Everyone nodded and suddenly felt that Miss Bend was more frightening than Miss Big, but Miss Bend was just a little arrogant, but at an early age, she could kill herself at any time. I think they must stay away when they meet her.

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It’s okay. You guys go first.
Mu Zhaoyun looked at them. They looked really scared and didn’t like lying, so he waved them away.
The slave excused himself.
Handmaiden excused himself.
People bowed and slowly receded.
Niang, do you believe what I said is true? Leng Yue hates that girl’s magic.
Mu Zhaoyun said nothing. It’s so strange. That girl used to be a timid girl. How can she be so powerful that she can still do black magic?
The wind poured into the weft from the window and swayed like a ghost.
MuZhaoYun suddenly made a sudden. Is it that Xiaolian’s soul blames her for not letting herself go?
She fell to the ground in her slide chair.
Niang, what’s wrong with you? Leng Yue got a fright and squatted down to her.
MuZhaoYun raised his head and looked at her Lian Qing pupil flashing vicious light word for word
That girl can’t stay.
Chapter VII Fun of Cats and Mice
The stars are shining and inlaid in the edge. The night is dense or sparse, like a gorgeous brocade. The night wind blows cold into the heart and spleen, and the rose dances and breathes fragrance in the beauty star.
The white bed was lifted like a wave by the night wind outside the window, and the eyelashes of the people turned over lightly, and the corners of their mouths were slightly pulled, and their small breasts fluctuated and slept soundly.
Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock.
The bed man’s eyes suddenly opened and flashed, but he was sweet when he was not asleep.
Cold bending heard the sound of the bedroom door. I think it was the nurse who went to see the situation. Her little eyebrows wrinkled in the middle of the night, and it was not good to think about it. Her mouth was slightly hooked. She showed a cold sneer, and she quickly jumped up and put on the coat beside the bed.
The nurse knocked at the gate only to find that the general’s wife was actually outside the door now. Her face was very cold, and the starlight reflected in her face was strange. Behind her was a large group of servants who were all fierce.
When the nurse was surprised, she thought it was a day’s work. She was immediately blessed and asked euphemistically if she had seen her wife and didn’t know what happened late at night.
What about that little bitch? Mu Zhaoyun looked coldly. It was this troubled old woman who protected that little bitch to live until now, and I couldn’t help feeling resentful and stared at her.
The destitution suppressed her dissatisfaction with Miss Muzhaoyun’s scolding and said calmly that Miss Muzhaoyun had fallen asleep.
However, Mu Zhaoyun, a base species, hates raising high notes. That little base species scared my moon into a disease and even slept to drag her to me. She waved her hand behind her and ordered
Wait a minute. Nanny stretched out her arms to stop the family from being worried. Madam is also a general’s daughter. You can’t do this. You can’t suppress your fear with your eyes. Looking at Muzhaoyun, your heart is pounding. In the daytime, when Miss Fire surrounds Miss Da and them, she will know that disaster is coming. But anyway, she has to protect her from being born without her mother and without her father.
Against you, Mu Zhaoyun stared at Nanny Liu Mei and pointed to her, pointing to Yuhuan shining brightly in the starlight, but it was somewhat cold. You dare to teach your wife a lesson. Come on, give me a hand.
Who dares to be soft and childish, but with irresistible strength, who is not cold and curved?
Miss, the nurse greeted you quickly and went to the night to get cold. Why are you here?
The destitution is all right. Cold bending gives the destitution a sweet smile. When looking at Muzhaoyun and others, it is chilling.
You’re the little bitch MuZhaoYun was cold and bent, but she stared back. This girl’s black hair and ink were casually draped over her little shoulders, and her white blouse and skirt swayed with the night wind. A pair of little feet tugged at her shoes, and her eyes were a bit lazy and careless at night. What do you think of that god’s attitude? It’s not like a three-year-old boy’s general. However, it’s the bitch maid who gave birth to a bitch. She was so angry that she couldn’t wait to slap this little bitch.
Looking at this woman with her head bent back in a cold way, a cloud bun with a high beam and a bead hairpin inserted obliquely in the left and right bun, a big pink flower in the bun, a green tube top and a coagulated fat cover, a narrow sleeve dress, a long skirt with white silk on the chest and waist, and a night breeze blowing over the shoulders, which is very noble and charming. Look at her again, although she is about 30 years old, she is not old at all. She must be the general’s wife.
Bitch, who are you calling? Cold, bent and lazy. Dumped her eyes, just like her mother. Big peacocks give birth to little peacocks. If you hate personality, you will leave her.

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