"Sometimes I’ll come to see you after I’m not," said Meng Xin, suddenly moved to the old lady’s arms and holding her arm in some coquetry.

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"Mm-hmm, that’s good. That’s good. I’m afraid your husband’s family won’t let you associate with us after you get married." Old Mrs. Li held Meng Xin in her arms contentedly. "How many months have you been pregnant?"
"It’s almost six months," Meng Xin said less for a month.
"Well, it won’t be a few months. Grandma Li will come to see you and the baby when you have a baby."
"Good" Meng Xin didn’t refuse at this moment.
At the end of the day, it was sunny and rainy, and I went to the mall to buy a lot of nutrition. After Meng Xin gave birth to a baby, I could give her something. Meng Xin refused and went back.
Back road Meng Xin in a bad mood Wang Yang has been silent with for a long time before he curiously asked, "Since it’s so good with their family, what …"
"A lot of things can’t be said clearly in a few words, so let’s do it first." Meng Xin gave an explanation, but she didn’t know how to explain it when it came to this.
Wang Yang nodded to understand Meng Xin turned his head out of the window again.
-dividing line-
The atmosphere of Li’s car is also very strange, mainly because the old lady Li’s eyebrows are locked, and she will not manage her finances if anyone talks to her. She is not comfortable when she loses Meng Xin as her granddaughter’s wife.
"Well, since there is fate, you can’t ask for it." Shirley comforted his wife, how much his white wife liked Meng Xin, and he liked it, but this kind of thing couldn’t be forced.
"I didn’t ask for anything." The old lady Shirley took a wrong look at Li Guji and Yu Qing in front. "Call the boss and say that I am looking for him, no matter how busy he is. Let him call me back today."
"Good mother" Li Guji immediately replied that Meng Xin’s paunchy appearance today really shocked them.
"By the way, although you don’t care about the company, you still have connections. I want to see who Meng Xin is." Shirley old lady squinting at the front.
"…" The other three people in the car were all silent. This Meng Xin brought a man. The old lady is still wondering what it is and her stomach has been so few months. Who knows what happened to Meng Xin in the past six months?
Rain or shine is not white. It’s only five or six months since Meng Xin’s belly looks. Isn’t it obvious that Meng Xin was pregnant only in this half year?
In that case, what is there to doubt? Always can become their catalpa yu children?
You won’t believe the theory of rain and shine.
Before, she thought Meng Xin was a good woman, and now she thinks she is good, but it is no longer suitable for their family, and it is no longer suitable for being involved with their family.
"Okay, I’ll check." Li Guji stared at Li Guji in response to the rain and shine. Li Guji smiled at her in a friendly way. Anyway, it’s a check. Meng Xinzhen is married, so nothing can change it.
Rain shine didn’t speak. She knew that nothing was said at the moment. Fortunately, Meng Xin stopped pestering, otherwise she would really feel worthless for their family, catalpa Yu.
The old lady Shirley naturally saw the rain and shine, but she didn’t express any opinions. Meng Xin returned the bracelet to her in the bag. She once gave it to her as her future grandson’s wife. She didn’t expect the bracelet to be returned.
Meng Xin gave it back to her, which means that Meng Xin really doesn’t want to give up hope for their boss. Once a woman gives up, it is easy to marry someone on impulse.
She is angry at this time. Her eldest grandson refuses to grasp Meng Xin’s problem well. Everyone can see that Meng Xin likes him. He wants to show that men should take responsibility, and that’s it.
But it happened that another man appeared today.
Li Ziyu returned a message to Li Grandma after receiving his father’s words late, and Li Grandma immediately swept over and scolded him and threatened in the words, "I told your boss that I don’t care if you are in the North Pole or the South Pole, you’d better go home in the shortest time. Even if you win the world, you will be a fart in grandma’s eyes."
In Li Ziyu’s life, grandma Li dared to fart to scold him, but he didn’t refute anything but listen.
"Grandma, don’t be angry. Tell me what happened?" Li Ziyu frowned and remembered that grandma was so angry. Now what else can make her angry like this?
"I’m not angry. Can I not be angry?" Grandma Li continued to roar at the room, and Father Li didn’t speak for Sun because he knew that his wife needed to vent at this time. "Meng Xin has children and is getting married, so just wait for this generation to regret it."
Speaking of the rest, Mrs. Li suddenly doesn’t want to talk to her eldest grandson. This boss really makes her so angry. She is so angry.
"…" Li Ziyu pinched her mobile phone tightly when she heard the disconnection. Meng Xin was pregnant?
Who is she pregnant with? A few months. Is it his child?
When Zhao Xing came to find him, he saw Li Ziyu’s stupefaction. He called Li Ziyu several times in a row and didn’t respond until he turned up the volume. "Shirley always …"
"What is it?" Liziyu finally came to my mind and looked at Zhao Xing.
"We can go, and the contract has been signed." Zhao Xingchao said excitedly, this is the third contract they expanded Li’s plan today, and it is another billion.
"Well, we booked the earliest return ticket for the day and went back." Liziyu turned and walked in the direction of the ladder.
Zhao Xing followed, "Aren’t we going to fly to country H?"
"I won’t go for the time being. You talk to them over there and explain that we will go back one day." Li Ziyu said that all he thinks about now is Meng Xin.
Is she really so impatient with him?
The thought that Meng Xin might be pregnant with his child, Li Ziyu, suddenly became red-eyed. Can he hide from fate so much?
Li Ziyu, when did you become so weak?
Zhao Xing looked at Liziyu’s changes so carefully that he always felt that he should be facing great events, otherwise there would be no such terrible expression. He had never seen it before.
Liziyu arrived in G city later the next day.
No one came to pick him up, except Grandma Li knew that he would come back. It was sunny and rainy. They didn’t know that Grandma Li was deliberately hiding it from her. Grandma Li called him the first time that Liziyu landed. "Don’t go home for the time being. I have sent someone to Grain Township to investigate. Let’s make sure who Meng Xin’s belly child is first."
"Grandma, you-"Liziyu didn’t know what to say about his things. Grandma was the most concerned, and he thought so. His grandmother had already helped him to do it first before making arrangements.

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