Gentle, go to Wen Liang, Wen Liang, and give her the proposed divorce agreement.

Published on 15/06/2024

Yunjian sat there waiting for her, and she looked at the divorce agreement carefully.
She almost cried when she came out from Professor Teng in the afternoon.
But the tears lingered on the edge of the eyes for a long time, and I choked for several times, but I just endured it.
"How is Dad’s physical condition?"
"It’s still the same. My heart beats very fast if I don’t sleep well at night and early," Professor Yuan said.
"Didn’t you meet? Gentle when to send children. "
"I saw her, she didn’t see me." He said lightly and didn’t want to say much.
"Actually, I’ve thought about it carefully. It’s not easy to be gentle after so many changes over the years. Are you sure you won’t regret it in the future?"
Such words, whether Teng Yun or gentle, have not been heard less recently.
Tengyun didn’t speak is gently holding the daughter up.
"Dad than" Teng Ai pouted and went to kiss him.
Section 225
Tengyun couldn’t help laughing again.
Professor Yuan walked over and took Sun’s hand and looked at the little princess in her arms. Our little princess is the most intimate, isn’t it?
The little girl smiled like a doll and then leaned over to kiss her grandmother.
"Well, it’s very kind of our little princess. Today, the pigtails are tied so beautifully. Is it Grandma Zhang or Grandma Wang?"
"It’s Mommy!" Teng Bei looked up at his little sister with a glorious face.
"Mommy tied!" Teng Ai has a special aura when he says it word by word.
Professor Yuan smiled again, but Teng Yun still didn’t speak.
"Mommy’s tie is really beautiful," said Professor Yuan, so cute.
"Mommy is great. Mommy fanfan-not good!"
The little girl stretched out her thumb and said with a small mouth, and then she thought that Mommy was not good at eating, and then she was sad again.
It’s that you can’t speak well. It’s hard to say those words.
"Mommy medicine medicine" Tengbei also said, and then tugged at Dad’s trouser legs, so naive that he looked at Dad as if he wanted something.
Tengyun looked down at the corners of her mouth in her eyes, but in the end she couldn’t say anything.

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