Yu Xi, who was held by Jun Ling, smiled bitterly. "I love you, but I don’t want you to come back at this time. I wanted to go to the city to find you after I packed everything here. At that time, if you still want me, I will hide behind you and stop asking about everything. My world is simple and ordinary. With you and God bless our family, Jun Ling, you have seen that Zhang Yuxi’s life world was so complicated that I should face you."

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"Don’t talk nonsense." He pressed her head on her chest and her eyes were red. "Don’t cry. I’ll help you get rid of all the people who have hurt you, whether you are Zhang Yuxi or Yin Ningluo. No matter how much Junling loves you now, no matter what happens, we will face it together."
At this time, the office door was suddenly pushed and Li Jihe and Guan Yang appeared in front of them.
Ten minutes ago, after Zhang Yuxi left the madhouse, someone came to Li Jihe’s ward and took out the key to beat her door.
"This is the official wife."
The man’s scar face, broken left hand and little finger stared at Zhang Yuxi’s distant figure. This man was Li San, who was caught by Junling for kidnapping Zhang Yuxi and tortured him. Junling once asked someone to kill him. His right atrium was shot, but the fact is that Li San’s heart was on the left. At that time, he was in a severe coma and didn’t die. After climbing out of the mass grave, Li Sanyi begged and fell ill at the entrance of the madhouse. After being rescued, Li San had a good mouth and tricked the dean into asking him to take it in yesterday. In the night, Guan Yang took Li Jihe to the insane asylum overnight. Li San recognized her former lover and wanted to get justice from her, but Li Jihe turned against her. She said that there was a recording in the official old house where I was in contact with you. If I die, the recording will appear in front of Guan Yang. When he knows that you and I are cheating, think about it. Will he let you go? Why don’t you and I help me again? After the job is done, I can give you a generous commission to fly away.
Li San is a mean person who collects money. After thinking about it, he should.
"No matter if you drive me to Nanfeng International now, I want Guan Yang to know what kind of person he loves women."
Nanfeng International Li Jihe was forced to break in when the secret was notified to Guan Yang.
"Why did you come in? Call the security guard to get this crazy woman out." Guan Yang frowned and gave an order.
I didn’t expect to escape from the madhouse and meet him, but I met him with such an attitude towards her. Li Jihe died and said, "Guan Yang, don’t rush to drive me away. You will know everything after listening to this recording."
"How are you?" Zhang Yuxi looked at Li Jihe coldly with tears in her eyes. How can she be here when she should be in a madhouse? What’s more, she can’t accept that the person who is with her is none other than Guan Yang.
Li Jihe looked at Jun Ling and Zhang Yuxi, who embraced each other in front of him, and sneered at her lips. She pressed the recording pen button in her hand, followed by Zhang Yuxi’s voice to every corner of the office.
Guan Yang looked at Zhang Yuxi’s ear with a female resolute and vicious voice, but his eyes were full of light and shadow. In the recording, her voice was only missing. The topic of Guan Chenyu was obviously edited by Li Jihe in the later period.
He approached her step by step, and when Junling was away, his voice was cold and alienated. "Since when did Zhang Yuxi become a vicious woman and learn to plant and frame?"
In an instant, Jun Ling felt Zhang Yuxi’s body getting a little cold and touching his skin. The fingertips were cold, and the whole person seemed to be taken away as a soul puppet. He went to Guan Yang.
"I’m a bad official. You remember that everything I do is because of this woman. She deserves to die." Zhang Yuxi pointed her eyes at the official and raised her hand but pointed to Li Jihe. At this moment, she was angry beyond words, but the man she once loved knew her.
Li Jihe, who came out of the Yinhai Group, was blindsided. In front of the building, besides the Guanyang sports car, there was also a medical vehicle marked with a mental hospital. When Li Jihe came out of the car and the medical staff car walked in front of Guanyang, the man looked indifferent. "Take her away and take strict care. Never let her run out again."
Li Jihe miscalculated his wishful thinking and exposed Zhang Yuxi’s own freedom. I didn’t expect Guan Yang to leave his back hand and be taken away by medical staff in front of Yin’s building. At the same time, Li Jihe’s resentful eyes crossed Guan Yang’s face. "Guan Yang, I curse that you can’t get the happiness you want in this life."
