Randall Lance Leon crossed the road paved by goose soft stone at the entrance of the palace, which was not fast, but his steps were a little hurried

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Today, just after getting up, Randall received a royal edict to invite three people into the palace to meet the emperor Yusis. It was something for Randall. Randall searched for the city for half a year in the camp of the Holy Dragon Knight in Peibalusa, but he didn’t talk about achievements. I didn’t expect Yusis to suddenly summon him, a man with a thousand riders.
Randall wore Ken’s silver armour, combed his blond hair like wheat ears, and was so angry that Lance and Leon hurried to the palace road.
All the ministers in the hall have retreated. Yusis is sitting on the throne alone, thinking about something. Few people can guess his mind. He has never been used to sharing his thoughts with others. He is a king who does not need friends and needs a central minister.
Father Randall Qing has been waiting for a long time, and the second king Hermes stepped on the hall and said.
Yusis eye corner glanced at myself slowly stretched out his hand and said Xuan.
After the attendants summoned Randall Leon Lance, he strode down the hall.
God bless Garland, and God bless them. Three people salute at the same time.
How is Randall Qing recently? Yusis asked a polite question.
God bless Garlanderson. Everything is all right. Randall replied respectfully
Yusis slowly got up and said, Hermes, I said it’s a waste of time to let you take on such a small matter as training city.
Randall is still waiting for the emperor’s instructions with his head down.
Well, nowadays, it takes a talent and someone I can trust to complete a thorny problem. Can Randall convince me that the emperor’s question needs an answer is actually very obvious
I will do my best to serve Garland and share my worries, Randall replied
Yusis nodded and said, I need Randall Qing to visit Quirrell, an industrial city.
Randall raised his head and waited for detailed deployment.
Recently, the magic spar transported back from Quirrell City has been constantly looted by some gangsters. I need you to go to Quirrell to investigate this matter, Yusis said.
Magic spar is a kind of magic ore, and it is the best mineral for weapons and magic equipment. Magic spar is extremely difficult to be mined and has been under the supervision of the supervision institutions directly under the kingdom. Each transportation volume is generally only one or two boxes, and each piece of it can almost surpass gold.
Molybdenum was mined in the magical city of Maikeke, but after nearly a thousand years of mining, the ore there has been nearly exhausted. Recently, a new mine source was discovered in the industrial city of Quirrell. Although the quality and accuracy of Molybdenum are not high in the magical city, Quirrell Molybdenum, which has a perfect mineral collection since the industrial city, has quickly become the main source of Molybdenum market in Garland. The sale of Molybdenum has been monopolized by the Garland Wangs for its high profits. It is not surprising that many illegal black market traders have used various means to scrape Molybdenum into the black market, but it is indeed the first time to
I want the court magician Leon to know a little about the specific situation of the magic spar. This time, I specially consulted my father to send Leon to join Randall Action Team and help him professionally, said King Hermes.
In this more detailed situation, Hermes will arrange Ulysses in detail.
I led Randall to answer immediately.
As soon as a father Randall wanted to bow down, another sound came from the periphery of the palace
A man came in from the entrance of the main hall. He was slender, wearing a silk gown and a gold wristband, which stood out. He was standing on high-quality cowhide boots, his eyes were bright and his eyes were aloof. This man was arthurs Ander Clade, the first king of Garland.
Father, I have to bother my second brother with references. arthurs said after symbolically saluting.
Then who do you recommend? Yusis asked
Arthurs, the grandson of Hald’s prime minister, said that Rumbert was familiar with business and trade in various places, and the Kuhn family was loyal to Garland for generations, and loyalty would be the only choice.
Lance couldn’t help snickering at Rumbert’s name-if this young master doesn’t make a good show.
The king’s will has been issued, and it will be carried out by Randall Qing this time. Yusis seems to be too lazy to listen to arthurs’s explanation.
But father
There’s nothing else to talk about. Yusis interrupted arthurs affectionately

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