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Xionghai, Cangzhi and Lanyan
Mo Hugh can see that these three people are all nine inches long, and the distance between the fire and the condensed elixir is the last step.
These three people are already the highest three of the hundreds of monks.
As a matter of fact, Mo Xiu knew that these three people had finished their practice and could condense the elixir. They could condense the elixir into an authentic monk at any time if they wanted to.
But I’m worried about being swallowed up by my blood ancestors, so I’ve been suppressing my self-cultivation
But even if they procrastinate and procrastinate, there is not much time left before the deadline stipulated by the blood ancestors.
In the past six months, Mo Xiu has been familiar with more than 100 Godsworn Dan Huo, and everyone is also very curious about Mo Xiu, a godsworn who can build a foundation period and play a five thousand-fold power, including these three people.
In the long run, Danren became good friends.
At this time, Moxiu smiled and shook his head. "It’s just a practice of kendo."
Xionghai still has something to say, but just then someone shouted another one.
"Everybody get ready! The Kuroshio is coming! "
Kuroshio broke out soon.
To everyone’s surprise, after the Kuroshio broke out this time, the four Suo Shen chains condensed and the red Se giant was unprecedented tall and strong.
The smell of the body is also very strong. It seems that all the gestures exude the power of conan the destroyer.
Everything smells unusual, and everyone is concentrating on it.
At this time, the red Se giant issued a deafening roar.
"Humble human! Now! I will destroy your department! "
"Martyrdom and destruction!"
The red Se giant body suddenly split into hundreds of thick red Se arcs and split towards hundreds of monks.
Every red se arc has ten thousand powers!
In addition to Xionghai, Zangzhi and Lan Yan, almost all the people present were able to resist this attack!
Almost everyone is facing death, and Mo Xiu is no exception.
However, the momentum that has been hidden in the red Se arc for half a year has finally erupted.
In an instant, Moxiu broke through the peak!
Mo Xiu once again felt the slight movement in the virtual sword.
This last ten percent kendo was finally controlled by Moxiu at this critical moment.
At this time, kendo is integrated into the real element, and when you blink, you will feel that all the particle worlds in the real element are full of sword meaning and reach a limit, which almost collapses the particle world!
At the same time, kendo is also integrated into the real Hun, which condenses the real Hun into the golden Hun.
One hundred percent gold, Hun!
Jin Hun instantly grasped the rabbit’s intention of rejecting the sword in the particle world.
Gold Hun fretting
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Those huge swords in the world of real particles finally broke through some kind of barrier and broke out, turning poverty into great vitality.
An inch-long, blazing flame is condensed in Moxiu meridians.
Dan fire! !
Chapter 11 Poor Bi See (the second more)
In the instant of Mo Xiu’s condensed Dan fire, he felt that a completely different world appeared in Zixiao Sword.
As far as he can feel, Zixiao Sword is a series of meridians, just like human body.
If you want to control Zixiao Sword, you must pass through these meridians.
Although you can feel the particles that make up the Purple Sword, these particles are just like other particles in the world, not to mention mastering the power.
But now Moxiu can feel the explosion of the particles that make up Zixiaojian, and the world in the particles has started one after another. It is not until the particle part of Zixiaojian is one foot long that Moxiu feels the limit.
The whole body of Zixiao Sword is only one foot long and one foot long, which is already ten percent of Zixiao Sword.
In this one-foot-long purple sword, thick swords are soaring to the sky, breaking through the particle world, and Moxiujin Hun communicates.

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