial arts with his hands spread out, especially when he played black boxing, which really hurt many people. Although he didn’t kill anyone himself, he had a few troubles after all.
"Pull a long face at a young age", the name actually walked behind QuYong and said, "Young man!"
These days, they have stayed out of the way, but Xue Yingying has been angry that Mingshi killed Yuan Hongpao and refused to take a reason. Mingshi said that he would not ruin his eyes and enemies at all, and sometimes he would listen to Quyong’s acrobatics, but he didn’t talk like this.
Qu Yong also knows that he can’t hide his acrobatics from him. Instead, he generously said, "I have been asking myself for more than two months, but I still can’t understand why the law really entered the strength."
Mingshi said, "You practice outside the evangelical church, and your body is as calm as mercury, and you practice at the bottom of the sea. Your body is like a snake, and you are like a vein. It’s really a metaphor that you are ready to break through some ghost doorways, but you are not in the mood."
This surname lives in seclusion in the gospel church. Qu Yong has been practicing here every day for several months, and it is clear that he is naturally familiar with the obstacles in practicing.
QuYong zheng slightly don’t think asked "that should be like"
Name’s haha laughed. "You and I are not related, so we have quite a holiday. What do you want to tell you?"
"He said unexpectedly jilt sleeve and suddenly a rub like a bear rub a tree can move light and like a bird leave QuYong one dumbfounded looking up to heaven gawk not language.
Bears are almost the heaviest and heaviest animals, but birds are the lightest animals. Both of them are perfectly integrated in Mingshi’s body with a quiet movement.
QuYong gawk for a long time suddenly a clap head hate way "QuYong QuYong waste you practiced xingyi quan for many years, this Xiong Ying converging attack one type has no one over ten" He carefully recalled just that one hand gesticulating murmured "blowing breath spit out the new bear by bird ShenShou yi".
This male bear’s converging attack is that in ancient times, the bear claimed that it was like a bear climbing a branch bird stretching its feet into a mysterious English, and that it was like a bear climbing a tree and stretching its feet from a hanging bird.
"It doesn’t hurt the medicine, but Tian Xiong’s posture is like flowing water, and he has gradually become free to practice boxing."
After this night, Qu Yong seems to be getting better and better, and it is getting closer and closer to that strength. Two days later, the full moon is hanging high in the middle of the month.
This night Qu Yong still practiced in the moonlight, and Xue Yingying also looked at him at the door of the hut as usual. In the past few days, Qu Yong specially paid attention to the appearance of a famous name. Even if he was blind, he was gentle and behaved on weekdays, just like a teacher can be called a model of Neo-Confucianism. Only when he heard Xue Yingying talk and laughed at him, his expression would change. It was so that he occasionally smiled and occasionally became fierce, and his emotional changes made people unpredictable.
If we say that Xue Yingying and Mingshi are also the first to meet each other, apart from Yuan Hongpao’s life, they will have a lot of emotional changes and Qu Yong is puzzled.
It is said that one of them is practicing and the other is watching. When the moon is high, the famous man suddenly looks up at the sky and screams like a complaint, just like thunder and weeping, so that the trees in the valley tremble and the yellow leaves fall one after another.
Qu Yong no longer practiced and climbed Xue Yingying’s tree quickly. The two men looked at each other and were quite surprised. I don’t know what the Ming family did on this day. It took about ten minutes to listen to the noise for a long time before it gradually stopped. Then the Ming family swore at him, and the people he cursed turned out to be ancient sages. Since Confucianism, Taoism, Legalism, etc., there are also many insights. Although he was cursing, every sentence was clear and confirmed. After listening to Qu Yong’s eyes, he was really knowledgeable in poetry.
After scolding hundreds of schools, he went to entrepot to scold the ancient emperor for "family and heaven" since Xia Qiguo. Later, the king of Wu attacked Qin Huang Hanwu until Cao Cao famously said, "I’d rather blame heaven than man."
Listen to his nod and praise, "Although this is a romance, it is said that it is a wonderful heaven and man. If I don’t live, I will bear a negative heaven and man." Then I jumped over Xue Yingying’s tree and "Hula" slapped it on the trunk.
His powerful palm, such as the palm of his hand, broke a decades-old tree. It was quite interesting for the two of them to hear him curse, but the disaster poured on their heads in a moment.
Qu Yong picked up Xue Yingying, whose feet had been swept to distant hills like birds when the trunk dumped. Xue Yingying had already taken out a pistol and pointed it at Mingshi’s forehead to ask for a gun.
"Don’t," QuYong stopped her and said quickly in her ear, "If you don’t hit him, it will annoy him even more."
Xue Yingying said, "What should I do?"
Qu Yong didn’t say much. There, Mingshi has appeared on their left side with a foot-shaking posture. He dumped a Tai Chi "body-bending" in the past. Among them, the injury after the gun was not even more blind, but the thunder rolled like a battlefield copper hammer.
"This is tai chi five lamented.
"QuYong where will not know his heart slightly surprised to guide its severe name this lamented not Dan strength only have strength, but its strong strength is a pair of days.
There are not many boxing moves in Tai Chi, generally, there are moves, strokes, body strokes, elbow strokes, finger strokes, crotch strokes and planting strokes, which are collectively referred to as five strokes.