The car is driving on a deep and cold road.
A man controls the steering wheel with both hands. A woman in the office cries red eyes and can’t shake them. She has never been jealous and manipulated her own people. There must be her reasons for doing that.
Rain sunrise, please forgive me for never being so kind to you to protect you. What happened three years ago? Why did Zhang Yuxi hold such a grudge against Li Jihe? Three years ago, he was depressed because of the loss of his wife. After three years, he will personally find out the truth.
Night suburban villa
Zhang Yuxi was lying on the bed, and Junling hugged her warm light from behind and fell on two people in a nude dress. She was like a butterfly resting quietly in his arms after a storm.
She rolled over and hugged his lips with a smile. "Do you know that Tianrou is pregnant and she is a brother and a child, which means I’m going to be an aunt again?"
"Well, congratulations to aunt Yuxi." He smiled.
After they came back from the company, they didn’t remember what had happened. A bed, a lamp and a quiet night belonged to them. What should make others sad and disturb? In fact, they still have a lot of warmth.
Rain the sunrise make signal with the lips thought for a moment, with a slight taste. "After you left, I found a secret room in my room to tell me what was hidden in it."
He held her jaw tightly against her hair, and the gentle light broke into his eyes, giving him a beautiful life. "I sewed a cherry blossom wedding dress for you to wear on your wedding day."
Yeah, it’s honest
"Rain sunrise, let’s get married."
The bride-to-be who is proposed will shed tears, but there is not a tear in Zhang Yuxi’s eyes tonight. Because Junling holds her face and says to her, "I have been in love for ten years in silence, silly girl. You have come to cry, but you are not allowed to cry before tonight. You have to worry about me every day in the future because you cry too much. Can you laugh and propose to you and promise to marry me?"
"Promise to be happy from now on without suffering."
It was also that night that Zhang Yuchen woke up in the hospital, and the pale scenery smelled of disinfectant. There was also the favorite woman in this life who silently guarded the bedside. Lu Tianrou fell asleep, but she did not forget to hold Zhang Yuchen’s hand in her sleep. The warm light passed through his handsome face and fell on her dark hair. It seemed that at that time, the romantic old photo was hidden with warmth and attachment. Zhang Yuchen slowly held Lu Tianrou’s hand, so it disturbed the female Lu Tianrou’s sleep. She felt that her hand was moving in her heart. She looked up and went to see the bed. The man’s eyes were relative to the male’s gentle smile,
"Thank you for your hard work, wife."
If Xu Qianjiao’s accident doesn’t happen, Zhang Yuchen will get the marriage certificate with Lu Tianrou on that day, and then plan the wedding to give her a prosperous marriage. "In fact, there’s a sentence I’ve always wanted to say to you. Do you remember the day when you found me in Provence in the East? You don’t want me to give you charity, but today I’m going to tell you silly girl that a man’s love can’t be given to you. Maybe he will be responsible for a woman’s back, but his love can’t be given to that woman at the same time. I can’t do too much for Guan
Lu Tianrou at the bedside listened to Zhang Yuchen’s words and nodded cleverly. His father said that he had a crush on Zhang Yuchen for twelve years and finally made him feel that he loved her. At this moment, Zhang Yuchen was finished and belonged to himself. Zhang Yuchen, she lay on his chest and turned her face to block her tears. Her right hand was on her lower abdomen and she heard the man say, "Did you miss me with your baby?"
"Do you like children or daughters?"
"Silly children are all our children. When they grow up, we should be old. When the time comes, our children will always be with their knees, and then we will tell them the story of our youth. We are persistent in finding love for our mother, but we will realize that our father has been working hard all the way, but we have finally come together."
Grand finale 2 fireworks perishable beauty double
Four fireworks are perishable and stars are easy to fall.
It’s a happy event for Zhang Yuchen to wake up and be discharged from the hospital. What’s more, Zhang Yuxi and Junling finally finalized the wedding date, January 22, 2011, and one week later.
After getting the news, Lin asked her, "Will it be too late at this time?"
