Liu Ruxu said, and went back to her room. After seeing KINOMOTO SAKURA’s injection and taking medicine, she slept fairly well and was relieved. Then she left the room and went to the next door. At this time, she didn’t give Gu Sheng a message.

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Just rang a Gu Sheng there picked up the words as if waiting for her.
"Hello, Mr. Gu, I’m sorry. There was something wrong with my mobile phone just now. I changed it now." Liu Ruxu apologized and explained.
"Well, I shouldn’t have told you that it’s almost the same. Don’t worry about it. The financial statement has been sent to your mailbox. Go and see if there are any problems and call him at any time." Gu Sheng is a helper.
"Good" willow catkins nodded.
"… in addition, I don’t know when you and KINOMOTO SAKURA have my grandfather. He wants to meet you." Just when Liu Ruxu Gu Sheng had nothing else to say, Gu Sheng suddenly took the liberty.
Willow catkins didn’t know it was when Gu Sheng and Wei Fangying returned to Kyoto. On the second day, Wei Fangying took out a long-drawn-up divorce agreement and signed it for him. Wei Fangying didn’t want anything. She was originally a plan to stay away from the world of mortals. Naturally, she was clean, including Wei Fangying’s former property. She also left her a pair of children.
Gu Sheng didn’t persuade them to sign directly, so they divorced.
However, Wei Fangying still lives at home because she is not as willing to give up her children as she thinks. She needs a little time to say goodbye to them.
Then his grandfather naturally knew about it, and the two of them had openly slept in separate rooms at home. Ling Qi was probably still young, so he didn’t understand anything and didn’t see how noisy he was, but Yun Rou was different, crying every day and not letting his parents divorce.
Grandpa Gu didn’t say much in the end. Now that he’s divorced, he changed the law and asked Gu Sheng to bring Liu Ruxu with KINOMOTO SAKURA when he found a time. He wanted to see the woman who could gossip with Gu Sheng like that. This woman is called Liu Ruxu, and she is the first one.
Master Gu is very curious about willow catkins, but he just doesn’t believe Gu Shengru’s explanation.
There is no way that the old man’s house is as dissatisfied as a child, and he will whisper every day that Gu Sheng is really worth it, but his grandfather will nag in his ear every day and insist on not going. As a result, Liu Ruxu will be reluctant to talk to KINOMOTO SAKURA.
"We will go back to G city in a couple of days," Liu Ruxu said, and she didn’t know where to go to see Grandpa Gu.
"Well, what do you say I come to G City to pick you up in Kyoto in three days?" Gu Sheng asked her opinion in a tone of discussion over there.
"Good" willow catkins nodded and agreed.
So the two ended their words.
-dividing line-
Two days later.
Willow catkins took his family to G city. This time, it was Liu’s family who was going to settle in G city. Liu Jianqiang put them in their hometown shop and gave them some money. The two decided to continue a small supermarket near the foothold.
Liu Ruxu also agrees with Liu Fu and Liu Mu that the family came to this big city with a vision for the future.
Meng Xin is on vacation today. She took her to a small run with Heng Heng, also called Gu Lele, and took two cars to pick her up.
Who let Gu Lele be the boss and be a super idle person?
Gu Lele was depressed, and people planned to study a new species in the cake shop today, so they were pulled out by Meng Xin’s bullying. Do you want to know that his man is afraid that he can’t find a driver when he shouts casually?
Meng Xin forbade her to talk more nonsense, so Gu Lele was treated as a coolie and went out.
When it comes to the car, Meng Xin holds an umbrella. With Hengheng, Che Gu Lele is too lazy to move, and she doesn’t want to go in the sun like this.
Meng Xin didn’t force her to miss KINOMOTO SAKURA, so she must go with her mother to pick up KINOMOTO SAKURA.
When they arrived at the car exit, they didn’t wait for a few minutes to see Liu Ruxu’s family coming out. KINOMOTO SAKURA also saw Heng Heng and ran towards Heng Heng. He also gave a puppet in his hand to Heng Heng.
"Hengheng, this is my big uncle who bought it for me and gave it to you." KINOMOTO SAKURA smiled very much.
"Well, thank you. I also prepared a gift for you, and I’ll bring it to you later in the car." Hengheng bought a bunch of gifts for KINOMOTO SAKURA from Rainbow Town, including beautiful rainbow hair clips and some little girls’ favorite gadgets, which were packed in a small box.
"Good thank you, Hengheng." They have been holding hands since they met.
Liu Yuanyuan lost his heart. It was the first time that Liu Yuanyuan saw Hengheng KINOMOTO SAKURA. It was his sister who was a little unhappy when she saw that her sister was so kind to other little boys.
He followed came running holding KINOMOTO SAKURA with the other hand. "KINOMOTO SAKURA’s grandparents said that you can’t run around outside and stay too far away from your parents. Do you know? Or you will be taken away by strangers. "
Liu Yuanyuan looked warily at him in situ and smiled. Meng Xin made a face at random.
"I know Yuanyuan’s brother, but Aunt Meng and Heng Heng are not strangers. Heng Heng is my best friend in kindergarten." KINOMOTO SAKURA took the opportunity to introduce Heng Heng to Liu Yuanyuan. "Heng Heng, this is my Yuanyuan brother, my big uncle and aunt."
"Oh, hello, brother Yuanyuan." Hengheng greeted Liu Yuanyuan politely.
"Hum …" Liu Yuanyuan disdains to look like he’s not rare to call his brother with KINOMOTO SAKURA. Besides, I don’t know who is older or younger. Anyway, he just doesn’t like KINOMOTO SAKURA being too kind to others. "Come on, KINOMOTO SAKURA, let’s go home quickly."
"Aunt Meng and Heng Heng are here to meet us." KINOMOTO SAKURA dumped Liu Yuanyuan’s hand. Liu Yuanyuan was a little puzzled at the moment. KINOMOTO SAKURA was still the most pestering him how to meet Heng Heng, such a broken child, when he got here. She ignored herself and cried at the moment when Liu Yuanyuan was wronged.
Smell Zhang Lan Yan and Liu Ruxu all stepped up their pace. Come and hear the reason why Liu Yuanyuan cried. All three women laughed. Heng Heng dared to secretly laugh for fear of provoking Liu Yuanyuan to cry even more.
"Come on, Yuanyuan, don’t lose face. It’s really" Zhang Lan’s face is black and Liuyuanyuan won’t dare to cry. At ordinary times, his mother is very fond of him, but once his mother is really angry, it is more terrible than his father’s anger.
He can’t be provoked or dared to provoke.
Liu Ruxu introduced his eldest brother and sister-in-law to Meng Xin, and both of them heard the name Meng Xin early. They were very grateful to Meng Xin and kept saying thank you to her.
Meng Xin was so embarrassed that she walked towards the parking lot after being polite.
Gu Lele was so depressed when she waited. It was just picking up someone. She was able to run in and pick up for so long. She felt almost asleep.
All three children got Meng Xin’s car and willow catkins, and got Gu Lele’s car with her eldest sister-in-law, Zhang Lan Yan Liu Fu Liu Mu and Liu Jia Da Ge.
Meng Xin took them to Liu Ruxu’s former apartment first, and there were some things left there. Ellie went to three rooms on business again, all of which were in Liu’s family, and it was just right to live here.
Will live in a good place Meng Xin host invited them to have lunch together. When having lunch, Liu Yuanyuan made a joke by fighting for the position around KINOMOTO SAKURA.

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