Although there is no body in this "body-bending" of this surname, Qu Yong feels that he is like a drum-beating ant drum, and his vibration is vigorous. He is shocked by qi and blood.
He didn’t dare to bend his back with a bow. He swept up the side and wanted to spin behind it. This blind man can know QuYong’s movements just by listening to the wind, but instead drink a "good".
It looks like Sven’s hands are just like a madman’s roar, like a thunderbolt shaking the ground slightly, and at the same time, the "elbow-bottom thump" flashes, which is to confront Qu Yong head-on.
The original QuYong also wants to hide, but his thunderous roar made QuYong’s body stagnate and his teeth sour, and he can’t escape any more.
"Boom" When the two men met, Qu Yong fell as far as a sack and rolled off the grass. The most terrible thing was that the fist was the intersection, but after this beating, Qu Yong’s whole body was full of blood and his insides were about to vomit.
"This is" Qu Yong’s talent is equal. Just now, the punch behind him was also dark. I asked myself that even if I lost, it wouldn’t be too far away. Who knows that I was defeated in a big mess when I touched it. He was injured, but his heart seemed to have a moonlight shine. "This is the strength of the strength, the strength of the explosion, the strength of the shock, and the strength of the shock, which is just a round force. It is similar to the first time I saw the master that day. Unfortunately, although I came here for nothing, I am afraid my life will soon be over.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine
As we all know, Tai Ji Chuan painted a circle, but what exactly does this circle mean? Generally, the world knows that the soft circle is the old lady’s circle in the park, and Qu Yong finally realized that it is just a circle, just like a stone falling into the water, which will make the stone fall into the water a little bit. The same is true for boxing. Although the fist hit Qu Yong’s fist, it was full of vigor and blood, but for his rapid progress in the past two years, that punch just now would have shattered his joints.
The name’s fist was strong and thunderous, and the land fluctuated endlessly, and the strong wind enveloped QuYong.
Qu Yong has never been so timid in dealing with others for hundreds of times. He dare not meet hard and can avoid beating Xingyi Boxing forward. He feels that each punch intersects with the other’s strength like Tianwei from resisting it. It feels like being put in a bronze bell. The Ming family is ringing the bell outside. Every time Qu Yong hits the stars, his blood surges up and he sees the blood oozing from his seven orifices.
Fortunately, the famous man came and went with Tai Chi five beats. He looked crazy and murmured as if he were a little crazy. Finally, Qu Yong, a simple move, was not hit by a strong fist, but he was afraid that his fists would intersect and he would be shocked to death by the strength of his fists.
He repeatedly backed off for more than a dozen steps and went back to Xue Yingying’s side. The two of them looked at each other with their eyes staring at each other, but they were so infatuated. For the first time, he felt quite regretful that he failed to promise her that day. At this critical moment, Qu Yong thought, "If there is an afterlife, I hope we can be simpler and I can take the initiative."
So did Xue Yingying. When she saw the affection in Qu Yong’s eyes, she felt that this moment was dead, and it was worth it. For a moment, love was sweeter than a hundred years of loneliness. She smiled and took out a dagger and wanted to commit suicide. I don’t know what kind of humiliation she would suffer. At this moment, she was convinced that Ming’s madness gave birth to that kind of mind for her.
"Don’t" QuYong grabbed his dagger and exclaimed "Don’t". At this time, the boxing style of the famous fist came to him again. The fist was unexpectedly hit in his dagger. Although the skill is severe, after all, now the discount of the dagger can’t fight the pure iron dagger "Yi". A loud dagger pierces the palm of the fist. It is finally that he has stopped when he realizes that something is wrong. If the general boxer can release his fist or not, the fist will be lost.
Qu Yong suddenly realized when he saw the shock. "His eyes are blind and he can fight with me. He can hear my fist and listen to the sound. If I go to the murderous dagger and stab it inch by inch, can I not easily kill him?" He just thought that the famous man in this section had punched his hand again, and blood spattered on the wound. Don’t bandage it. It’s more crazy to look at it. He shouted, "Despicable shame and base Younger won’t like you."
Ha, ha, ha, okay. You killed my daughter. I want revenge. I want revenge.
This remark has no head and no tail, which shows that his mind is very confused. Qu Yong has the slightest idea that his fist is coming, and the tip of the dagger is aimed at his fist, and he holds it tightly.
The fist of "Yi" is heavier. The fist of the famous man has a blood hole on the spot. He wants to pump his hand, but this time Qu Yong is interested in letting him go easily. He cut three fingers of his right hand and screamed. One punch of his left hand "moved and beat" will blow Qu Yong away.
"Ah, I want to kill you.
"The name’s this injury has aroused limit ferocious spirit at all costs to take their lives.
Qu Yong’s mouth poured blood and fell to the ground. The skeleton seemed to be scattered, and the internal organs moved. It was like a soul flying and the dagger fell aside.
Ming-shi was crazy, but he was not reckless after two big losses. He jumped up and broke off a branch in a tree. He waved it with his left hand and saw that the branch was holding up one sword after another in his hand. Qu Yong was so sore that even if he moved a finger, it seemed that his body would crack. He knew that this time it was absolutely impossible to hide, and he could not help but sigh and close his eyes until he died.
"Dad, help me." At this critical juncture, Xue Yingying suddenly let out a loud cry.

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