Zhang Yuxi smiled and said nothing. If they had followed their original plan, they would have been husband and wife by the end of December 29, and now she has regained her memory and recognized that the twists and turns of her parents’ lives have come to an end and happiness should come.
Rain sunrise and Jun Ling plan to hold a wedding in B city now and hold it again in the city. When the wedding is still a week away, Jun Ling and Zhang Yuxi will go to the airport to meet Jun Yu and Yin’s husband and wife. They are grateful for their parents’ opinions on whether they are Zhang Xiaotian Lin or Yin Yinhai Liao Yunzhu. Of course, they are also in the same mood for their parents-in-law Jun Yu and Li Wan.
On this trip, Liao Yunzhu brought a big gift to her daughter, that is, they brought Jun Tianyou and Yu Xi, who refused to give up when she saw God’s mother’s love bursting and hugged him. The family of three was happy and always envied others.
According to the custom, Yin’s husband and wife should have been received by Zhang Yuxi’s family at Xishan Villa. Zhang Xiaotian Lin is like living together waiting for Yuxi’s wedding day. Two parents, Jun Ling’s mother-in-law, accepted Jun Ling’s tea and bowed down to the suburban villa. Jun Yu and Li Wanze were received at the wedding day. Of course, their identities will also change, that is, they will change from your uncle and aunt to Zhang Yuxi’s parents-in-law who will also accept Zhang Yuxi’s tea and bow down.
This evening, Zhang Yuxi made tea and sent it to Li Wan and Jun Yu’s room, only to find that there was Li Wan in the room. One person saw the rain, and Li Wan’s lips smiled and deepened, calling her name and waving to her. They were sitting by the bed.
"Your mother, how can you be your uncle?" Rain sunrise asked, "I made tea for you."
"Your father should have tea with you in the room, and so should the two of us." Li Wan laughed.
"Good." Zhang Yuxi took two cups from the tea tray, made a cup of tea and handed it to Li Wan for himself.
The light is warm, Li Wan is holding tea in his hand, and the more he looks at Zhang Yuxi, the more he likes the soft palm. His parents, Zhang Yuxi, are tender and tender, and his cheeks are affectionate. "Rain sunrise, go for a walk, and you and Junling are finally together." Li Wan’s eyes are drawn into the memory. Seven years ago, Junling loved an ice carving dragon jade pendant, and after several temptations, she realized that it was sent by her beloved woman. At that time, although Zhang Yuxi was not seen, she was inexplicably fond of her because of the jade. However,
Zhang Yuxi is gentle, gentle and self-sustaining, and it is a beautiful jade in the world to dissolve natural dignity in gestures.
No wonder Junling likes her.
"Thank you, your mother. Thank you for supporting us with Jun Ling from the beginning. We can’t be separated from you today."
Li Wan’s eyes flashed with glittering and translucent women’s intimate words, and every word said to her heart. Li Wan took this opportunity to say, "Rain sunrise now has two of us, can you call me a mother?"
In Li Wan’s expectation, I finally heard that the mother Li Wan bent over her forehead against Zhang Yuxi’s forehead with joy. "A good daughter and mother must treat you as a dear daughter."
In the room, my father and I sat around the chessboard and finished the chess.
Jun Yu, who heard a laugh next door, noticed that the opposite male Qingjun’s eyebrow eye was smiling warmly, and Jun Yu smiled and said, "Congratulations!"
Five days before the wedding, the prospective bride Lang Junling did not accompany the bride and still worked in the company, which ushered in Li Wan’s dissatisfaction and called the company.
"Hey, mom, what’s wrong?" It’s an acquisition contract for a man to hold a signature pen in his arm.
Li Wan’s dissatisfied voice entered Jun Ling’s ear through the tube. "I said what’s the matter with you? Today is the day when you took wedding photos with Yuxi. You left her alone in the studio. I will ask you whether it is important to make money or your wife."
Jun Yu had no heart. As the wedding approached, mom and Yu Xi got better and better. When listening to Li Wan’s chatter, he was thinking about whether there was a place for him in his heart when he got married in the future.
The question of whether money is important or wife is important seems simple, but it is not easy to answer, because he makes money to raise a wife, so he can’t let his wife marry him and really suffer with him.

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